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Whether you're looking to relax your horse for the show ring or to support balanced behavior during daily training sessions, Big Dee's has a wide variety of calming supplements that help produce favorable behavior in your equine friend without sacrificing performance. Choose from quality brands such as Manna Pro, Select, Farnam, Ramard and many more! There are safe daily formulas and single use pre-event formulas to better suit your horse's individual needs. With so many different options, it's important to understand what the common ingredients are and what effect they may have, so take a look at our guide for choosing a calming supplement here.

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Super Tryptophane
$15.95 - $62.95

Super Tryptophan by Gateway Products is an L-Tryptophan (amino acid) feed supplement for use in the daily feed ration of horses. Keeps horses calm and focused without reducing alertness.

A 2.5 lb container provides up to a 40 day supply.
A 12.5 lb container provides up to a 200 day supply.

Easy Going Paste 34 gm
$9.50 - $9.95
Easy Going by Pro Formula contains L-Tryptophan and Kava Kava and is formulated to give your horse that comfortable feeling of peace, relaxation and contentment without dulling his senses, causing drowsiness or slowing reflexes in times of stress and anxiety.

A 34 gram tube is a single dose for the average horse.

Relax All Powder  2 lb

Rlx-All by Uckele is a natural blend of Thiamine (B1), Taurine, and Valerian. These ingredients have been shown in studies to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

A 2 lb pack will provide up to a 32 day supply.

Focus Calm
$12.95 - $69.95

Focus Calm by Uckele is a supplement that helps keep your horse calm, focused and relaxed, designed to help maintain calmness by supporting normal emotional balance and proper nervous system function. This equine calming supplement can help your horse handle the stress of travel and competition and help calm and focus the horse that gets stressed out when it counts.

Product Details:

  • Can be used both pre-event, to help maintain calmness, and post-event, to support normal emotional balance and maintain normal nervous system function.
  • Contains a combination of the amino acids Taurine and L-Tryptophan along with a unique combination of herbal extracts and B-vitamins.
  • Support a balanced behavioral response, promote relaxation and reduce hyperactivity.
  • Use at the rate of 30-60 grams daily.
  • 1 - 2 doses per 60 ml tube.
  • 2.6 lb tub is a 40 day supply
  • Does not contain Phenibut
Daily Gold Equine Stress Relief
$12.95 - $43.95

Daily Gold is a naturally occurring bentonite clay that contains a variety of natural minerals and elements that functions as both a daily supplement and an important tool in helping horses overcome common horse ailments such as ulcer symptoms, diarrhea, lack of appetite, stress and more. The results from Daily Gold Stress Relief can be seen over a few weeks. Hoof health, healthy hair coat, better disposition, improved feed utilization..

Product Details:

  • Remineralizes the body with 68 different elements and minerals.
  • Contains a negative charge that helps attract toxins and allergens and carry them out of the body.
  • With a ph level of 8.7-9.8, Daily Gold helps balance the ph of the digestive system.
  • Helps protect ulcers from further damage, allowing it to heal.


Trouble Free Calming Paste 80 cc
$13.75 - $14.25

Trouble Free is scientifically formulated to support proper nervous system function and help your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition.

  • Contains alpha-lactalbumin, a unique ingredient that directly supports normal nerve function and maintains calmness
  • Helps horses maintain a relaxed attitude and supports a positive experience for both horse and rider
  • Provides supplemental thiamine (B1), taurine, inositol, and magnesium
Calmex Oral Paste 12 gm

Calmex paste by Med Vet provides high levels of key natural ingredients along with Tryptophan and Valerian Root to help support healthy nervous system function. This simple to use paste is ideal for race, show, and performance horses to ease the stress on trailering, training, or competition days.

Equi+Calm Syringe 30 cc
$19.75 - $19.95

Equine Healthcare International Equi+Calm Show Safe Performance Paste is a buffered, sugar-free amino acid formula specially designed to reduce adrenaline, increase endorphins and protect the horse's sensitive stomach.

Product Details:

  • Maple praline flavored paste flows easily.
  • 30cc syringe for oral dosing or top dressing on feed.
  • Certified Natural Product
  • All ingredients are "show safe" and not currently listed on the USEF or AQHA prohibited substance list.
  • Does not impede athletic performance or cause excessive acid production.
Chill Calming Formula
$20.00 - $139.95

Chill Equine Calming Formula by Omega Alpha is an equine calming formula that calms the spirit and reduces stress without the horse losing any of his cognitive or motor skills. It focuses the mind and reduces distractions. Given orally, approximately 1 hour before any situation that may cause the horse to react negatively will help ease the situation and improve the horse’s performance.

Chill Ultra Calming Paste 60 cc

Chill Ultra Calming Paste - now a convenient way to administer your favorite calmer. Added muscle relaxing benefits associated with B1 & Magnesium, plus the focusing power of Chill extract in a concentrated paste makes this a great stress and anxiety reliever.

Equine Chill this formulation helps calm excitable horses, especially those with pre-race jitters.

60 cc Dial up Single Dose Syringe.

Good As Gold  2.2 lb

Good As Gold by TRM is a natural feed supplement which can be of benefit to nervous, hot or highly strung horses. It contains a high concentration of L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid and Vitamin B1 (Thiamine); as well as the antioxidant Vitamin E. Trainers have noted that after a few days of feeding supplemental levels of these ingredients, horses become more relaxed and attentive.

It can also be used to alleviate the following stressful situations:

  • Racetracks, show or sales grounds 
  • Fear of traffic 
  • Loading or unloading horses 
  • Veterinary or shoeing procedures 
  • Weaning stress for mare and foal 
  • New challenges encountered in a training program 
Formula 707 Calming Essentials
$40.95 - $61.95

Formula 707 Calming Essentials Pellets. A horse that are nervous, jumpy and easily distracted is hard to train, difficult to work with and dangerous to be around. While some horses are born nervous, others may suffer from environmentally induced stress. Formula 707 Calming Essentials Pellets uses premium quality magnesium oxide to maximize bioavailability and combines it with two of the agents best known to have a calming effect in horses: thiamine and L-tryptophan.

Product Details:

  • Thiamine, a vitamin of the B complex, has long been known to have a calming effect on some horses when used in higher doses of 500+ mg/day.
  • Thiamine requires magnesium to be converted to its active form within the body and works with supplemental calcium to achieve its calming effect.
  • L-tryptophan is a vital precursor to serotonin and melatonin, important neurotransmitters associated with behavior, L-tryptophan is widely used in equine calming agents.
  • Taken together on a daily basis, the three-part solution of magnesium oxide, thiamine and L-tryptophan in Formula 707 Calming Essentials can help muscle-tight horses relax and focus on their work or training.
Via Calm
$10.75 - $22.95

Via Calm by Animed

Stress Relief supplement for horses suffering from environmental induced stress while assisting with healthy digestion. Perfect for horses in training, showing or racing.

Product Details:

  • Promotes sense of relaxation and mental alertness
  • Will not cause drowsiness
  • Yea-Sacc 1026 source of live, naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms for healthy gut and digestion
  • 2 lb jar
  • Feeding Directions:

  • 1 to 2 tablespoons per 1,000 lbs body weight daily
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons 1/2 hour prior to an event

  • EACH OUNCE CONTAINS Active Ingredients l-Tryptophan 1000mg, Thiamine 500mg, Calcium 227mg, Magnesium 142mg,

    Product cannot be shipped to New Mexico.

    Thia Tone
    $11.95 - $36.95

    Horses deficient in thiamine (Vitamin B-1) may exhibit extreme nervousness, loss of appetite, and weight loss under stressful situations such as competition, training, and transport.

    Thi-A-Tone by Cox Vet Labs provides a way to supplement that deficiency with a tasty cherry flavored liquid or powder.

    Liquid: 1,400 mg Thiamine per pound

    Powder: 10,000 mg Thiamine per pound

    Daily Gold Equine Quick Relief Syringe 70cc

    Daily Gold is a naturally occurring montmorillonite clay that contains 68 different minerals and elements – the building blocks of life. Daily Gold functions as both a daily supplement and an important tool in helping horses overcome common horse ailments. The results from Daily Gold can be seen over a few weeks. Hoof health, healthy hair coat, better disposition, improved feed utilization.

    Product Details:

    • Provides quick relief for ulcer symptoms works great with Daily Gold Powder
    • Perfect for pre-competition/pre-trailering
    • Remineralizes the body with 68 different elements and minerals.
    • Contains a negative charge that helps attract toxins and allergens and carry them out of the body.
    • With a pH level of 8.7-9.8, Daily Gold helps balance the pH of the digestive system.
    • Helps protect ulcers from further damage, allowing it to heal.
    • When to use: When your horse has diarrhea, When you're traveling, showing, moving, First notice symptoms of colic, Help alleviate ulcer pain, Jumpstart effects of daily gold, Pre-ride calming effects
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