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Driving Hammer 14 ounce

Driving Hammer by Cooper

Forged with high quality head and hardwood handle with a 14 oz head.

Driving Hammer 10 ounce

Driving Hammer by Cooper

Forged from high quality steel with wood handle for driving in nails With a 10 oz head

Clinch Block

Clinch Block by Diamond

Solid steel for clinching and seating nails.

Economy Hammer
Wood handle hammer by Big Dee's inexpensive for putting nails in the shoes.
Farrier Tongs
These Tongs by Diamond are manufactured from special low carbon steel for lasting strength. Will not become brittle when quenched in water. Used to pick up hot shoes.
Farrier Nipper 15 Inch

Nipper by Diamond

Made from a special alloy steel with button rivet. Used to trim horses feet .

Clinch Cutter

Clinch Cutter by Diamond

Multi purpose tool designed for cutting and the other for pritchel which is for clearing shoe nail holes.

Farrier Nipper 12 Inch

Nipper by Diamond

Made from a special alloy steel with a button rivet used to trim horses feet.

Rasp Diamond
Diamond brand rasp used to file and shape horses hooves.
Nail Cutter 10 Inch
Nail Cutter by Diamond is used to cut off nails when shoeing horses.
Rasp Handle Wood

Rasp by Victory Racing

Wooden handle for rasps.

Hoof Knife Economy
Inexpensive shoeing knife with plastic handle made for left or right handed blacksmith.
Shoe Puller And Spreader

Puller and Spreader by Cooper

Puller and spreader for equine shoeing.

Hoof Knife Narrow

Hoof Knife by Diamond

Wood handle narrow blade used for trimming horses feet for a left or right handed blacksmith

Farrier Tool Bag Only
Farrier tool bag that is lightweight and designed to hold all of your tools needed. Conveniently designed to fold up, making it easily portable.
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