Stable Cleaning

Stock up on stable and stall cleaning supplies and other barn necessities, from pitch forks and shovels to muck buckets. Affordable mucking supplies make barn maintenance and manure removal a breeze! Keep your facility stocked with tools to make barn chores quick and painless!

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Farm Fork Complete

Farm Fork Completeby Big Dee's is a barn favorite!

This durable, long lasting, innovative design lends itself to be being the last fork standing in any barn! With an unbreakable fork head it is virtually indestructible and holds up to the abuse everyday barn chores provide! The light aluminum handles reduces fatigue. The Farm Fork comes with a 2 year warranty!

Product Details:

  • Aluminum Handle
  • Guaranteed for 2 years
  • Made to hold up to heavy use
  • Plastic Fork head measures approx. 15.75" w x 12.5" l
  • 16 tines
  • Aluminum handle measures approx. 44"
  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • Added UV stabilizer lengthens life span of the fork
Fine Tine Pitch Fork

Fine Tine Pitch fork by A Plus Equine is the only stall fork designed for use with pelleted and sawdust bedding. Made of durable polycarbonate to resist breakage. Great for stall walkers, mini's or young horses.

Product Details:

  • 22 tines on Junior and 30 Tines on the Original Fine-Tine
    fork as opposed to the competitors 18 tines.
  • 13" Basket on Junior and 17" Basket on the Original Fine Tine
  • Closely arranged tines to "get the small stuff."
  • Filters out debris 5/16"' or larger
  • Angled basket to allow more sifting-saving time and labor
  • Made of Poly-Blend to resist breakage
Plastic Pitch Fork
$11.95 - $16.95

It is made from hi-quality virgin polycarbonate. The cross-bar is at the bottom of the tines and is tapered, that is, shaped like a knife to effectively scratch the ground/floor as you push it forward.

That is why it looks so wide (front-to-back), the side closest to the handle (as a reference point), the crossbar is thickest. The front side of it, where the tines begin, it is very thin.

Product Details:

  • Fork head measures approx. 15.5" w x 12.5" l
  • 15 tines
  • Handle measures approx. 49"


Manure Basket Top Quality

This Horsemen's Pride premium quality plastic manure bucket will last and last through bad weather and every day use. 

Product Details:

  • 21” diameter x 16” deep
  • 21/2 bushel capacity
  • 1/2” poly handles w/ melted ball ends
Manure Basket 74 Qt
  • Excellent all around bucket.
  • Large capacity (74 quarts) economy muck bucket
  • This handy bucket/basket is ideal for both stable and household use
  • For toy storage
  • Carrying laundry
  • Ice chest
  • Double handle design molded side handles
  • plus heavy-duty ropes.
  • FORTALLOY construction.
  • 5.05
    Picker Head Basket Style

    This picker head is made from a strong, durable plastic. It has sides and a back to make a basket. This makes cleaning stall easier.

    Product Details:

    • Measures 15 3/4" wide x 12" long and the basket is 5" deep
    • The head will accommodate an untapered handle of up to 1" in diameter
    • Hardware not included
    Wheelbarrow Single Wheel 7 Cu Ft

    This SR7-1 single wheel wheelbarrow by Scenic Road provides maximum maneuverability making it easy to navigate barn isleways.

    Product details:

    • 30" tray width
    • 7 cu ft tray capacity
    • Test to 800 lbs
    • Standard tire type with single wheel configuration
    • 45 lbs
    • 10 year Warranty
    Wheelbarrow 2 Wheel 10 Cu Ft

    SLRJ-2 Wheelbarrow by Scenic Road is a perfect barn wheel barrow. Two wheel with extra wide leg design provides maxium stability.

    • Tray width - 32"
    • 10 cu ft tray capacity
    • Tested to 800 lbs
    • Extra wide leg design
    • Standard tire type with double wheel configuration
    • Weighs 61 lbs.
    • 10 year warranty
    Muck Cart With Pneumatic Wheels

    This heavy duty muck cart is ideal for many tasks around the barn! Large pneumatic tires can handle almost any terrain easily.

    Product details:

    • Two wheel pneumatic tires
    • Accomodates up to 350 lbs
    • Drop down retaining ring collapses for loading full, heavy or large items
    • Retractable kickstand
    • Adjustable handle - folds for travel or storage
    • Holds standard 70 qt Muck tub (sold separately)
    Brush Long Handle Tub

    This Long Handle Tub Brush by GT Reid with tough bristles is perfect for scrubbing and cleaning water troughs and tubs.

    Product Details:

    • 20" long
    Forever Fork

    Forever Fork by Kinder Farm Inc.

    This pitch fork has a sleek design and is extremely light weight.  This fork will give you years of use with no broken tines, guaranteed for 2 years!

    Product Details:

    • Made from top of the line polycarbonate with an added UV stabilizer for long life.
    • Polycarbonate handle & Aluminum shaft makes this fork light, durable and wobble free!
    • Fork heads guaranteed for 2 years
    • Professional grade tool, made to hold up to heavy use
    • Lighter and easier to manage than traditional forks
    • Europe's best selling fork!
    • 16 tines
    • Fork head measures approx. 15.75" w x 12.5" l
    • Handle measures approx. 44"
    Future Fork  Mini Picker

    This is the smaller version of the future fork, designed especially in mind for youth. It has high tensile strength of space aged polymer tines with a wooden handle.

    Product Details:

    • 12 tines
    • Fork head measures approx. 10" w x 9.5" l
    • Wooden handle
    • Plastic fork head
    Future Fork
    $12.95 - $17.95

    The future fork with a wood handle is a manure fork that has a high tensile strength of space age polymer tines and a wood handle. There is a 1 year warranty.

    Product Details:

    • Fork head measures approx. 15.5" w x 12.25" l
    • 16 tines
    • Handle measures approx. 49.5"
    Pitch Fork Plastic Wood Handle

    This is a great lightweight plastic fork with wood handle. This easy to handle fork makes cleaning stalls a breeze.

    Product Details:

    • Fork head measures approx. 15.5" w x 12.5" l
    • Handle measures approx. 49"
    • Plastic fork head
    • Wood handle
    Mini Picker

    This Mini Picker is the smaller version of the plastic pitch fork. The fork is lightweight and great for youth.

    Product Details:

    • Assorted colors
    • 12 tines
    • Plastic fork head measures approx. 10" w x 9.5" l
    • Wood handle measures approx. 39.5"
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