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Equine bleeder supplements are high in vitamins and minerals that reduce the risk of your horse suffering from exercise induced hemorrhaging (Or bleeding in the lungs). They deliver key nutrients to make your horse perform as his or her best. Big Dee's provides a wide variety of quality brands such as Peak Performance, Spectra Animal Health, Equi-Herbs and more! Available in single dose paste formulas, daily liquids, pellets or powders depending on the individual horse's needs. There's also a chance your horse could benefit from a Nebulizer System, which is used for treating many common resipatory issues including EIPH and even administering antibiotics. Click Here to shop the Flexineb & nebulizer solutions.

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Hcx Hemo Cease Extreme
$26.95 - $146.95

Hemo Cease Xtreme - HCX- by Peak Performance is a concentrated product to help your horse maintain normal lung function under the most xtreme conditions.

This proprietary blend provides highly effective Chinese herbs such as Yunnan Paiyao, Giant Puffball, Indian Madder and others to help you address the performance robbing problems assiciated with poor lung condition. HCX is cost effective since it only needs to be admisistered for three days prior to and the day of the event.

64 grams contains treatment for 1 event.
448 gram size contains treatment for 7 events.

Hemion Equine Bleeder Formula 32 oz

Hemion by Spectra Animal Health is a liquid herbal solution with active bio-flavinoids that are proactive in their production. It also contains Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12. Hemion is used to help prevent excessive bleeding and scar tissue damage.

Formulated to help prevent tissue, vascular rupture and maintain vascular elasticity. Designed for faster and more effective absorption. Contains herbs formulated to strengthen and repair the blood vessels through the lungs while other herbs work as a natural diuretic.

32oz container provides a 16 day supply for one horse.

Ultra H  11.2 lbs

Ultra-H by Univet is a preparation of ascorbic acid, vitamin k, hesperidin and bioflavonoid complex in an oral powder form. Ultra-H is intended for addition to the daily grain ration of the horses feed. 852g=30 doses

Ultra-H was designed as a supplemental source of vitamins C and K for use in horses. Ultra-H is used as an aid in the effort to improve the horse's ability to breathe. Vitamin C and K along with the addition of hesperidin complex are known to be beneficial in the treatment of bleeders. This combination makes Ultra-H an excellent choice in the struggle to improve the horses' ability to breathe.

Product Details:

  • Source of Vitamin C & K
  • Improves breathing ability
  • Aids in preventing bleeders
$29.95 - $122.95

HEMOREX by TRM is a quality product formulated for feeding to performance horses to nutritionally support pulmonary function. HEMOREX Paste is specially designed to provide essential nutrients on the morning of the race, including Vitamin C a potent antioxidant, and Iron which is required for the formation of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying molecule in the blood. These nutrients derive from natural plant extracts and are easily absorbed.

Feeding Instructions:  Feed the contents of one syringe to the horse the morning of the race/competition either by adding to the normal feed ration, or by feeding directly to the horse. Follow separate directions for use of powder.

Hemorex Powder 1.5 Kg

HEMOREX Powder is a quality product formulated for feeding to performance horses to nutritionally support pulmonary function. 

Product Details:

  • Unique combination of Vitamin K, which is needed in the liver to activate the proteins that are involved in blood coagulation
  • Vitamin C which protects against oxidation induced damage
  • Bioflavinoids which improve the elasticity of the capillaries.
  • Should be fed daily, preferably from the time horses commence training

Feeding Instructions:
All Horses - Feed 50g per day for 10 days, thereafter feed 25g per day.

K & C Plus Powder
$22.95 - $91.95

K & C Plus is a nutritional supplement designed to help your horse with the treatment of conditions that can lead to exercise-induced bleeding.

Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting. Vitamin C maintains the integrity of collagen, promotes healing of ulcerated tissues, and has been shown to aid in resistance to infection. K & C Plus aids in the prevention of “bleeding,” or exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage, by providing vitamin K and vitamin C with hesperidin and other bioflavonoids that are natural alternatives to bleeder medication.

This product contains 37.5 mg of Vitamin K (Menadione) and 3,125 mg of Vitamin C per ounce.

Equi-No Bleed
$39.95 - $60.00

Equi-No bleed by Equi-herbs (formerly Equine Pharmaceutical) is Equi-Herbs premium lung bleeding powdered herbal formula. Equi-No Bleed is different from most other formulas because it is formulated specific for horses and the lung bleeding issues they face

Product Details:

  • This dual use formula gives you the option to use daily when required or simply ‘as needed’.
  • The formula utilizes Notoginseng or San Qi, as the chief herb in the formula.
  • Notoginseng is well known and highly prized for its ability to stop bleeding.
  • The rest of the herbs compliment this ability and also direct this formula to the lung area.
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