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How can Succeed Digestive Horse Supplements help my horse?

Maintaining a delicate digetive balance of a horse's gut can be a challenge! With a healthy digestive system, your horse can maintain optimal nutrient absorption, proper weight, a healthy appetite and more.

The digestive track of the horse is designed to support a very specific lifestyle - grazing freely in herds for up to 18 hours a day. This lifestyle included a diet of primarily grass, constant consumption, low stress and low energy requirements.

Today's horses don't have that kind of lifestyle. Demands on time, resources, and individual horses’ requirements, leave them stalled for all or parts of the day, perhaps receiving only two or three meals per day, and exercising rigorously. Even if your horse looks healthy, this lifestyle can mean its digestive health is not getting the support it needs. When your horse needs more nutrients and energy for performance, but the feed, feeding methods, and other lifestyle factors are working against optimal GI health, the entire balance of the digestive system can be affected.

Outward signs of Digestive Health problems

Because horses can’t tell us when something’s wrong, we learn to watch for behavioral clues. External signs that can relate to underlying GI health can include:

  • Ability to maintain weight
  • Ease of bending, collecting or extending
  • Hair / coat condition
  • Behavioral patterns like stall vices
  • Sensitivity to touch or girthiness

In fact, when a horse is healthy on the inside, you see signs of good health on the outside:

  • Not signs of discomfort, especially in the belly
  • Manure is solid and clear of grain
  • Horse does not favor one side, can easily bend to both sides
  • Eats well - not off its feed
  • Blood work is normal, reflecting a healthy horse

Too often, we wait until outward signs spell trouble and we have to call our vet in. This cycle can continue unless you can help your horse maintain good digestive health all the time. By addressing the root issue of digestive health – feeding and management – you can break this cycle and keep a healthy, happy horse from the inside out.

Promote Equine Health and Avoid Health Risks

Keeping your horse’s digestive tract health in optimal condition is important. And with SUCCEED, it’s also easy.

Just feed one serving of Succeed once a day, every day with your horse’s regular feed. This unique patented formula supports key components of your horse’s digestive system to break the “problem/solution” cycle and promote overall wellness.



Succeed is the only digestive health supplement for horses with multiple patents worldwide. It is a proprietary formula of nutritional ingredients with superior quality and purity.

Oat Oil Oat Flour Yeast Products L-Glutamine L-Threonine
Succeed Horse Supplement Including - Oat Oil Succeed Horse Supplement Including - Oat Flour Succeed Horse Supplement Including - Yeast Products Succeed Horse Supplement Including - L-Glutamine Succeed Horse Supplement Including - L-Threonine
Oat oil is extracted through a unique process to retain a high concentration of polar lipids, specialized fat molecules that provide a variety of benefits in the gut. From a higher-bran, lower-starch oat, processed to retain a high concentration of beta glucan which aids nutrient absorption and helps to moderate the rate of digestion. Yeast includes a beta glucan and a mannan oligosaccharide from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rich in nucleotides necessary for cell development as well as healing. Replenishes the natural supply of L-glutamine which can be depleted by intense exercise and other challenges and also provides fuel for the horse’s muscles. L-Threonine supports production of mucin, a necessary component of the mucus that lubricates and protects the gut lining.

All ingredients are certified human food grade of above, ensuring purity and quality.

* Article from Succeed Equine

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