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Non Adherent Pads 3 In X 4 In 100 Per Box

Non Adherent Pads by Big Dee's

Non-sterile, Non-stick dressing bonded on one side only with perforated non-adherent film. Ideal as a primary dressing for burns and lightly draining wounds. 3" X 4", 100 per box.

Gauze Bandage Roll White 3 In
Gauze Bandage Roll by Big Dee's is 3 inches X 10 yards, non-sterile and used for wrapping wounds.
Gamgee Brand Absorbent Padding

Gamgee Brand Absorbent Padding by 3M

100% cotton wool with non-woven cover for wound dressing, support, padding, protection and insulation. Ideal for equine first aid kit. - Low adherent surface so fibers won't stick to wound; highly absorbent and strong. - For use on small and large animals. - Supports and protects fetlocks, hocks and tendons; helps protect legs from injury. - Insulation/warmth - keeps muscles/tendons warm for exercising, competition, traveling; promotes circulation for improved healing. 12X11.6

Calm Eyes 4oz

Calm Eyes by Manna Pro is formulated to soothe itching, irritated, runny eyes in horses. Excellent remedy for crusty, weepy and irritated eyes in horses, dogs, cats and other small animals.

Product Details:

  • Soothes itching, irritated, runny eyes in
    horses and small animals
  • Decreases eye drainage
  • Reduces redness and stops itching
Black Perfection Salve 8 Oz

Black Perfection Salve by Tenda Horse Products is the original time tested horsemen's favorite remedy for minor scratches, abrasions and chafing. Black Perfection Salve combines the drawing power of charcoal with the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties of sublimed sulfer to create a soft and easy to apply salve.

Thoroughly cleanse the affected area and apply as needed. Keep refrigerated when not in use.

Blue Stuff 16oz

Comparable to Nolvasan Ointment!

Blue Stuff by "Hay, Where's That Blue Stuff", can whip into shape the worst of heel scratches and bleeding heels in a few days. Gets rid of that pesky fungus on the horses legs. Clears up hopple burns, saddle sores, abrasions, chafing and can be used on the face for skin irritations. It also works on the fungus that grows around the coronary band.

This antiseptic lotion gets the job done! For horses with long hair on the legs, wash legs and towel dry. Apply "That Blue Stuff" on the damp leg. You will get more absorbtion with a damp haired leg as opposed to a dry leg.

Clear Eyes 4 oz
Clear Eyes by Farnam is perfect for giving your horse that special sparkle for show and is safe for daily use to relieve eye irritation due to dust, dirt, and wind. New 4 ounce size.
Copper Sulfate Crystals 5 lb
25% copper compound in fine crystal form.
Keratex Mud Shield Powder 450 gm

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Guards against the serious effects of mud and water on horses' legs and body. It will thoroughly disinfect the skin areas as well. Unlike creams and ointments which contribute to further softening of the skin, Keratex Mud Shield Powder allows the skin to breath while repelling water and mud particles.

Product Details:

  • Unique waterproofing action which simply stops these problems before they start by preventing water from softening the skin.
  • Contains a powerful disinfectant to maintain the skin in a healthy condition.
  • Use to protect existing skin lesions. This will keep them dry and avoid further infection. Dry scabs will form and these should be allowed to drop off naturally.
  • Sold in 450 gm plastic shaker bottles.
  • Apply daily by sprinkling onto clean dry legs and body skin. Rub well into the skin against the lay of the hair.
Tea Pro Equine Wound Spray 16oz
TEA-PRO by Healing Tree is a rapid-acting, easily applied, non messy/non-greasy healing spray solution utilizing nature’s most effective remedies, including Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey, Myrrh, Goldenseal and Aloe Vera. TEA-PRO Equine Wound Spray does just what its name states: it offers first aid healing, the treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, from sores in the mouth from bits or teeth problems, to foot abscesses and other wounds involving the skin and underlying dermal tissue layers.
Aloe Vera Cream 16 Oz
Horsemans Dream is a Veterinary Cream used for minor cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, cracked heels and dry or chapped skin. This fine heavy cream is compounded from soothing aloe vera, allantoin, vitamins A, E, D, and C and wheat germ oil.
It Spray Bottle

The It Bottle by Healthy Haircare is the Tag It, Make It, Shake It, Spray It,Take It Spray Bottle. Everyone will LOVE this Spray Bottle.

Product Details:

  • Clear 32 oz. Tough Bottle.
  • Multi Adjustable Heavy Duty Sprayer.
  • Made with recyclable materials.
  • Includes easy to read dilution scale for accurate mixing
Powerflex Bandage Patterns Value Pack

Patterned PowerFlex by Andover

Same great product but now in fun prints and patterns!

Product Details:

  • Strong bandage for use on large and small animals when maximum durability and support is required.
  • Tears easily by hand for easy application.
  • Replaces Elasticon and Vetrap for splinting
  • 4" x 5 yards[stretched]
  • 4" x 2.2 yards[unstretched]
  • Abrasion resistant to help prevent rundown
  • Value Packs come 4 to a pack
Equisport Bandaging Tape White
$2.50 - $2.65

Equine Support Bandage

Product Details:

  • White
  • 4 inch x 5 yd.
  • Equisport bandage is 4.5 times more elastic then 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape, providing a high level of support.
  • Equisport bandage is particularly useful for horses returning from injury, horses with severe rundown, and as a prophylactic support of young horses or horses phrone to injury.
Co Flex  Bandage Tape
$1.15 - $1.50

Co Flex Bandage Tape by Andover

Product Details:

  • Strong, abrasion resistant nylon bandage
  • Provides consistent compression with non-slip support.
  • Does not cut off circulation.
  • Comfortable and lightweight; allows skin to breathe.
  • Wraps easily to fit any contour.
  • Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners needed.
  • Cuts away quickly and easily with scissors.
  • Standard 4" width x 5 yd stretched.
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    McTarnahans (2)
    Muck Itch (1)
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    Pierce's (1)
    Plummers (1)
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