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When you're needing an extra level of polish and shine, for the show ring or just for fun, Big Dee's has a large selection of products and brands. Shop Vetrolin, Laser Sheen, Cowboy Magic, Showsheen and more! We know how tricky it can be to get white socks clean so there are several spot on stain treatment sprays, specialized whitening shampoos, color enhancing sprays & chalk to make sure your horse stands out in the show ring. For an even better edge, shop our tail extensions by Tail Tamers for a truly showstopping look.

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Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine
$10.95 - $44.95

Cowboy Magic Detangler Shine detangles all types of hair knots, tangles and dreadlocks instantly, no matter how difficult hair is to manage. The silk protein in Cowboy Magic Detangler Shine results in a high reflecting shine after brushing

Product Details:

  • Pure conditioning, contains no water or alcohol, does not dry hair.
  • Detangles as you rub it in and keeps on working, resulting in less grooming time and less product used, saving time and money.
  • Penetrates below the surface and restores moisture while strengthening hair, resulting in a natural shine with a soft texture.
  • Repels dirt, dust, and sand, resulting in a shine that lasts longer. Not oily.
  • A small amount (about the size of a nickel) massaged into wet or dry hair will instantly detangle and deep condition. Continue to add nickel sized amounts and brush through until a rich, silky, smooth, shine appears.
Silverado Coat Gloss 32 oz

Silverado Coat Gloss by Healthy HairCare

Product Details:

  • Ready to use, spray-on highlighter for the horses coat, mane and tail.
  • Produces the best show ring shine for the coat, mane and tail.
  • Repels dust, dirt, grass, urine, leather, and manure stains.
  • Cuts grooming time in half - groom once, horses stay clean and show ring ready for days longer!
  • Spray horse's coat, mane and tail, brush or towel into coat.
  • Comb and detangle mane and tail.
  • Mist entire horse, mane, tail and coat lightly again.
  • 32 oz
Hi Gloss Spray 12 oz Aerosol

Hi Gloss Spray by Shapley's 

Product Details:

  • Light oil-based, aerosol finishing spray.
  • This easy-to-use, pleasant fragrance spray conditions and glosses
  • Perfect for adding shine in seconds!
  • For dramatic highlights or accents and the Show Ring Win look, use Hi Gloss Spray just prior to showing.
  • 12 oz aerosol spray

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air

Mane Mousse 14 oz Aerosol

Mane Mousse by Shapley's provides optimum control for manes of every length, and keeps hair in place, even in humid or windy weather.

Product Details:

  • Use Mane Mousse for tighter braids and neater bands with minimal stray hairs.
  • Mane Mousse gives you the perfect "grip" while braiding or banding.
  • Not sticky like hair spray, not slick like human styling products,
  • When mane is left natural or blow dried, Mane Mousse adds volume, control and shine.
  • Excellent for training manes.
  • Great for tails, too!
  • Perfect for adding waves to tail.
  • Adds fullness and volume while it tames stray hair, giving a professional look.

All products that are marked ORM-D are not able to be shipped outside of the continental USA or by air

Superstar Shine Spray 25 oz

Effol Superstar Shine Spray

Product Details:

  • Will give your horse or pony a more brilliant shine than ever without making the coat, mane and tail feel artificial.
  • Grooming becomes easier and the effect will last several days
  • Will help undo tangles and remove particles of shavings etc. effortlessly during grooming
  • The tail and mane will take on more volume and body.
  • Also it will overcome the problem of split, dry hair
  • 25 oz


Pony Paints 4 oz  Liquid Grooming Chalk

Pony Paints Liquid Grooming Chalk by Tail Tamers

Product Details:

  • Fun liquid chalks that allow you to design patterns on your horse.
  • Use them with stencils or simply paint with your fingers for horsey fun!
  • Washes off easily!
  • Color will gradually fade in 2-3 days
  • Opaque colors show up well on all colors of coats!
  • 4 oz
Sparkle and Shine Gel 4 oz  Grooming Glitter

Sparkle and Shine Grooming Glitter Gel by Tail Tamers 

Product Details:

  • Sparkle manes, tails and body.
  • Great for parades, games or just fun on the trails!
  • Use with stencils from any craft store to make a statement.
  • Made from a human grade hair gel with tons of plastic glitter.
  • Apply with fingers liberally.
  • 4 oz



Silverado Face Glo 8 oz

Silverado Face Glo

Product Details:

  • Show enhancing highlighter for the face, ears, muzzle and manes and tails too.
  • Covers unsightly scars and blemishes.
  • Aloe and Vitamin E are added to help condition the skin.
  • Contains sun blockers for both UVA & UVB protection
  • Protects against bleaching and burning of the hair and coat
Dreamcoat Equimist Spray 20.3 oz

Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat Equimist Spray. Outshine the competition with Dreamcoat, the ultimate high gloss finish.  Spray Dreamcoat onto manes and tails prior to braiding for a high shine finish.

Product Details:

  • Spray the fine mist over the body, mane & tail for the ultimate even application
  • Brush to polish
  • High gloss, non-greasy finish
  • The unique non-slip formula highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue.
  • Equimist 360 technology delivers a wider spray pattern and fine misting application for a completely even distribution even while upside down.
  • Size: 20.3 oz
Shapleys Light & Heavy Oil

No. 1 Light Oil by Shapley's

Product Details:

  • Smoothes hair & softens coat
  • Adds luster and detangles manes and tails without being sticky or gummy.
  • Perfect for adding a fine, light shine to coat and face.
  • Adds oil to a dry coat, mane or tail.
  • Use No. 1 Oil in daily grooming routines to stimulate constant vitality and premium coat

No. 2 Heavy Oil by Shapley's

Product Details:

  • Great intensive oil treatment hot or cold!
  • It adds oil back to the skin, coat, tail or mane while softening and adding shine.
  • Strongly recommended after body clipping to restore hair coat color and condition, while preventing dry skin.
  • 32 oz
Grooming Chalk
$2.00 - $2.50
Grooming chalk for touch-ups before you go into the show ring.
Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner 20.3 oz

Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner. Never equalled in its ability to keep the mane and tail sleek, tangle-free and luxuriously soft.

Product Details:

  • Original, long-lasting conditioner makes grooming quick and easy.
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Leaves an immaculate, oil free shine.
  • Equimist 360 spray technology offer a wider spray pattern and fine misting application for an even distribution and is dispensible even while upside down.

Canter Coat Shine Equimist Spray 20.3 oz

Carr & Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling and provides an oil free shine, leaving the coat non-greasy.

Product Details:

  • Multi-use coat conditioner
  • Makes the application of quarter markings easy
  • Can also be applied to the chest and shoulders to help stop rugs and blankets from rubbing.
  • Equimist 360 technology delivers a wider spray pattern and fine misting application for a completely even distribution even while upside down.
  • 20.3 oz will last for up to 2 months dependent upon usage


Foxfire Hair Polish Refill 33.8 oz

Foxfire Hair Polish Refill by Pharmka

Product Details:

  • Out performs every polish!
  • This formula adds a spectacular shine and repels dirt and dust.
  • Balanced formula contains the right measure of coating substances to give a glossy shine
  • Keeps the coat strong and under control.
  • Made in Germany
  • 33.8 oz
Mane N Tail Shine On 32 oz

Mane N Tail Shine-On by Straight Arrow is an exclusive formula designed to provide instant high gloss shine that lasts.

Product Details:

  • Instant long lasting, high gloss shine that repels dust
  • Long lasting protection from coat staining
  • Maintains tangle free manes and tails
  • Conditions coat leaving a natural feel
  • Saves grooming time, can be used dry or wet
  • Gentle pH balanced formula with no unpleasant odor
  • 32 oz

Grooming your horse to get extra shine takes patience, elbow grease and great shine products! Big Dee's carries coat shine, polishes, color enhancers and more. Showsheen, Laser Sheen or Cowboy Magic Body Shine are great sprays to put on the coat, mane and tail for detangling, and making the coat smooth and sleek. Add an extra layer of shine with products like Pepi or Silverado Shine!

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