Blanket Denier

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What Does Denier Mean?

You may have noticed the word denier when looking at winter blankets for your horse. What's the difference? Denier is the fiber thickness of individual threads used to create fabric. When the denier is higher - the fabric is more thick, allowing for greater durability.

For those of us that like to know numbers - 1 denier equals a 9000 meter strand of fiber and had a diameter of about ten micrometers.

Country Pride blankets come in a few different denier weights - here's the breakdown

1680D Ballistic Nylon Turnouts - These turnouts are tough! The 1680 denier is one of the tighest weaves you can get in a turnout. It is a 2x2 basketweave fabric that is abrasion, puncture and tear resistant (not that there aren't horses out there that can still manage to rip it!). The outcovering has more of a textured feel to it becuase of the weave. 1680D turnouts have a Dupont teflon coating to keep your horse warm and dry

1200D Ripstop Cordura Nylon Turnout - These turnouts are the next step down on the toughness scale. The 1200 denier is a tightly woven fabric but doesn't have the basketweave that the 1680D does. Still abrasion and tear resistant. The 1200D is has a smoother feel to it. Dupont Telfon coating on the outside allows for a warm, dry horse.

1200D Ripstop Cordura Nylon Stable Blankets - Have a horse that stays indoors in the winter and is tough on blankets? This blanket should help! Durable and tear resistant. Tighly woven - fibers are woven into the fabric in a diamond pattern. The pattern will help to stop a rip from spreading. Water resistant but not waterproof and not intended for turnout.

600D Ripstop Cordura Nylon Turnout - These turnouts are half the weight in denier as the 1200D. They will withstand some horseplay but may not last quite as long as the turnouts mentioned above if you have a very rambunctious horse or a horse that plays with others. 600D turnouts have a smoother feel. Coated with Depont Teflon for waterproofing. 

420D Nylon Stable Blankets - Great for horses that stay indoors in the winter and need an extra layer. Many stable blankets are made of the 420 denier nylon. It is soft and smooth. These blankets are not waterproofed and not intended for turnout. The material is durable for horse that stay in their stalls. 

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