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Horsemens Pride Jolly Stall Snack Holder with Apple Scented Jolly Ball - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

A great boredom breaker for horses. Includes holder, 2 snaps and a soft apple scented Jolly Ball.

Product Details:

  • 24" total length
  • Ball has a 12" diameter
  • Snack Holder is 3.5" tall on the inside and has approximately 5.5" diameter
  • Treat not included.
Horsemens Pride Jolly Stall Snack Treat Refill - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Durable, tasty Jolly Stall Snacks Refills are a tasty version of a boredom buster! treat for any horse. Easy to refill, just pop in your Jolly Stall Treat Holder and go (sold separately)!

Product Details:

  • Economic and efficient way of providing your horse with a sweet treat
  • Helps eliminate stall boredom and prevents vices like cribbing, weaving, pawing, and more
  • Refill should last 2 - 3 weeks (under normal conditions)
  • Easily inserts into the Stall Snack Systems (sold separately)
  • Available in Apple, Peppermint, Molasses, and Carrot
Buckeye Peppermint Bits Treats All Natural 4 Lb - TB

Buckeye Nutrition's All Natural No Sugar Added Peppermint Bits treats are made with natural peppermint oil.  Treat your horse with the most wholesome and nutritional reward.

Product Details:

  • Do not contain additives,preservatives or artificial flavorings
  • Also Available in 1 lb. packages.


  • Wheat Ground
  • Maize Grain Kibbled
  • Wheat Shorts
  • Oat Groats
  • Cane Molasses Dried
  • Dried Whey
  • Soybean Seeds Heat Processed
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Salt
Buckeye Nutrition Apple Snaps Treats All Natural 4 Lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Buckeye Nutrition's All Natural No Sugar Added Apple Snaps treats are made with real apples.  Treat your horse with the most wholesome and nutritional reward. 

Product Details:

  • Does not contain additives,preservatives or artificial flavorings
  • Available in 4 lb. packages.


  • Ground Wheat
  • Dried Apple Pomace
  • Kibbled Corn
  • Wheat Middlings
  • Soybean Meal
  • Soybean Oil
  • Dried Molasses
Horsemens Pride Jolly Mega Ball - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$19.99 - $39.99

Jolly Mega Ball by Horsemen's Pride. This heavy duty inflatable ball is made specifically for horses.  This durable exercise ball that can be used for enjoyment or training and is a favorite of Natural Horsemanship practitioners.

Product Details:

  • Inflatable Heavy Duty Ball
  • Foot pump is included in 25" and 30" only
  • Available Sizes: 25" (red), 30" (blue) and 40" (green)

Be sure to choose the appropriate size ball that corresponds with the size of your horse. To ensure continued long lasting enjoyment, store your Jolly Mega Ball indoors when not under supervised use

Horsemens Pride Jolly Mega Ball Cover - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$17.99 - $39.99

Jolly Mega Ball Cover by Horsemen's Pride. These covers are made as a decorative and protective cover for the Jolly Mega Ball.  They come in three sizes and designs compatible with your Jolly Mega Ball.

Product Details:

  • Decorative cover for use with Jolly Mega Ball
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • For ease of use, apply cover before your Jolly Mega Ball is inflated

To ensure continued long lasting enjoyment, store your Jolly Mega Ball indoors when not under supervised use.

Spectra Mega Flx Plus Ha Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Mega-Flx +HA by Spectra Animal Health is the original Mega-Flx combination joint/muscle soreness product. Contains premium ingredients for better results. Unique Patented Formula combines a balanced ration of selenium, vitamin E, MSM, keratin, key amino acids and HA. Contains FLX4, a proprietary functional antioxidant designed to promote greater joint resilience, reduced inflammation, improved mobility, supply key building blocks for joint repair and remodeling of tissue, and protection of the joint.

The FLX4 ingredient has been shown in studies to provide a superior 1.75 average lameness improvement (AAEP’s Lameness Grading Scale). Most joint supplements average only around 1.0.

Product Details:

  • Contains no animal or marine by-products.
  • Palatable liquid formulated for excellent absorption.
  • Used by veterinarians and trainers to reduce muscle soreness and improve joint condition.
Spectra Gardion Equine Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Gardion Equine by Spectra Animal Health is for horses with stomach ulcers. Gardion is a liquid solution of herbs with healing properties and the ability to promote a healthy appetite and improve body condition and minimize symptoms of horses with ulcers. Liquid format allows rapid absorption for quicker results. Approximately 90% of horses have stomach lesions due to food consumption and the stress of heavy training.

Product Details:

  • Formulated to promote rapid healing of stomach and intestinal lesions (ulcers)
  • Promotes healing from the inside, rather than simply masking the symptoms
  • Optimizes digestive nutrient absorption
  • Promotes appetite from picky or weak eaters
  • Contains human food grade glutamine, which is known to promote healing of the stomach lining
  • Picky eaters back on full feed in 7 days, guaranteed

32oz bottle provides up to 32 day supply
Gallon provides up to 128 day supply

Epo Equine Formula 360 Servings - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

EPO Equine was scientifically engineered to naturally stimulate the production of EPO (erythropoietin) without the use of drugs. EPO increases red blood cell levels and blood volume resulting in increased blood carrying capacity. When this happens your horse will be able to run or perform at a faster or more rigorous pace for a longer period of time. The all natural ingredients are beneficial to horses of all ages, performance levels and disciplines.

Product Details:

  • Naturally stimulates red blood cell production
  • Optimizes oxygen levels and muscle performance
  • Supercharges speed, endurance and recovery
  • Safe, Legal and effective
  • All Natural ingredients
  • The ingredients in the patent-pending formula address the four major limitations on red blood cell production:
    • EPO levels
    • Red blood cell nutrients
    • Iron availability
    • Inflammation


  • Loading dose: 2 servings per day for the first 30 days.
  • After sustained usage:
    • Pre-race dosage: 4 servings per day for 3 days leading up to event.
  • Serving size 1 scoop, 360 servings per container
Spectra Respion Respiratory Formula Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Respion equine breathing supplement by Spectra is a unique liquid solution of specially formulated herbs and potassium iodide used in horses with respiratory problems. Can also be used on horses with allergies, and asthma. Some horses with heaves have also found relief.

Product Detail:

  • Contains premium ingredients for better results
  • Complete respiratory formula
  • Will not test positive
  • See results within 7 days
Mane n Tail Shampoo Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Mane 'n Tail Shampoo by Straight Arrow is an exclusive high lathering formula containing cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients.

Product Details:

  • pH balanced formula provides optimum body, shine and manageability
  • Micro enriched protein formula conditions leaving hair soft and shiny
  • Regular use enhances coat health and appearance


Cox Vet Labs Acti-Flex Powder 16 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Acti-Flex Powder by Cox Labs is the alfalfa-based powder version of the Acti-Flex 4000 Liquid. It contains the same key ingredients to support the join function of your horse. While Acti-Flex Powder works to fight inflammation and pain, it also supports long term protection to knees, backs, stifles, hocks, fetlocks and other cartilage. It helps to prevent much of the cumulative cartilage damage that eventually shortens the animal's prime performance years.

The 5 lb tub provides up to an 80 day supply for one horse.

Active Ingredients:

  • Chondroitin Sulfates - Increasingly accepted as the most effective treatment for joint cartilage, connective tissues and blood vessels, maintaining their strength and elasticity while fighting inflammation and pain, all without undesirable side effects.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - Plays a critical role in maintaining healthy joint synovial fluid and preventing the deterioration of aging, over worked joints. HA has a high daily turnover so large amounts are needed to maintain proper levels within the joints. HA is also shown to influence cell movement, blood vessel formation, critically involved in healthy wound healing and serves as an antioxidant.

Please Note:

  • Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.
  • No longer contains Type II Collagen
Cox Vet Labs Acti-Flex Solution & Powder - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$24.95 - $339.80

Acti-Flex by Cox Vet Lab has an advanced, fast-acting, liquid and powder formula of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Superoxide Dismutase. These key ingredients work together to improve performance by increasing the horse's supply of naturally occurring joint-lubricating synovial fluid, which repairs and strengthens stressed body parts. It works with remarkable speed, making notable improvement within 5 days. Backed by Cox Vet Lab 100% Guarantee, your horse will love the results. Keep any working, showing, or performance horse moving better - longer.

Product Details:

  • Contains, Chondroitin Sulfates, Hyluronic Acid (HA), Glucosamine, MSM, Ester C (Absorbic Acid), and Yucca
  • Highly palatable alfalfa-based formula
  • Maintains healthy joint synovial fluid, preventing the deterioration of aging, over worked joints
  • Fights inflammation and pain naturally, as well as an effective proactive measure for working, showing, and performance horses
  • Available in both liquid and powder format
  • Please note: Gallon no longer contains Type II Collagen

32 oz provides up to a 32-day supply for one horse
Gallon provides up to a 128-day supply for one horse
5 lb bucket and refill provides up to an 80-day supply for one horse
16 lb bucket and refill provides up to an 256-day supply for one horse

Cox Veterinary Laboratory, Inc products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States

Spectra Mega Calm Equine 4 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Mega Calm by Spectra Animal Health is a balanced powder supplement containing L-Tryptophan with Vitamins E and B-1. Horse owners and trainers use it to relax nervous horses prior to competition or transportation. It is formulated to provide relaxation without drowsiness.

A 4 lb tub will provide up to a 64 day supply for one average horse.

Spectra Mega Calm Event Paste 80 cc - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$14.35 - $15.95

Mega Calm Event Paste is a unique blend of Mega Calm formula with the added benefit of Stress Guard, to support stress relief on the day of the event. Stress Guard is a combination of clinically tested Cortabate, a proprietary brand ingredient to reduce cortisol levels and a unique magnesium blend designed to support immediate and sustained absorption across the total digestive tract.

Product Details:

  • For use while traveling/days that high stress is anticipated
  • No drowsiness
  • Proven to relax nervous horses
  • Contains: L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Thiamine
  • Expect Results: within 1 to 2 hours
  • Contains 2 servings for 1,000 lb horse
  • Made in the USA

Other ingredients: Water, Apple Cider, L-Tryptophan, Cortabate, Vitamin E supplement, Magnesium Proteinate, Magnesium Sulfate, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Xanthan Gum.

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