Equestic Saddleclip with Sponsored Rider Sarah

October 25, 2022 24 view(s)

I had the opportunity to try the Equestic a few weeks ago and I leapt at it!  I’ve been wanting to see it in action since being told about it by one of my clients a few months ago.  I can honestly say I was impressed! 

The app was easily downloaded to my android phone through the app store. The pairing between my phone and the clip was quick and easy too.  I can ride with my phone while reviewing data live. Or let it download after the ride for a more detailed data analysis. 

Easily download app onto your phone using the App Store or Google Play

The battery life is fantastic, allowing me to do multiple rides in a day, several days in a row.  The Equestic is always ready to go as there is no on/off button to worry about.  The data recorder for each ride regarding footfalls, how long I spent in each direction and gait, symmetry of the gaits and more is mind blowing.  I can’t wait to dive deeper into what it all means and how to use it to improve my training rides. 

Each ride tab has a place where I can add notes about what was worked on or other ride specific info.  If you are a trainer, the Equestic presents an opportunity to glean more information about your horses/rides.  If you are rehabbing a horse this tool helps you keep track of the strikeoff, symmetry and landing of the stride of each side of the horse.

The Equestic is great for amateurs that want to know more about their rides with an easy way to monitor info on their phone!

Written by Sponsored Rider, Sarah

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