Coat Supplements

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Have you noticed your horse's coat looking a little dull or slow to shed out? Maybe you've noticed them itching more than usual and their skin looks scaly or flaky? If so, there's a good chance they would benefit from adding a coat supplement to their daily diet. After checking with your vet to eliminate other more serious causes, something as simple as omega-3 fatty acids supplements like flaxseed or oil could be all your horse needs to regain their natural luster.

Coat supplements contain beneficial ingredients that not only support skin & coat health but also improve the condition of manes and tails. The fat content can also contribute to overall body condition and weight maintenance for hard keepers. For a complete comparison chart with a breakdown of fat, protein, fiber and Omega Fatty Acid content Click Here. This chart makes it easy to pick the right supplement for your horse depending on their individual needs.

General formulas for all coat colors often contain sources of Omega 3, 6 & 9 to help hydrate the skin and restore their natural moisture balance. Omegas provide an added benefit of reducing inflammation. This can also help with agitated skin and potentially even improve joint health.

If sensitive skin causes your horse to be extra agitated by bug bites or changing weather/seasons, Summer Eczema Oral Supplement may do the trick. It contains a blend of effective herbs to help prevent further insect damage, relives itching and promotes healing.

Specialty formulas are available for grey or light colored horses that focus on boosting immune strength with L-glutamine, Quercetin, Fenugreek, vitamin C, Chasteberry, Milk Thistle, Chlorella and other natural ingredients. Dark coats can also be a challenge since they are more likely to be altered by sunlight exposure. Coat supplements with added kelp and/or paprika help enhance the deeper tones in the hair and prevent sun bleaching.

Check out our great selection of supplements including palatable liquid formuals like dac Oil, Cocosoya or Spectra Epicoat.

Some horses may not appreciate a change in texture to their grain, so pellet or granular formulas like Omega Horseshine, Select the Best Nu Image or CocoOmega may be a better option.

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