Weaver Cinches

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When you choose a Weaver Cinch, you can be sure you're getting a high quality piece of tack made with the comfort of you and your horse in mind. They come in many shapes and sizes with innovative technologies in place to make your life easier. From Ropers & Barrel Racers to Pleasure & Trail Riders, there's a Weaver Cinch out there for you!

Weaver ecoluxe bambooWeaver ecoluxe bamboo

Original Cinches

Traditional style buckles in a wide range of materials. Plush fleece is great for sensitive horses. The 27 Strand Rayon Roper Cinch is a great option for those wanting a traditional look. The Ecoluxe Bamboo Cinches shown above have natural antibacterial and moisture wicking properties in 27 strand or roper designs. Shop all Weaver Ecoluxe tack and accessories HERE.

Smart Cinches

Weaver Smart Cinches are made with the patented Roll Snug Buckle which has a narrower channel that keeps your latigo strap secure while still allowing for easy adjustment. The contoured channel keeps a secure position for a straight pull every time. The Buckle Tongue has a thicker, longer shape with a slightly hooked end to hold its position. Smart Cinches come in roper or straight fit plus a wide range of materials. Neoprene is easy to clean with great grip and cushioning. Felt lined cinches offer soft support with even pressure distribution. Wool blend cinches combine the even pressure distribution of felt with the natrual breathability of wool. Mohair String Cinches offers air flow and a form fitting material to help prevent saddle roll.

AirFlex Cinches

There's no other girth on the market with this type of airflow channel design. Each raised channel has cool flex foam that won't absorb heat and provides excellent cushion and support. The flexible edges move with your horse to keep your saddle in place. Equal pull design leaves a slight cutaway at the center which ensures that every time you tighten or make an adjustment, pressure will be evenly distributed without causing pressure points on the barrel. Roper or Straight styles are available.

It may seem like a no brainer, but adjusting your cinch can be tricky. Take a look at the video below for some quick tips and pointers from Ken McNabb. Taking a little extra time fitting your tack is worthwhile to make sure you and your horse are as comfortable as possible. Double check your saddle and cinch fit regularly as your horse is bound to change shape througout the seasons and depending on your training program.

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