Hoof Dressing

Keep your horse's hooves moisturized and healthy with the large selection of hoof ointments, sealants and oils. For shows and for fun, shop hoof glitters and polish for a touch of fun and flare!

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Fiebings Hoof Dressing
$9.95 - $28.50

Fiebings Hoof Dressing conditions and strengthens hooves that are hard, dry, or brittle.

Product Details:

  • Keeps hooves in great condition while treating split hooves and quarter cracks.
  • For split hoofs, corns, quarter cracks, hard, dry, brittle, tender and contracted feet.
  • Leaves a semi-gloss finish
Shur Hoof
$14.95 - $27.95

Shur Hoof Dressing by Horse Health

Product Details:

  • Ultra-thick
  • Long-lasting - keeps working for days.
  • All natural, with pine tar, fish oil, turpentine and iodine.
  • Penetrates deep the horse's hoof walls to improve texture and elasticity.
Rainmaker Hoof Dressing 32 oz
$17.95 - $19.95

Rainmaker Hoof Dressing by Farnam.

Product Details:

  • Triple action horse hoof moisturizer and conditioner. 
  • Leaves your horse with hooves that attract, absorb and retain moisture. 
  • Helps prevent painful problems like cracks, splits and contracted heels. 
  • Enhances color, sheen and texture, leaves hooves with a natural glossy, lustrous appearance.
  • 32 oz


Tuff Stuff 7.5 oz

Tuff Stuff by Mustad

Product Details:

  • Toughens shod or unshod hooves.
  • To aid in moisture retention.
  • To strengthen soft or mushy hooves.
  • As a show cosmetic--allow hoof to dry after cleaning with soap and water.
  • Follow with one or two applications for glass like shine.
  • For tightening and preventing slightly loose shoes-apply as needed to fill wear space of nail track and old tracks after shoeing.
  • 7.5 oz

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Sole Pack Hoof Dressing
$17.95 - $32.95

Sole Pack Hoof Dressing

Product Details:

  • Relief of dry, sore, hard feet
  • Maintaining hoof pliability which helps to allow expansion and contraction of the foot
  • Control of local bacterial and fungal infections
  • Contains Pine Tar, Potassium Iodide and Iodine
  • 16 oz & 32 oz
Vita Hoof 32 oz with Applicator

Vita Hoof Conditioner and Dressing

Product Details:

  • Formulated by a pharmacist
  • Contains highly effective moisture-preserving emollients 
  • Excellently absorbed upon application
  • Aids in the development of more resilient hooves.
  • 32 oz
Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil with Brush 16.9 oz

Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil with Brush.

A modern alternative to traditional style oils. Maintains and protects the hoof, while leaving a lasting show ring shine. This rich, translucent oil, is suitable for all hoof colours.

Product Details:

  • 500 ml
  • Brush included
  • Immediate long lasting shine
  • Contains tea tree oil for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • For damaged hooves, use in conjunction with Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment to accelerate hoof growth and aid re-structuring.
Effol Hoof Ointment Hufslabe 17 oz

Effol Hoof-Ointment

Product Details:

  • Ensures healthy hoof growth
  • Disinfecting effect.
  • Combination of laurel and thymol effectively helps to protect against hoof diseases.
  • Vaseline forms a water-repellent and dirt-repellent film which protects the hoof against outside influences.
  • 17 oz


Keratex Hoof Gel 33.8 oz

Keratex Hoof Gel.

Keratex Hoof Gel protects hooves from damage caused by manure, urine and excess water absorption. Not a damaging oil, but a powerful hydrophobic treatment that leaves the hoof glistening dry. If you are showing or going to an event, all you need to do is apply Keratex Hoof Gel, let it dry, and then buff it with a cloth to have a super natural sheen on the hooves.

Product Details:

  • Keeps hoof horn water tight in wet weather, stops cracking in dry weather and keeps damage from happening in the first place.
  • Repairs damage to the hoof horn's molecular structure caused by water and ammonia.
  • Allows the hoof to breathe; air can pass freely through Keratex Hoof Gel in either direction and excess moisture can be expelled from the hoof.
  • No water or typical chemicals can enter the hoof from the outside.
  • Because of the waterproofing effect, hooves are easier to clean and dry.
  • Contains a natural disinfectant to maintain hooves in a healthy condition.
  • Helps prevent snowballing if applied regularly to the sole and frog and immediately before going in the snow.
  • Does not attract bedding, grass and dust in the same way as grease and oil type hoof dressings.
Keratex Hoof Putty

Keratex Equine Hoof Putty

Seals & potects hoof cavities & abscess wounds preventing germs from compromising hoof health. Self-adhesive, flexible and won't drop off or deteriorate.

Product Details:

  • Seals and stabilizes hoof cavities caused by seedy toe, white line disease and other hoof conditions resulting in horn separation.
  • Prevents grit and stones from entering the hoof.
  • Can support tubes for flushing or draining cavities.
  • A unique type of malleable wax containing slow release organic disinfectants and antibacterials that are effective in treating both fungal and bacterial problems.
Wunder Hoof 16 oz

All Natural Wunder Hoof 

Product Details:

  • 100% all natural ingredients, and is
  • Absorbs quickly and easily into the skin.
  • Naturally stimulates hoof growth and improving the overall condition of the hoof. 
  • Pain relieving and anti-bacterial quality promote healing and improves soundness to the hooves.
  • Free from irritating ingredients and will not cause blistering.
  • Also aids in the treatment of: scars, hair growth, saddle sores, scrapes, scabs, small cuts, arthritic and sore joints
  • Repels insects from treatment area.


Keratex Hoof Hardener 250 ml

Keratex Hoof Hardener strengthens weak, worn and cracked hooves by improving the molecular structure of the horn itself.

Product Details:

  • Equally effective in wet & dry conditions.
  • Prevents the horn from taking in excess moisture, making it resistant to softening and weakening in wet conditions.
  • This results in a reduction in shoe loss and abscesses.
  • Not an oil or resin layer and does not seal the hoof.
  • Will ensure the treated hoof is able to breathe naturally so the moisture balance is properly maintained.
  • Should also be applied to the sole of the hoof to prevent bruising.
Bearcat 16 oz

Bear Cat by Vapco

Product Details:

  • A high performance, concentrated hoof formula
  • Advanced blend of natural oils, amino acids, vitamins and moisture preserving agents that provide the hoof with enhanced self-repairing capabilities.
  • Specifically engineered hoof ointment to enhance rapid, healthy growth and maintain hoof wall flexibility.
  • It's easily applied in minutes to coronet band, the center of hoof growth.
Hoof Guard Clear Sealant
$21.50 - $25.50

Hoof Guard Clear Sealant by Centaur Forge is a clear sealant for hooves. Helps seal nail holes and small cracks in the hoof and helps builder a stronger hoof. 

Product Details:

  • Clear sealant for stronger, healthier hooves
  • Seals nail holes and small cracks in the hoof wall
  • Holds in natural moisture
  • Added UV protection
  • Same Kevlar Aramid Fiber used in bullet proof vest strengthens the hoof wall and helps prvents quarter cracks and under slung heels
Enticer 16 oz

Enticer by McTarnahans

Product Details:

  • Compare to Reducine Original Formula!
  • A counterirritant for use as an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness and soreness caused by overexertion.
  • Active Ingredient: 2.1% Iodine.
All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air.  This item cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.
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