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Protective riding vests are great for cross country riders, trail riders and more! Add and extra layer of protection. Tipperary, Hit-Air and more.

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Hit-Air LV Equestrian Light Weight Airbag Vest

The Hit-Air LV Airbag Vest is an all in one airbag system now being used all over the competitive equestrian world. It has a harness type airbag that employs a high-speed key ball mechanism which then activates the Co2 Cartridge. This versatile vest is especially light weight,cool and comfortable making it ideal for eventing, hunter paces, trail riding and many other equestrian disciplines.

Product Details:

  • High Speed quiet airbag deployment
  • Uses 48cc cartridge (one included)
  • Use with english saddles or any other saddle type without a horn.
  • Weight 870g (1.9 pounds)
Hit-Air Advantage Multi-Discipline Airbag Vest

The Hit-Air Advantage Multi-Discipline Airbag Vest is a harness type airbag that employs a higher speeed key ball mechanism that activates the CO2 Cartridge. This versatile vest is ideal for eventing, western and other equestrian disciplines.

Product Details:

  • The neck airbag, where most injuries occur, inflates first, followed by (in only fraction of a millisecond) the torso and hip airbag
  • The key box where the CO2 cartridge is deployed is protected from dust and dirt, plus provides sound insulation to minimize spooking the horse in case of an unintended deployment
  • Comfortable design with concealed hip air bags making it unnecessary to have a long "duck tailed" style that can be uncomfortable in the saddle
  • One cartridge included
  • Sizes are adjustable within a "range"

Size and Cartridge Information:

  • Small range: From 2XS to Small - Uses 50cc
  • Medium range: From Small to XLarge - Uses 50cc
  • Large range: From XLarge to 3XLarge - Uses 60cc
  • Extra range: From 3XLarge to 5XLarge - uses 60cc
Tipperary Eventer Vest Laced Sides

The Tipperary Eventer Vest with Laced Sides allows for a custom fit and excellent breathability. Worn for all levels of cross country, schooling or everyday riding. Custom color options are available by special order and additional cost.

Product Details:

  • Dual density padding system for shock absorption and impact reduction
  • Flex padding and construction for maximum mobility and increased airflow
  • Lightweight and breathable Durasport or Micro Mesh covering
  • Zipper front and adjustable side laces
Hit Air Replacement Cartridge
$20.00 - $22.00

Hit Air Replacement Cartridges or canisters will last indefinitely but should be replaced with the first sign of rust or surface deterioration. Each jacket comes with a handy tool to complete the replacement quickly and easily.

 Product Details:

  • 48cc for LV and SV2
  • 50cc for Vests: JV, MC, MC2, Advantage (S-XL)
  • 60cc for MLV, Advantage (2XL - 5XL)
Hit Air Coiled Wire Advantage Coil

Replacement coiled wire lanyard for use with the Hit-Air Advantage model airbag safety vest. It is also handy to have extras for use on multiple saddles and save time on tack changes. 

Product Details:

  • For use with Hit-Air Advantage Vest
  • Easy to adjust length
  • Easy to attach
Hit-Air Saddle Strap for Airbag Vest

The Hit-Air Saddle Strap is for use with airbag vests and loops around the stirrup bars of the saddle with an opening at the center for the coiled wire lanyard strap attachment.

Product Details:

  • Attaches to saddle to keep coiled wire lanyard centered in place (the lanyard is sold seperately)
  • 2 Lengths: Medium (18.7"), Large( 19.6")
Hit-Air Lightweight Back Padding

The Hit-Air Lightweight Back Padding is for use with Hit-Air airbag safety vests. It is the lightest back protector padding on the market that meets European Safety standards. The synergy between the CE back padding and the Hit-air system will produce a greater shock buffering effect.  

Product Details:

  • Size: Width 255mm X height 390mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: EVA, Polypropylene, Polyethylene
  • Weight: 115g
  • CE certified (EN1621-2)
  • Easily attachable to the velcro on the back lining of the Hit-Air vest
Pinny Event Vest
The Ovation Pinny Event Vest features double sided clear number protectors and easily adjusts to fit a wide range of sizes. It's a must have for the busy eventing rider.

Product Details:

  • Draw string bottom (no more flapping pinnys on course from bows coming untied)
  • Adjustable elastic shoulder straps
  • Holds traditional 8.5x11" sheets of paper
  • Will work with inflating vests
Tipperary Eventer Pro Vest
The Tipperary Eventer Pro Vest conforms to each athletes body shape and allows for excellent air circulation with specialized antibacterial agents that prevent odor build up. The foam plating is a unique double layer pattern that moves and flexes with the rider without any separation or gaping. This safety vest would work for eventing, trail riding, hunter paces, western or any other discipline that requires extra protection.

Product Details:

  • Tall size options to accommodate longer torsos
  • ASTM-SEI Certified (F1937-04)
  • Evolution Foam, Tectonic Foam Plating and Live Spine technology so it fits like a glove while still being incredibly comfortable
  • Flex Lace Closures along with additional darting on the front and back
  • Quick fit adjustment with draw string clip and added side flap protection
  • Reflective Trim
Tipperary Competitor II Racing Vest Astm

Competitor II Vest exceeds ASTM standard and SEI Certified.

 Light weight high density foam generates powerful protection with superior impact energy displacement. The innovative foam construction results in kinetic fit and the higher cut torso encourages agility hip angle. 

Product Details:

  • Cut for maximum shoulder reach and rotation with reinforced elastic side closures.
  • The construction allows for air return circulation and cooling the body in high temperatures.
  • Made in Canada.
  • Black only
  • Longs are 2inches longer in the front than regulars
    Medical Arm Band

    Durable clear vinyl pocket with elastic arm band and adjustable hook and loop closure. Required for eventing but a smart idea for anyone, whether out on the trail or in competition.

    Product Details:

    • Many colors to choose from
    • One USEA medical form included
    • Additional forms can be downloaded & printed under the label/size info tab
    Hit Air Buckle Extender for Advantage Vest

    Hit-Air Buckle Extender for Advantage Vests adds up to 7 inches to the chest belt and up to 6 3/4 inches to he waist belt

    Product Details:

    • For use with Hit-Air Advantage Vest
    • Easy to adjust length
    • Easy to attach
    Barrel Racer Shin Guards
    Innovative design results in a shin guard that is lightweight, comfortable, and provides great protection. The liner is soft and cool so it's comfortable against the skin, it can also be removed for washing. The flexible outer shell provided great protection for knees and shins. The slim design allows them to be worn inside the jeans.
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