Equine Medical Supplies

Having supplies on hand for emergencies is always wise in the equine world. Big Dee's offers everything you need, from needles and pill crushers to dental instruments and breeding hobbles.

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Poly Hub Needles
$0.12 - $0.20

Poly hub needles by Monoject

Choose from:

18 x 1" or 1 1/2"
19 x 1" or 1 1/2"
20 x 1" or 1 1/2"
22 x 1 1/2"
22 x 1"

Sold individually. 100 per box.

Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

Needle Aluminum Hub Monoject
$0.22 - $0.30

Monoject needle - aluminum hub

Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

Syringe Luer Lock Monoject
$0.20 - $1.35

Needles by Monoject locks onto syringe will not slide off. Locking syringes.

*Syringes sold individually. 

** When purchasing if you select qty of 1 - you will receive 1 syringe.  Syringes do come in boxes of:

  • 12 ml 80 per box
  • 20ml 50 per box
  • 3ml 100 per box
  • 35ml 30 per box
  • 6ml 50 per box
  • 60ml 20 per box



Luer Slip Syringes
$0.14 - $1.40

Monoject luer slip syringes

3 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 100 per case
6 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 50 per case
12 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 80 per case
20 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 50 per case
35 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each , 30 per case
60 cc luer slip syringe. Sold by each, 20 per case

Dose Syringe Sure Grip 60 Cc

The Sure Grip Syringe by Americas Acres makes it easier for you to give oral medications to horses, foals and other animals without the both of you wearing the medication and getting only half the dose in you horse.

This syringe lets you have the use of your hands to work on your horse while the syringe stays on your thumb without dropping it. Sure Grip offers better control when administering medications

Dose Syringe
$39.95 - $42.95

Used for dispensing medication for oral or rectal administration to all animals.

Product Details:

  • Heavy-duty, nickel finish brass construction
  • Plunger rod is calibrated in 1/2 oz increments
  • Easy disassembly for sterilization and cleaning
  • Leakproof operation
  • Metal plunger with rubber O-ring
Needle & Syringe Set 3 ml 25 g x .625 in Monoject
$0.23 - $0.25
Needle and syringe set by Monoject. 25 x 5/8 in. needle and 3ml syringe. Sold by each
Syringe 60 Ml Catheter Tip Monoject

Monoject 60cc syringe with catheter tip.

Used for Oral Dosing, a needle will not fit on this syringe

Sold individually - 20 per box

Digital Thermometer
Digital clinical thermometer by Big Dee's features fever alarm, beeper, memory, flexibility. Easy to read, LCD display. Beeping sound lets you know when measurement is complete. Takes 60 seconds to measure body temperature. Can be used orally, rectally and under the armpit.
Glass Thermometer
$3.95 - $4.35
4" ring-top glass vet thermometer by Big Dee's with case. Not Digital.
Stethoscope - Dual Head
Dual head stethoscope by Big Dee's. Chrome plated time tested model.
Latex Exam Gloves
Latex exam gloves by Big Dee's that are wrist length. 100 in a box. 4 sizes available. Brands may vary.
Iv Set
Funnel type IV Set by Big Dee's. High Quality Latex. Needle included.
Balling Gun Straight With Out Spring
Equine Balling Gun by Neogen. Straight without spring. 17 inch
Leather Breeding Hobbles
A device used to prepare a mare for breeding which enables the mare to walk but not kick.
Breeding Hobbles Synthetic
A restraint device used to prepare a mare for breeding which enables her to walk but not kick.
Balling Gun  Quick Stick
Was: $19.95
SALE $5.00
Quick Stick. Automatic Balling Gun by Big Dee's. For veterinary use only.
Pill Crusher Old Design

Pill Crusher by Jorvet

For ease of medicating pets. Pets can have trouble swallowing pills. The Pill Crusher crushes pills into a powder that can be put into food or milk, making the medication palatable. Lid opens with a storage area for pills. Twist off top. Cup holds pill(s) to be crushed.

Pill Crusher New Design
Pill Crusher by Nunn Finer.

Rugged design, effortless to use, and very affordable. Large capacity handles any size tablet. A very handy item for anyone with a barn full of horses or someone who has one of those equines who's always taking medicine for one thing or another!

Stomach Tube

Stomach Tube by Big Dee's

Inexpensive standard PVC stomach tubes with funnel end. This tube measures 3/8" inner diameter, 5/8" outer diameter, and it is 9' long.

Breathe Dose Dispenser Kit

Dose Dispenser by TransFormer Equine

Easy and Accurate way to measure and dispense Breathe (formerly Equilize) for multiple horses.

Product Details:

  • Pour contents of Breathe into 2.5L Tank
  • Screw on cap with attached tubing
  • Dial is pre set to 7ml per label
  • Great for use on multiple horses!
Infusion Tube
Large Bore Pipette by Big Dee's. 1/4" x 22". Sterile. Individually wrapped.
Feeding Tube and Urethral Catheter 16 in

Kendall Sovereign® Feeding Tube and Urethral Catheter with integral funnel end, 2 eyes and rounded closed tip.

Product Details:

  • Tube becomes more rigid when chilled
  • At body temperature tube is softer, resilient and completely flexible.
  • For single use only
  • Do NOT resterilize
Exam Gloves Shoulder Length

Shoulder length exam gloves 100 in a box.

  • Non-Sterile.
  • 36" LENGTH

Equine Fecal Parasite Test Kit

Equine Fecal Parasite Test Kit by ParaScreen-e

Equine fecal testing is an extremely important procedure for horse health maintenance that is both easy and inexpensive to achieve.

Each kit includes the following items:

  • One submission form
  • A complete set of easy to follow instructions
  • One sealable specimen container (baggie) with ID label
  • One pre-addressed, postage-paid specimen mailer
  • Simply place a small fecal sample in the sealable plastic baggie and mail it to the equine testing laboratory.
  • The lab will let you know, via direct email (or U.S. Mail if no email is available) if there is any evidence of intestinal parasitic activity in your horse. It’s as simple as that!
Dental Floats

Dental Floats by Neogen

Can be used to file and clean teeth. Straight and angular combination.

Weight-Height Tape
This tape by Big Dee's goes around the heart girth, and give a measurement of the horse's weight in pounds. The other side of the tape is a height measuring chart.
Needle & Syringe Set 3 Ml 20 Guage
$0.15 - $0.20

Standard Needle and Syringe Set ideal for pets. 

Product Details:

  • 3 ml syringe.
  • Choose 1.0 or 1.5 inch needle

Note: Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

Powerflex No Chew Bandage
Yellow apple colored bandage with NO CHEW print by Andover, bitter tasting to hinder animals from chewing
Needle Luer Slip Ideal

Disposable needle luer slip by Big Dee's. Sold by each

Note - Needles can not be shipped outside of the continental United States.

IV Infusion Pump

IV Infusion Pump

Product Details:

  • Small Black Rubber Bulb
  • Tube 10.5" long
Iv Set Vented Drip Chamber 73"

Vented Drip Chamber (15 drops/mL)

Product Details:

  • Roller Clamp
  • Flashback Bulb with Slip Luer
60cc Throat Wash Syringe

60cc Throat Wash Syringe

Used rinse away dust, pollen and any other environmental respiratory hazards that cause irritation to the horses throat.

Product Details:

  • Catheter tip
  • 60 cc size
  • Includes rubber attachment
  • Use as recommended
Equivizor Recovery Vizor

Equivizor Recover Vizor is specifically designed to provide maximum protection for horses suffering Uvetits, recovering from eye surgery/injuries/scratches and more. Comes with quick release adjustable halter that clips over the poll, around the nose and under the cheek.

Product Details:

  • Made with clear soft PVC
  • Helps prevent orbital abscess injury to the lens, iris and retina
  • Spacers are located on the forehead, nose and cheek region
  • Spacers lift the vizor away from the face for air flow
  • Several air vents in the vizor allow for even more air flow while stil protecting the eyes
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