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EquiFUSE products are deep cleaning and conditioning with light and soothing scents derived from all-natural ingredients, plus they are entirely sulfate-free! The CitraFoam will leave your horses coat, tail and mane cleansed without overdrying or irritating the skin, while the CitraCreme Deep Conditioner + Rehydrant helps hair flexibility, reduces static and restores the natural strength leaving a more manageable mane and tail.

Here's a step by step routine for how to restore your horse's natural shine without using harmful chemical formulas that can leave the skin irritated and overly dry.

EquiFUSE has your horse covered in 6 easy steps.

  1. CFS Concentrate Paste Shampoo  – add to your wash bucket and dilute with water or use a foam sprayer all over the body then rinse.
  2. CitraFoam Sulfate Free Shampoo – apply to the mane and tail then rinse, as the gentle formula will not strip the hair of beneficial natural oils.
  3. EquiFUSE CitraCreme Deep Conditioner + Rehydrant apply to mane/tail – let sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse.
  4. EquiFUSE Rehydrinse Coat Protector – dilute and put in spray bottle or apply with a sponge to remoisturize the coat and hair. Use during the week with regular grooming for reconditioning the coat or for horses with dry skin.
  5. EquiFUSE Perfect Shine Spray – after your Rehydrinse dries on the coat and mane/tail, apply this Perfect Shine Spray all over. It smells AMAZING, and leaves a dazzling shine.
  6. EquiFUSE Gleam Moisturizer + Shine Serum – as a final step, add Gleam to the mane and tail for long lasting moisture and natural softness without breakage.

All EquiFUSE products can be used wet or dry!

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