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Succeed Digestive Oral Paste - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$114.41 - $117.95

Keep your horse's digestive health in top optimal condition with Succeed Digestive Oral Paste. With one easy-to-administer serving a day, Succeed combines a patented blend of various prebiotics, amino acids and soluble fibers to enhance and improve your horse's digestive system and overall well being. Includes 30 single dose syringes.

Product Details:

  • Contains Oat Oil/Flour, Yeast Extract, L-Glutamine (Amino Acid), L-Threonine (Amino Acid) in a patented blend
  • Individual serving size syringes
  • Contains 30 day supply
  • Promotes optimal GI health for horses in pleasure or performance training regiments
  • Great for horses confined primarily to their stalls, exercised regularly, or have limited access to forage and rely on processed grain for nutrients
AniMed Via Calm with Hemp 5 lb Jar - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Helps relax horses without making them drowsy and keeps them staying alert. Via Calm with Hemp is great for horses that are nervous/get stressed about trailering, competing, vet/farrier visits and more. Combination of ingredients including hemp, l-tryptophan, thiamine, calcium and magnesium work together to keep your horse calm in stressful situations. Hemp also supports cognitive function. Via Calm with Hemp can be feed daily or 1/2 hr prior to the event.

Product Details:

  • Helps maintain relaxation without drowsiness
  • Stays mentally alert
  • Combination of ingredients
  • Supports cognitive function
  • For all classes of horses

Give 1-2 tablespoons per 1000lbs of body weight daily or 2-4 tablespoons 1/2 hr prior to event.

Please Note: We are sorry, this product contains hemp and is not available for sale or shipment into California. 

Pro Formula Pro Lyte Pellets 16 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Pro Lyte pellets is an easy to feed concentrated, low sugar electrolyte formula. Ideal for horses that are in heavy training, during the summer, times of stress or to help support mineral levels. Pro Formula's formula helps maintain everyday fluid balance and to help the mineral balance lost in sweat. Pro Lyte Pellets will also encourage your horse to drink and will aid in the digestion of feed. Horses lose Sodium at twice the rate of Potassium and Chloride at twice the rate of Sodium. Forage provides Potassium the Pro Lyte Pellets formula concentrates on the Sodium and Chloride needs the horse's diet does not provide along with Magnesium. This formula allows the horse to properly maintain healthy muscle function and energy production.

Product Details:

  • Easy to feed
  • Concentrated low sugar formula
  • Ideal for heavy training, summer heat, times of stress
  • Supports mineral levels
  • Maintains everyday fluid balance
  • Encourages horses to drink
  • Aids in digestion of feed
  • Provides Sodium and Chloride that daily feed is lacking
  • Helps maintain healthy muscle function
  • Supports energy production
  • Pelleted form
  • 16lb
  • Approx 90 day supply for 1 horse
Peak Performance Pro RBC Blood Builder - Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Pro RBC by Peak Performance is a comprehensive herbal combination designed to promote Red Blood Cell production in the bone marrow. Additionally, Pro RBC promotes a healthy spleen which is responsible for removing damaged red blood cells from circulation.

Product Details:

  • Zero iron
  • Boosts red blood cell count
  • Supports a healthy spleen
  • Rapid results
  • Note: Suitable for performance horses, has not been proven for safe use in pregnant mares

Gallon provides up to a 64-day supply

PlusVital Breeding Robust Skeletal Development 10 kg - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Help ensure that your growing horse gets the nutrients for a healthy skeletal development. Imbalances in nutrition can cause developmental orthopedic disease in growing horses. By adding Breeding Robust to your horse's diet, you can help protect against metabolic bone diseases. Pelleted form makes this easy to feed with calcium for bone strength, Vitamin A & D as well. Soy protein base is highly palatable and can be used through out all of your horse's life stages and to support the foal during pregnancy.

Product Details:

  • Promotes healthy skeletal development
  • Calcium, Vitamin A & D help form healthy bones
  • Great source of Copper and Zinc
  • Also contains Vitamin D3, Amino Acids Lysine and Methionine
  • Convenient pelleted form
  • 10kg pail (approximately 22 lbs)
Purica Recovery Eq 2.2 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Recovery EQ powder by Animal Healthcare is an oral dietary supplement for horses that contains Nutricol, a proprietary antioxidant bioflavonoid complex that contains EGCG, theaflavin, proanthocyanidins and resveratrol extracted from green tea and grapes.

Product Details:

  • Indicted for lameness treatment and prevention
  • Great for trauma recover - including surgery, injury and over training
  • Helps relieve pain, regulates inflammation
  • Speeds recovery time
  • Each 2.2 lb jar contains up to a 35-day supply depending on loading or maintenance dose
Farnam Mare Plus 5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Mare Plus by Farnam is rich in Vitamins A, D3 and E, plus calcium, phosphorus and iodine. Pellet form. Helps build and condition mares to meet the demands of pregnancy. Keeps mares in peak condition during gestation, foaling and lactation. Start feeding to broodmares 90 days before conception and keep feeding it year-round.

Product Details:

  • Special formulated for pregnant & lactating mares
  • Support fetal development
  • Balanced Calcium/phosphorous ratio
  • Contains Protein, Amino Acids, Folic Acid & Vitamin E
  • Pelleted form
  • Size: 75 lb. - 40 day supply for one horse.
Finish Line Bute Like Paste (Formerly Willowcin-X) 4 oz - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

All natural active ingredients for relief of minor stiffness and soreness. Formerly called Willowcin-X by Finish Line. Herbal paste that is fast acting and is safe to give on a recurring basis. Gentle on the horse's stomach and can be given before and after meals.

Product Details:

  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Fast Acting
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Relief of minor stiffness and soreness
  • Can be given during or after mealtime.
  • 4 oz
Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat 3.75 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat by horse Health is a convenient 3-in-1 product for complete joint, hoof & coat care.

Joint Combo Hoof & Coat contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, vitamin C, manganese and MSM. These ingredients support normal joint function and collagen synthesis. Improves skin condition and makes coats bloom with essential fatty acids (Omega-3 & Omega-6) from soy oil and flax seed meal . It also contains zinc and biotin. These ingredients are known to work synergistically for improved skin condition and a lustrous show ring coat. It also provides excellent hoof conditioning with 16 mg of biotin per dose, a B-complex vitamin shown to strengthen hooves and zinc, which is necessary for healthy keratin development in the hoof wall.

Product Details:

  • Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for joint support
  • Contains Omega-3's and Omega-6's for coat support
  • Promotes hoof growth with 16 mg of Biotin and zinc for hoof wall support

The 3.75 lb tub provides up to a 30 day supply for one horse on maintenance.

Cox Vet Labs Acti-Flex K9 - Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Your favorite joint supplement for horses now formulated for dogs. Aids in the protection and repair of overused joints or joint problems in hips, back and legs usually associated with arthritis as dogs age. Tasty beef flavor.

Product Details:

  • Supports joint and connective tissue health and function.
  • Contains beneficial levels of Glucosamine, Condroitin, MSM, and HA.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Formulated for all ages, sizes, and activity levels.
  • Administer 1 mL per 7lbs of body weight daily.

Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States

** No longer contains Type II Collagen

Equiwinner Patches Box Of 10 - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal patch that serves as a natural electroly-balancing system. Completely safe, effective, and easy to use, this 10-day treatment will cost way less than using medication or expensive vet visits trying to treat or manage symptoms. With ZERO side effects and ZERO positive testing in any competition, race or event, you can feel confident that this "miracle patch" really works!

Equiwinner is often used to treat ailments such as trembles, tying up, overstress due to traveling or management, pulling up, headshaking for no known reason, bleeding, and more!

Product Details:

  • Improved and corrected conditions include:
    • Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) including "bleeders"
    • Headshaking for no known cause when the horse is exercised
    • Fading effort or pulling up when an otherwise fit horse is asked for performance
    • Distress or refusal for no known reason when asked for increased effort e.g. going from walk to canter
    • Dry or dull coat from no apparent cause
    • Overheating from lack of sweat (anhidrosis), or patchy sweating
    • Ensures full hydration and better performance
    • Duress stress
    • Equine Rhabdomyolysis
  • Will not test or show side effects
  • Quick results in 10 days or less!
Source Focus Hf 3.5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Focus HF by Source provides specialized nutritional support for horses with poor hoof condition, for superior hoof growth, texture, and strength.

Focus HF provides not only key nutrient building blocks such as biotin, methionine, lysine, chelated trace minerals (including zinc and copper), viable yeast culture and lecithin phospholipids but also the original SOURCE micronutrients to make it all work. SOURCE harvests and blends select varieties of cold water seaweeds for the nutrients in the SOURCE Original formula.

These nutrients include at least 60 minerals and trace elements in an organic, highly bioavailable form. In addition, seaweeds contain other natural bio-active compounds and co-factors which may be missing from your horse's diet. These micronutrients are synergistic with all the other ingredients in Focus HF and will help to increase their effectiveness.

Product Details:

  • Aids in hoof growth
  • Builds stronger hooves
  • Has 60 mineral and trace elements in an organic bioavailable form

The 3.5 lb container will provide up to a 37 day supply for one horse.

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Air Way EQ Pellets 10 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Provides comprehensive nutritional support for healthy soft tissue throughout the respiratory tract. Air-Way EQ also helps promote a normal immune response to seasonal allergies. Great for horses with EIPH and in an easy to feed pelleted formula. Containing quality ingredients like MSM, Spirulina, Hawthorne, Grape seed extract and Citrus bioflavonoids all to help with respiratory function. Most average horses on maintenance feed 2 oz a day, horses with allergies may require more for best results.

Product Details:

  • Promotes healthy soft tissue in the respiratory tract
  • Helps with seasonal allergies
  • Great for horses with EIPH
  • Easy to feed pelleted formula
  • Contains quality ingredients
  • Maintenance dose for average horses is 2 oz/day
  • Horses suffering from allergies may require a higher dose
Antiflam 32 Oz - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Antiflam by Omega Alpha

Anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving formula that can be used for both chronic and acute cases.

The ingredients in Antiflam alleviate rheumatic pains and body aches, especially in the back, joints, legs and feet. Act as an anti-inflammatory in muscles, feet and joints, also relieve pain. They encourage repair of damaged tissue, strengthen the capillaries to prevent swelling and supply sulphur to the body.

Loading Dose: 60cc twice daily for 7 to 14 days.
Maintenance Dose: Give 60cc per day.

Finish Line Apple-A-Day Electrolyte - 30 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$52.75 - $54.95

Apple-A-Day is Finish Line's original apple electrolyte/mineral replacement. It prevents dehydration, replenishes electrolytes lost through daily activities, aids appetite and water consumption.

  • Contains no sugar and no fillers
  • Highly palatable apple flavored powder
  • Top dress over feed, mix into bran mash, added to the horse's drinking water* or mixed into a paste for dosing
  • Beneficial all year, not only in the summer

The 30 lb pail provides a 480 day supply for one horse.

*If added to drinking water, an extra water bucket without electrolytes must be provided

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