Cribbing & Habit Control

If you need to find a solution to bad behavior, look no further than Big Dee's cribbing collars, anti-chew sprays and more!

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Miracle Collar Anti Cribbing

Miracle Collar Anti-Cribbing by Weaver

Guaranteed to humanely, effectively and immediately stop horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines from cribbing. Carefully handcrafted from high quality, weather-resistant harness leather for strength and gentleness to the hair coat. Anatomically-correct fit applies pressure only when the horse attempts to crib so it can be worn while eating, drinking, grazing or being ridden. Unique shape keeps Miracle Collar in place and effective. Nickel plated hardware.

Miracle Collar Fleece Set
Washable maize fleece browband and jowl covers provide extra cushioning and protection. Browband cover simply slips over Miracle Collar browband. Jowl covers attach with self gripping velcro closures. Fit medium and large Miracle collars. Set includes 1 browband and 2 jowl covers. Made by Weaver Leather Company.
Dare Cribbing Collar
$8.95 - $69.99

Dare Cribbing Collar

Perfect for horses that like crib, with a unique throat design to keep the collar in place. Designed by Professional Horseman Rusty Dare.

Product Details:

  • Only 1 strap
  • Doesn't need to be as tight as other collars
  • Stops even the worst cribbers
  • Double Buckle design allows for more adjustment
  • Durable fine quality harness leather
  • No rust stainless steel hardware
  • Block is 3 x 5.5" wide
  • Leather Strap is 1 7/8" x 30"
  • Adjustable from 27" to 39"
Leather Cribbing Collar Horse Size

Weaver All Harness Leather Cribbing Collar. Crafted from durable, weather resistant harness leather.

Product Details:

  • 2-1/2" wide cribbing strap
  • Fully adjustable (Adjusts from 24.5" - 34")
  • Durable nickel plated hardware
  • No nutcracker
French Cribbing Collar
Leather with steel plate and inner lining at throat.
Nylon Cribbing Collar
Nutcracker style collar with adjustable nylon strap. Brown .
Quit Chew 8oz Clear Spray
QUIT CHEW® is a clear, non-staining formula that contains a special polymer to make it weather resistant. It uses the active ingredient of oleo resin capsicum and other bitter agents to aid in the training of horses, pets and other farm animals to stop chewing on outdoor objects. Spray on wood, ornamental plants, trash cans, sprinkler heads, trailer ties, lead ropes, blankets, bandages, manes and tails, etc.
Rap Last
$15.95 - $25.95
Rap Last is a unique product which uses the active ingredients of oleo resin capsicum, capsaicine and pelargonic acid vanilly amide to prevent horses from chewing on wraps, blankets,wood etc. By properly using Rap Last, your animal will leave anything completely alone!
Paw Be Gone
$11.95 - $15.95
Paw Be Gone by Tough-1. Paw Be Gone ankle bands teach your horse to stand quietly without pawing.

Product Details:

  • Bands easily slide over leg and stay secure with elastic loop.
  • Band hits coronet band when horse paws making it uncomfortable to continue pawing.
  • Heavy steel.
  • Sold as Pair.
Cribox Cream 8 Oz. Tub
Use to prevent gnawing and chewing of doors, wooden rails, rugs, tails, etc, spread evenly over the required area. Repeat the application as required.
Halt Cribbing
$32.95 - $129.95
Halt Cribbing is a free-flowing oil and is available in clear or brown. It may be used on barns (interior and exterior), stalls, mangers, fencing, gates, etc.

Halt Cribbing is always ready for immediate use...won't evaporate, separate or settle while standing. It is easily and quickly applied with a brush or with any spray equipment.

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air.
Cayenne Pepper
$9.95 - $22.95
Cayenne Pepper spray is used to help stop your horse from chewing. Spray liquid or mix powder with water and place on legs wraps and bandages or sprinkle directly on leg wraps and bandages to deter chewing.
$17.95 - $79.95
Stops wood chewing within 7 days. Highly palatable, just add to daily feed. No more spraying, painting or costly repairs. 30 day supply.
No Chew & Chew Stop
$10.95 - $29.95

Clear, Non-staining formual helps control cribbing and chewing, Contains natural ingredients, Non-flammable.For use on all wood surfaces, Indoors and Out. Long lasting protection.

Follow directions carefully for each use. Various surfaces have different porosities and must be treated accordingly for best results. Check surfaces periodically to determine when re-treatment is required.

Can be applied outdoors to wet surfaces and still be effective, but for best results, apply in dry weather to ensure maximum surface penetration. Only a short drying time is required and rain will not affect product once it is dried. Clean up with soap and water. Do not use on metal surfaces.

Kicking Chains - Unconnected
Kicking Chains by Big Dee's

Product Details:

  • Unconnected
  • Can be used on hocks, ankles etc
  • 22 inches long
  • Chain is 14 inches long
  • Adjustable
  • Refine by:
  • Clear
    Dark Grey
  • Clear
    Small Horse
    Average Horse
    Medium Horse
    Large Horse
    Draft Horse
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