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Open Bridle Synthetic Country Pride

Bridle by Country Pride

Product Details:

  • Open bridle-allows the horse to see in all directions.
  • Does not include bits.
Lines All Beta Colors
$61.67 - $72.95

Beta Driving Lines by Country Pride. All beta driving lines clean up easily and quickly. Material is lighter weight and more durable than leather as well as less cost.

Product Details:

  • 1 inch wide
  • Measures approx 13 feet 6 inches
  • Pony size measures approx 12 feet 2 inches
  • Available in several show stopping colors
  • Hand Holds not included
  • See item # 718CP for matching hand holds
Zinger Complete Harness
$285.00 - $299.00

Our most popular harness in a basic package!

Choose between the

Regular Harness - traditional saddle with a short fleece pad for everyday work.


Ultra Light Race Harness - features saddle with nylon pad with velcro straps.

Both Harness Styles Feature:

  • Stainless Steel Couplers
  • Biothane Straps with Leather Lining
  • Girth
  • Buxton with ALL Brass Snaps
  • Beta Lines & Hand Holds .75inch
  • Open Bridle

Halter Nylon .75 Inch With Suede Lined Crown

Nylon 3/4" Halter with Suede Lined Crown.

Product Details:

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and durable suede liner on the crown
  • Brass hardware
  • Throat snap.
  • Horse Cheek: 7.5"
  • Horse Crown: 24" (longest)

Colors: Black, Red and Blue

Buxton Martingale Nylon .75 In.
$14.95 - $17.95

Buxton Martingale .75 Inch by Country Pride

Product Details: 

  • 3/4" nylon webbing 
  • Strong and lightweight fit
  • Solid Brass snaps
  • Slide adjustments
  • Heavy duty slide clasp on neck strap
  • Keeps harness in place, so it does not slip

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Red or White

Buxton Martingale Beta Country Pride
$36.95 - $38.95

Beta Buxton Martingale by Country Pride.

Used to keep harness in place and prevent it from sliding back on the horse.

Product Details:

  • 1" soft beta material
  • Non rust hardware
  • Buckle adjustment
  • Beta material is easy to clean, simply wash with water and towel dry.
  • Adjustable buckle straps

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Hunter Green, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White or Yellow

Caveson Nylon Double Ring Medium
$10.00 - $12.95
Caveson by Country Pride. Top quality nylon and hardware. Double ring caveson.

This race halter or head halter is adjustable both on the cheek and under the chin and strong double rings near the mouth make this a safe choice for the paddock.

Made popular in Standardbred racing and training this caveson is also handy for grooming and bathing and is a smart choice when bridling your horse at the show grounds or trail. As it can be put on under the shipping halter and removed after the horse is fully bridled without risking your horse getting loose without anything on his head.

Blind Bridle Synthetic Leather lined Crown

Blind Bridle by Country Pride

Product Details:

  • Synthetic blind bridle
  • This quality fully synthetic blind bridle is offered complete
  • Leather lined crown
  • Comes with front and rear overcheck and snap
  • Throat latch
  • Blinds 
  • Noseband
  • Appropriate for Standardbred Race, Training, or Road use.
  • Bits sold seperately
Beta Halter .75in 2 Tone with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap

This two tone beta halter is .75" wide, durable, and easy to keep clean. Coming in a variety of colors to match your barn colors and to stand out in the barn. With an adjustable chin and double buckle crown piece this halter is easy to fit.

Product Details:

  • Black Base color
  • Throat snap - for easy on/off
  • Brass Hardware
  • Adjsutable chin - to ensure a great fit
  • Double Buckle Crown
  • Two Tone colors
  • .75 in width
  • Made in Ohio
  • Small Horse - 7" Cheek
  • Average Horse - 7.5" Cheek
    Striper Waterproof Saddle Pad 40inch Walsh
    $47.50 - $49.95

    Walsh Striper Waterproof Saddle Pads fits 1500, 1800 and 1600 Harnesses.

    This great looking pad can be customized for your stable, these saddle pads are waterproof and cushioned for added protection.

    Product Details:

    • Velcro strips provide easy attachment and removal.
    • 40" saddle pad.
    • Cushioned for added protection.
    • Waterproof.
    • All striper pads come with One Accent Trim in White
    • Also available in custom colors see item #1260SP 


    Saddle Pad  Nylon 40 inch
    $17.50 - $18.95

    Nylon 40 inch Saddle Pad by Jacks.

    Product Details:

    • Black pads with accent trim
    • Easy to keep clean, just wash off.
    • Covered with water resistant nylon cordura fabric
    • Velcro fasteners
    • 7.5" Wide
    Saddle Pad Fleece Harness 20 Inch

    Short Fleece Saddle Pad 20 Inches by Country Pride

    Product Details:

  • Thick fuzzy fleece style material 
  • Prevents horse back from getting sore
  • Attaches to the saddle of the harness, to provide a soft cushion between the horses back and the saddle
  • Available in Black, Blue, Gold or White

    Saddle Pad Fleece 40in. Quick Hitch
    $13.95 - $14.95

    40 inch Fleece Saddle Pad by Country Pride

    Product Details:

    • Long fleece saddle pad for Quick Hitch Harness
    • Thick fuzzy fleece style material 
    • Prevents horse back from getting sore
    • 40 inches long and 8 inches wide
    Saddle Pad Nylon Xlong With  Ez Pull Fastener Strap

    Nylon Long 40 Inch Saddle Pad by Country Pride

    Product Details:

    • Nylon style material
    • Pad for Quick Hitch Harness
    • 40" Long
    • Attaches around the harness saddle with ez pull fastener straps

    Available in Colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gold, Navy, Purple, Red or Whte

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