Equestic Saddle Clip

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Equestrian Saddle Clip

I’d like to share with you one of the handiest tools I have found to support the training regimen of the sport horse in a long time: the Equestic Saddle Clip. Simply attach the sturdy clip to the left flap of your saddle and log into the App to start your session. This little data tracker provides a broad spectrum of information about the structure of your rides and over time, both specific ride and trending information about symmetry, rhythm, impulsion in all 3 gaits. The data is seamlessly transmitted via the app on your mobile phone and in a very short time is ready for review… you have an easy to understand graphic of your horse’s performance in that session.

If you have mirrors to check your work and a ground helper with a great eye for feedback, this tool is still well worth the investment, and it will share with you important information including:

·         Time spent in total and the structure of your directional training work

·         Time spent in each gait

·         The intensity of your lesson plan work over the week or months

·         Transitions gait to gait (number and direction)

·         Symmetry of Rhythm including differences in push off and landing phases (great for assessing both the weaker/stronger sides AND if there is a small problem before it becomes a bigger issue of lameness. This is very helpful for lateral work evaluation as well.

·         It is easy to share the report screenshots with your Vet, your Physio or Farrier, or your own trainer or horse owner. As a teaching tool, you can track your student’s ride so they too gain valuable information as to the reason for riding or performance issues and improvements in easy clear, concise reports.

·         The data is seamlessly transmitted via the app on your mobile phone and in a very short time is ready for review… you have an easy to understand graphic report of your horse’s performance in that session as well as the trend over a number of rides.


The app itself comes with the Equestic clip for an introductory period. By the end of that time, you have should have a practiced opinion of what subscription options are best for your use. Even my “all bells and whistles” version that includes my choices “compare results to normal values for horses of this level” plus allowing records for many horses in “my  stable” (so that I can use it with student horses or training horses) costs far less than one typical farm call or a new set of horse shoes.

The Equestic Saddle Clip is permitted by both the FEI and USEF (see Annex A of the USEF Dressage Chapter rules) because it is a data only, not voice transmitter. It communicates only through the Bluetooth connection with your phone. It is impossible to transmit information directly to the rider (not permitted).  It records data which it then transmits seamlessly via the App. A short time later the App shows the report of the ride back on your phone! Your subscription even includes helpful email messaging about the trend in the performance of each horse plus an Alert (warning email) if, for example,  a significant change occurs …such as the sudden change of an 8% asymmetry in the landing phase of the right diagonal in your trot work, during your Tuesday ride. It is simply amazing technology, that fits in the palm of your hand!

About the author: Lisa Gorretta is our Sporthorse Specialist here at Big Dee’s Tack and Vert Supply. She is a very experienced dressage competitor and horse owner who has earned Bronze and Silver USDF rider medals. She is a 40 year USEF licensed Dressage Technical Delegate and an FEI Dressage Steward. She is the Founder and former owner of The Paddock Saddlery, a tack shop dedicated to Sport Horses in Chagrin Falls Ohio, that was acquired by Big Dee’s Tack and Vet Supply.

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