Ice Fil Technology

July 31, 2016 5 view(s)

What makes Ice Fil® Riding Tops so Popular?

Ice Fil® is a multi-step cooling technology that enhances the bodies ability to cool itself on hot, humid days. Riding tops infused with Ice Fil® technology can cool the body temperature by up to 5 degrees by turning your own sweat into a cooling agent. Not only can it cool the skin temperature but it also yields a UPF 50+ of sun protection. Ice Fil® technology apparel not only meet the demands of the show ring requirements they exceed the riders expectations and have become the standard for all riding disciplines.

Ice Fil® technology cools by reducing skin's temp by up to 5 degrees. When your body begins to perspire, your sweat is converted into a cooling agent that soothes and cools your skin up to 5 degrees to the touch.


Cools Skin 5° - turns your own body sweat in to a refrigerant.




Moisture Wicking - Refrigerant application absorbs sweat while quickly and effectively converting it into cooling energy.


Sun Protection - Provides UPF 50+ of Sun Protection.


Fabric - Material is an extremely lightweight, breathable, soft, flat textured material with anti-microbial properties providing ultimate comfortable with a 4-way stretch that is unmatched by any other.

Mesh Underside - Tops with long sleeves have mesh underside providing for additional airflow.

Care - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.



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