Hoof Dressing

Keep your horse's hooves moisturized and healthy with the large selection of hoof ointments, sealants and oils. For shows and for fun, shop hoof glitters and polish for a touch of fun and flare!

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Holistic Hoof Oil
$15.95 - $27.95

Holistic Hoof Oil is unique blend of natural oils that will condition and strengthen hooves. 

Product Details:

  • Premium blend of 100% all natural oils
  • Important part of a total hoof care program.
  • Unique blend of Linseed, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Palmarosa, and Patchouli oils
  • Absorbs into the hoof wall to aid in keeping the hoof soft and pliable while promoting new growth.

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air

Hoofmaker 32 oz with Pump

Hoofmaker by Straight Arrow

Product Details:

  • Helps maintain strong, yet flexible hooves on your horse.
  • Moisturizes to help reduce the incidence of drying, brittle and inflexible surfaces.
  • Aids in the elimination of quarter cracks, sand cracks, and cracked heels.
  • Contains no petroleum or pine tar
Hoof Heal
$17.95 - $25.95

Hoof Heal

Product Details:

  • Antibacterial & anti-fungal to help prevent infection
  • Conditions and restores healthy hooves
  • Helps maintain optimal moisture balance
  • All weather easy brush-on-formula
Barehoofin 8 oz

Barehoofin by Cox Vet Labs

Product Details:

  • Hoof hardener ideal for weak or soft hooves whether barefoot or shod.
  • It will reduce cracks, breaks and bruising on bare feet and will help shoes stay on tight longer.
  • Will not seal the hoof, but allow it to breathe and grow naturally.

*Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.    

Equilox Adhesive Sealant 2 oz

Equilox Adhesive Sealant is a 2 ounce-single use system used in hoof repair. Cure time 4-7 minutes at room temp.

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air.  This item cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.

Perk A Hoof
$17.95 - $29.95

Perk-A-Hoof by Cox Vet Labs

Product Details:

  • Topical hoof dressing for horses that is specially formulated with maximum moisturizers to target the areas of the hoof that will benefit the most from additional moisture.
  • Deep penetrating action to help retail hoof moisture and elasticity, thus preventing any drying and cracking of the hoof wall.

Ingredients: Pine tar, fish oil, wheat germ oil, turpentine, aloe vera, iodine, plus vitamins A, D and E to promote healthy hoof growth.

Summer Oil Hoof Gel 500 ml

Summer Oil Hoof Gel by Leovet improves the moisture level of the hoof and promotes a strong hoof horn.

Product Details:

  • 500 mL
  • Lubricates and stores moisture to prevent drying out in the summer
  • Lecithin and ceramides enhance cellular bonding material and strength hoof walls
  • Ceramid prevents moisture loss and assures high elasticity
  • Gel form does not drip off brush as you apply
SBS Topcoat Hoof Conditioner 13.5 oz

Topcoat Hoof Conditioner by SBS Equine is a dual-action hoof conditioner that shines and protects the hoof wall, sole, and frog against bacteria and fungi, toe cracks and moisture imbalance.  Natural protein emulsions are effective in extremely wet or dry conditions providing a healthy moisture  balance in the hoof for improved flexibility.

Product Details:

  • Repels mud, snow, moisture and urine soaked manure.
  • Helps smooth out unsightly ridges on the hoof wall. 
  • Forms an antiseptic barrier against infection, and weatherproofs the hoof surface.
  • Frequent use builds up protection and improves shine. 
  • Contains no caustic agents that can harm healthy hoof tissue.
Regen X EQ Hoof Cream 16 oz

Regen-X EQ Hoof Cream by Perfect Products

Scientifically formulated to add strength and hydration and help end the cycle of destruction of daily wetting and drying that hooves experience. Regen-X EQ provides an antimicrobial barrier from the inside out that resists the growth of harmful microbes.

Product Details:

  • Quickly absorbes through the hoof wall to accelerate the regeneration of cracking, brittle, weak, poor quality hooves
  • BioBlocker antimicrobial creates a barrier against microbes and fungi
  • Contains orthophosphate to increase strength and locks in moisture for lasting hydration
  • See results in as little as 2 shoeing cycles
  • Made in the USA
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