For the Love of Custom Boots

February 1, 2021 2 view(s)

Friends and clients had been telling me for years about the virtues of custom riding boots.  I always just thought that a boot is a boot, right? After having a need for a particular boot that was not offered in my size off the shelf ordering custom was my last remaining option. I was concerned about a number of aspects surrounding custom boots. Beyond just the difference in price between a stock boot and custom I was also worried about if they would really fit. Now that I have received my custom boots I would like to tell my story in an effort to put some of your apprehension at ease.

Fitting and ordering
My particular stature made finding an off the shelf boot in brown impossible. I made an appointment to be fitted. After an enjoyable measuring session complete with shopping through an endless array

 So many choices to be made when ordering custom tall riding boots.
of colors, styles, trim details and accessories. I made the deposit and my order was placed. After 10 weeks of anticipation I received a call that my new boots had arrived. I was instantly fearful that they would not be everything that I had envisioned in our fitting session, but soldiered on and went to take a look.

The Unboxing
From the moment I unboxed my new boots I was instantly in love.

Custom riding boots by DeNiro featuring fine hunter green piping, wood tone sole, square toe, wrap around zipper and custom embroidered swagger tab with initials.

Every detail from the rich brown leather, modern squared toe and polished wood sole to the subtle hunter green piping and my initials on the swagger tabs, the boots were everything that I had dreamed they might be. After ogling my beautiful creation brought to life, I was somewhat apprehensive to try them on – again deeply fearful that there would be an issue with the fit. Did I gain weight? Did I lose weight? Had I been riding more/less. I held my breath, slipped my foot in and grasped the zipper, and gently pulled it up over my calf with ease. They were spectacular and comfortable! The fitting team at Big Dee’s did a fantastic job and I am forever thankful.


When a boot is not just a boot.

A boot is no longer just a boot when they are YOUR boots. Your special creation, made by hand just for you. When you zip them up or pull them on the first time and walk around in pure comfort. When the people around you ask about your beautiful boots and comment about how lovely they are. That is when a boot is not just a boot. My history with tall boots was one wrought with strife and disappointment. Never had I ever been able to simply pull on a boot or zip one up without praying that the zipper would not burst. No amount of boot stretch or boot slip ever made my previous boots as comfortable as day one in my custom boots. I felt pretty, confident and was ready to get the job done in the saddle.



Today is the day!
Whether you want to make a statement or you have suffered through blisters, bruises and tingling feet. Today is the day to liberate yourself from the mundane world of off the shelf boots. Go out and get measured. Build your dream boot. Ride away your miles in beautiful, comfortable bliss.

Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies is an authorized dealer for DeNiro, Konig, Dehner, Cavallo and Vogel. Call or text 1-800-321-2142 to make an appointment for your next pair of boots.


-Written by Operations Manager, Jessica 

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