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Extra Ingredients for Multi-Vitamins

Other ingredients to look for in multi-vitamins are minerals, amino acids, and pre- and pro-biotics. When looking at mineral levels, one thing to pay attention to is the calcium to phosphorous ratio (it should be somewhere close to 1.5 : 1). Look to see if your supplement is supplying chelated minerals or inorganic minerals. Chelated minerals are minerals chemically combined with at least one amino acid, and are thought to be more bioavailable than inorganic, or raw minerals. Choosing a supplement with a pre- and pro-biotic to help your horse’s efficiency of digestion is always a good idea.

Accel and Accel Lifetime by Vita-Flex are two excellent choices for a general vitamin and mineral supplement. They provide a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and several strains of pre- and pro-biotics. Vita-Plus, a Farnam product, is another good one, as is Dac’s Orange Superior. I feed Progressive Nutrition’s Pro Add Ultimate, and have had excellent results in topline conditioning, coat bloom, and hoof health. This particular supplement, similar to Purina’s Super Sport, is a high protein, amino acid supplement with added vitamins and minerals.

Take a close look at the numerous multi-purpose vitamin and mineral supplements we have to offer. I am sure you will be able to find one that fits the needs of your horse and budget. You can bridge the gap between your feeding program and your horse’s nutritional requirements.

Step 2
Open package and peel off the backing from the 6"x 19" hoof wrap to expose the adhesive side.

Step 3
Pick up the horses foot and apply the sticky side directly to the hoof and wrap around the entire hoof. The sole may me covered if the horse has tender feet or left open. Gently pat down any parts of the wrap that may be standing out against the horse hoof.

Leave on for 90 minutes to 9 hours.

Pus Pocket Rocket Abscess Enhancer Application
The Pus Pocket Rocket is applied directly where you think the hoof is the softest or where you think the abscess is going to come to a head. Wrap the hoof with cotton, finish with cling wrap and leave on overnight.

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