Fly Season Game Plan

June 13, 2022 17 view(s)

Team, this is your Fly Season Game Plan!

Biting flies. Mosquitoes. Ticks. Gnats. They want to eat your horse, one tiny bite at a time. They don’t mind if your horse is frisky today. They’re not moved when he nickers sweetly to you. They don’t mind if they cause maddening irritation or ruin your precious horse time.

What do they mind?

UltraShield®, that’s what. They tuck their antennae and run when they see our bottles. We make four different fly sprays, each formulated for insect activity and specific conditions. Here’s how to tell them apart, how to make them work their hardest and how to then win the war on flies.

Pro Tip: Use the right amount. Did you know the recommended amount of UltraShield® to cover an average horse completely is 2 ounces, or about 45 pumps?

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