Cox Veterinary Lab Loyalty Program

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Cox Veterinary Lab Loyalty Program

The Cox Veterinary Lab Loyalty Program, every participating product you purchase moves you a step closer to receiving one FREE unit of that product.


How To Enter

Make a Purchase
Purchase any of the participating products from a retail store, online shop or catalog. Purchase receipts (proofs of purchase) must be dated within the same year you're submitting the recipt. See Program Rules below for additional information about products and sizes.

Register for an Account
Fill out the registration form to create your account. Please Note: When creating a password, be sure to make it strong by adding numbers and/or special characters or your registration will not work. Then look for your confirmation email. Please check your junk email or spam folders if you do not receive the email. Once you have registered for the Program, you will be redirected to your new account page. Email if you need help with registering or have questions.

Upload Your Receipt
Use your smartphone to take a clear photo of your entire purchase receipt, or you may scan the receipt to your computer. If your purchase was made online, take a screenshot or save your entire order confirmation email. The image you save and/or capture must show the store name and date of purchase (as well as the order number for online orders). To upload your proof of purchase, log in to your Cox Vet Labs account and add your photo/scan/screenshot to the upload area. JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats are accepted at a size no larger than 5MB each.

Participating Products

Acti-Flex Quart or Gallon - Highly palatable pina colada flavored liqud that supports healthy joint function and connective tissues in all classes of horses. Buy 4 Quarts or 4 Gallons, get the 5th FREE!

Acti-Flex 5lb Bag Pellets or Powder - Highly palatable alfalfa-based pellet that supports healthy joint function and connective tissues in all classes of horses. Buy 4 5lb bags, get the 5th FREE!

STP Pellets EZE Go Pack - Highly palatable alfalfa-based pellet that supports a healthy inflammatory response and eases discomfort. Buy 4 5lb bags, get the 5th FREE!

Gastroade Pellets EZE Go Pack - Highly palatable concentrated alfalfa-based pellet that promotes a healthy digestive system and soothes the stomach lining as it heals. Buy 4 EZE Go packs, get the 5th FREE!

Gain Weight 10 lb Bag - Supplies levels of essential nutrients and amino acids, essential amounts of Gamma Oryzanol, Omega-3 fatty acids, 40% crude fat and dried Lactobacillus for quick and easy digestibility. Buy 5 bags, get the 6th FREE!

Ex-Cell 150g or 600g - Provides maximum endurance, faster recovery and focus while hauling and showing.

**Must be the same item and size to get the free product. Example - you must buy 4 Acti Flex Quarts to get the 5th free, if you buy a Gallon, that does not apply to the Quart quantity you have accumulated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to upload all my receipts at the same time?
No, you may upload your receipts as you make qualifying purchases over time. Each time you log in to your account on our website, you'll be able to see and keep track of your uploaded receipts.

How many days do I have to upload my receipt after my purchase?
Your receipt does not expire as long as your purchase date is within the year of upload.

Is there a limit to how much free product I can earn?
You may continue to purchase participating products and earn rewards for as long as our program is active.

Who do I contact with questions or feedback about the program?
Please email us with questions or feedback at You may also call (803) 581-4747.

Will I be contacted once I've earned a free product?
Once you've uploaded receipts showing you've purchased the required quantity of a participating product to receive a free unit, submit the Send My Reward form on your account page of this website. Once your uploads are validated, we will email you with details about your free product.

Can I upload receipts for multiple participating products?
Yes. Any time you purchase participating products and upload the receipt, you are a step closer to earning one free unit of each participating product you purchased.


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