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Whether you need to give a full body clip or just a pre-show touch up, we have what you need here at Big Dee's. Keep your horse groomed to perfection with quality horse clippers or trimmers. Shop features like cordless, rechargeable, lightweight, or variable speed by Oster, Wahl, Andis and more. Equine vacuums also help remove dust and dirt from the coat, leaving it shiny and clean! Check out our most popular models like Electro-groom and Vac N Blow and find vacuum bags and replacement parts as well.

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Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Horse Clipper

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Horse Clipper offers quiet operation to please even the most sensitive animal  

Product Details:

  • Includes extra wide T-84 Blade
  • Removable drive cap for easy cleaning
  • Locking blade hinge keeps blade secure
  • Break resistant housing material, withstands harsh chemicals
  • Sealed motor for cool, quiet long-life
  • New ergonomic shape, smaller diameter, contoured to fit your hand
  • AG Blade Sets available separately, also compatible with Oster® Model A-5
  • One year limited warranty DURABLE STORAGE CASE KIT INCLUDES: AGC2 Super 2-Speed™ Clipper, Extra Wide T-84 Blade, 23 minute How-To Video Featuring Dana Boyd Miller - premier horse groomer in the country, Complete Step-By-Step Horse Grooming Instructions
Oster AdjustaGroom Clipper

Oster® AdjustaGroom clipper is designed for those who want high performance in a compact, Whisper Quiet™ design. Featuring a powerful pivot motor and the new Super Steels™ blade technology that improves wear and corrosion resistance, which allows your blades to stay sharper longer.

Product Details:

  • Super Steels™ blade technology helps prevent rusting
  • Whisper Quiet™ motor helps keep nervous animals calm and more relaxed
  • With step- by-step instructional DVD and soft carrying case
  • Includes: Hoof Pick, Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush
Clipper Blade Ultimate Blade Size 7
Was: $28.95
SALE $26.05

This Ultimate Clipper Blade by Wahl

This blade fits all Wahl KM series, Switchblade, Storm Clippers and most other snap on style clippers. Also cuts 2.5 x's faster than a standard blade!


  • Cut length 3.8mm, 5/32 New ultimate blade line has silky, shiny finish.
  • New distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Manufactured: USA
Wahl Pet Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade
Was: $29.95
SALE $26.95

Wahl Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade from the ultimate blade line offers a silky, shiny finish and its Wahl KM series, Switchblade, Storm and most other snap on style clippers.

Product Details:

  • Fits Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, and Storm Clippers
  • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
  • New ultimate blade line has silky, shiny finish
  • New distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Manufactured: USA
  • # 5F - Full Coarse Detachable Ultimate Blade Set Cut length of 6mm (15/64")
  • # 5 - Skip Coarse Detachable Ultimate Blade Set Cut length of 6mm (15/64")
Wahl Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade Size 4
Was: $31.95
SALE $23.95

Wah Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade. Fits most snap on style clippers. Size 4 - Skip Extra Coarse Detachable Ultimate Blade Set Cut length of 8mm (5/16").  

Product Details:

  • Fits Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, and Storm Clippers
  • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
  • New ultimate blade line has silky, shiny finish
  • New distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Made in the USA
Oster Snap On Clipper Blade For A 5 Clipper 10 Wide

Oster 10 wide blade. Perfect for body clipping. CryogenX technology offers a durable, high quality blade that lasts.

Product Details:

  • Fits A5 - snap on style clipper
  • Also fits most other snap on style clippers
  • Made in the USA
Electrogroom Vacuum

Excellent grooming power for removing dirt, loose hair, and parasites, leaving the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look.

Product details:

  • 28" high, 2" x 8" wheels
  • Tough baked enamel finish on 18 gauge steel
  • Two motor turbines, Lamb Mfr., 120 volt, 575 watts each 14.85 Amps, 150" of waterlift. Motors can be run separately for sensitive areas
  • Removable filter bag catches overflow dust & debris, preventing foreign matter from entering the unit, thus protecting motors
  • 10' non crush hose
  • This unit can also be used as a powerful blower

This item is drop shipped from the factory.

Oster Blade Lube - 4 oz

Oster® Blade Lube™ Premium lubricating oil is designed for professional use as a non-detergent oil meeting FDA purity standards. Ideal for all clippers and blades. Regular use will significantly prolong clipper and blade life.

Product Details:

  • Premium clipper and blade care
  • 4 fl oz
Wahl Pet Guide Comb Set 5 In 1 Stainless Steel

Wahl® Pet Guide Comb Set 5 In 1 Stainless Steel. Add longer cutting length to your Wahl Arco, Bravura & Chromado clippers.

Product Details:

  • Glides through coats quickly & efficiently for a smooth finish
  • Smooth tips for snag-free grooming
  • Color-coded, 8 cutting lengths 1/8 to 1 inch
  • Convenient storage case with lid


Oster Kool Lube 3
Was: $8.95
SALE $7.99

Oster Kool Lube 3 is a 3-in-1 treatment for clipper blades to help ensure clean, smooth operation. Non-flammable and non-conductive, it can be sprayed while equipment is running. For reduced friction and heat and less blade wear with no heavy, oily residue.

Product Details:

  • Non-Ozone Depleting No CFC's or HCFC's
  • Nonflammable Non-conductive to 29,000 Volts
  • Fast drying
  • Available in 14 oz. Size
  • ORM-D

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air

Wahl Diamond Blade Set

Wahl Diamond Blade Set.

The new DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coated '5 in 1' blade allows for higher clipping performance with the strength of diamonds!

Product Details:

  • New innovative DLC coating for higher performance clipping and 40 X's more durability
  • DLC coating provides less friction for faster feeding which gives you a better clip
  • Enjoy premium quality with increased service life and less maintenance
  • Blade will never get hot, eliminating the risk of overheated blades
  • Unmatched cutting performance ideal for all coat types Fits all Wahl Arco, Bravura, Chromado, Figura, Motion and Li+Pro clipper models


  • '5 in 1' Diamond Blade Set with 5 Adjustable Sizes #9, #10, #15, #30 & #40
Wahl 10 Non Adjustable Clipper Blade

Size 10 Clipper Blade by Wahl

This #10 non-adjustable blade has the same wonderful technology that gives you glide through cutting and always stays cool. Wahl blades are made of high grade steel and go through a quality process that guarantees long lasting durability, effective sharpness and efficient ease in cutting ability. A superior tooth geometry has been developed that provides excellent feeding of the coat yet protects your animal from cutting or jabbing.

Product Details:

  • Fits clippers: Arco, Bravura, Figura, Chromado, Motion & Li+Pro
  • Designed for glide through clipping at 1.8mm (1/16") cut length
  • Always a cool running blade set
  • Perfect for pads, paws, face, ears anad all finish work
  • Same great '5 in 1' technology in a non-adjustable length
  • Made in Germany
Oster A5 Blade Guard
Replacement blade guard for any A-5 clipper
Clipper Blade For Lister Body Clippers
A2/AC blades Medium blade for horses, the comb has 35 teeth, is 75 mm wide and leaves 2.5mm of hair on the animal
Lister Liberty Popular Pack
The Lister Liberty clipper is a unique, versatile, ultra-safe clipper which can be used in any location or situation. Its reduced noise and vibration levels make it ideal for clipping nervous horses. You have a choice of 3 power supplies with this clipper-Portable powerpack, main adaptor or 12V vehicle battery. (This package comes with the portable power pack only.).

 Product Details:

  • Comes with clipper, blades and powerpack with belt and charger
  • Ergonomic shape with slim grip
  • No air filters to clean
  • Quiet, lightweight go any where clipper
  • ICarry case with tools and service equipment
  • Clipper speed 2,500 RPM
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