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During high stress events and environmentally extreme temperatures it is very easy for your horse to become dehydrated. Dehydration can have life threatening consequences that can be counteracted by ensuring supplements with the proper electrolytes are added to the horse's diet year-round. This helps replace lost electrolytes as needed. Our wide selection includes electrolytes and other supplements in a variety of forms such as powder, paste, liquid, or gel. Find brands like Univet, Zoetis, Redmond Minerals Inc, Pro Formula, Horse Health, Finish Line and more.

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Neogen Stress-Dex - TB
$19.95 - $54.95

Stress-Dex by Neogen is a balanced electrolyte powder formulated specifically for the performance horse. It is used as a supplemental source of energy and of calcium, phosphorus, salt and potassium and contains the perfect blend of electrolyte salts & minerals to replenish the horse's body and prevent dehydration. It can be used daily in feed or water with a delicious orange flavor!

Product Details:

  • Orange flavored
  • Helps control fluid/electrolyte imbalances
  • Replenishes the body of lost electrolytes during periods of stress, illness & physical exercise and during hot, humid weather
  • Great for winter use when horses naturally drink less water

4 lb tub provides up to a 64 day supply
20 lb tub provides a 320 day supply

Finish Line Apple-A-Day Electrolyte - TB
$13.95 - $54.95

Apple-A-Day is Finish Line's original powdered electrolyte/mineral replacement. prevents dehydration, replenishes electrolytes lost through daily activities, aids appetite and water consumption. The natural, yummy apple flavoring makes this easy for horses to consume when mixed in water, an additive for a syringe, or as a top dressing to feed. Can be used any time of the year where a horse is exposed to more strenuous activity, higher temperatures, and situations that result in sweating.

Product Details:

  • Contains no sugar and no fillers
  • Contains 12% Potassium
  • Delicious apple flavor
  • Top dress over feed, mix into bran mash, added to the horse's drinking water* or mixed into a paste for dosing
  • Beneficial all year, not only in the summer

The 5 lb pail provides an 80 day supply for one horse.
The 30 lb pail provides a 480 day supply for one horse.

*If added to drinking water, an extra water bucket without electrolytes must be provided

Farnam OTC Jug Electrolyte Paste - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$11.65 - $12.95

OTC Jug Electrolyte by Farnam is a paste form of a veterinarian's 1000 ml electrolyte/vitamin jug. It contains a full complement of amino acids, plus vitamins and minerals needed to replenish vital nutrients and absorbs quickly. Use before or after workout.

Product Details:

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Paste Form
  • Contains full chain of amino acids
  • Can be used before or after workouts and events
  • 60 cc tube
Equiwinner Patches Box Of 10 - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal patch that serves as a natural electroly-balancing system. Completely safe, effective, and easy to use, this 10-day treatment will cost way less than using medication or expensive vet visits trying to treat or manage symptoms. With ZERO side effects and ZERO positive testing in any competition, race or event, you can feel confident that this "miracle patch" really works!

Equiwinner is often used to treat ailments such as trembles, tying up, overstress due to traveling or management, pulling up, headshaking for no known reason, bleeding, and more!

Product Details:

  • Improved and corrected conditions include:
    • Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) including "bleeders"
    • Headshaking for no known cause when the horse is exercised
    • Fading effort or pulling up when an otherwise fit horse is asked for performance
    • Distress or refusal for no known reason when asked for increased effort e.g. going from walk to canter
    • Dry or dull coat from no apparent cause
    • Overheating from lack of sweat (anhidrosis), or patchy sweating
    • Ensures full hydration and better performance
    • Duress stress
    • Equine Rhabdomyolysis
  • Will not test or show side effects
  • Quick results in 10 days or less!
Cox Vet Labs Perk-A-Lyte Electrolyte - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$5.99 - $29.95

Perk-A-Lyte by Cox Vet Labs is a salt-based oral electrolyte supplement that fights dehydration, fatigue and weakness caused by competition, exercise and sickness. Highly palatable and apple flavored in an easy-to-use water soluble base. Can be used in all classes of horses for those that race, exposed to high-temperatures, have difficulty sweating, or are subject to situations that result in sweating or need to cool internal body temperatures. Available in a paste syringe or granular forms. Use before an event, vet check, or for daily maintenance during hot summer months.

Product Details:

  • Yummy apple flavor
  • Safe for use in all classes as horses
  • Available in paste and granular options
  • Mix in water or as a top dressing to feed

1.5 oz paste provides up a single serving
The 5 lb tub will provide up to a 80 day supply
The 20 lb tub will provide up to a 320 day supply

*Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.

Ramard Total Energy & Stamina 15ml Syringe - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$17.05 - $18.95

Total Energy & Stamina by Ramard is an easy to administer paste that can be given before a race or event. Helps support vasodilation, energy conversion and the elimination of lactic acid in the muscles. Will not test among racehorses.

Product Details:

  • Increases energy conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Supports reduction of heart strain Increased circulation to lower legs and hooves
  • Vasodilation to support reduction of lactic acid and cramping
  • Supports oxygen capacity for optimal performance
  • Contains no prohibited substances

15 mL syringe provides 1 dose
Pro Formula Liqui Lyte Electrolytes Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

For use in horses as an oral aid in the prevention of electrolyte depletion and dehydration. This liquid formula can be used daily in all 4 seasons. Liqui Lyte by Pro Formula is fast-acting and rejuvenates electrolyte salts and minerals lost due to the change in weather, dehydration, heat, humidity or the stress of performance.

Product Details:

  • Liqui Lyte can be added to water or top-dressed on feed.
  • Gallon - 4 month supply for 1 horse
  • Electrolytes support healthy heart contraction.
  • Help with Intestinal movement
  • Helps with nutrient absorption
  • Helps with nerve function
  • Helps maintain healthy hydration
Pro Formula Lyte Now Electrolyte Paste 30 cc - Single Dose - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$8.05 - $8.95

Lyte Now Paste Electrolytes are for the high performance horse, as a supplemental source of essential nutrients. Laboratory tested for purity and stability. Most available form of electrolytes and minerals are used. Electrolyte for instant rejuvenation with a 3 minute absorption rate. Lyte Now helps prevent dehydration, muscle fatigue, heat stress and tying up during and after activity. Each dose supplies twice the minerals lost during 1 hour of sustained physical exercise.

Product Details:

  • 3 minute absorption rate
  • Helps prevent dehydration
  • Most available form of electrolytes & minerals
  • Ideal before or after competition, worming, stress & illness

One 30 cc syringe will provide one horse with 1 dose.

Buckeye Nutrition Perform 'N Win - TB
$13.99 - $49.95

Perform 'N Win by Buckeye Nutrition is the only university-tested performance electrolyte in the market. Provides horses with optimum levels of electrolytes to support performance, potentially increasing a horse's stamina by nearly 25%. Allows for longer, stronger and healthier performance from your horse. The powder allows for a more rapid absorption rate, as pastes tend to absorb slower due to fluid imbalances and dehydration. Can be used for all classes of horses daily or as needed during events, showing, or traveling.

Product Details:

  • Complete electrolyte-replacement and hydration supplement
  • Quick-dissolve and rapid absorption formula
  • Can increase stamina by up to 25%
  • Low sugar formula
  • Dramatically reduces large increases in plasma glucose (sugar high) for optimal results
  • Will mask strange tastes in water when traveling to new location - No more transporting jugs and gallons of water to events or shows
  • Do not serve over 12 scoops per day

4 lb tub provides up to a 32-day supply for one horse, based on 2 oz/day
20 lb bucket provides up to a 160-day supply for one horse, based on 2 oz/day

Peak Performance Perfect Balance Electrolite  - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$8.95 - $186.95

Perfect Balance by Peak Performance is a sugar and filler free electrolyte balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat. Each serving provides concentrated chloride levels, and chelated minerals for improved absorption.

Product Details:

  • Perfect for re-hydration before and after strenuous exercise.
  • Made with high quality, food grade ingredients
  • Sugar, filler, Dextrose & Sodium Bicarbonate free
  • Excellent choice for performance, trail or race horses.

The 2.5 lb size will provide one horse with up to a 51 day supply.
The 4 lb size will provide one horse with up to an 82 day supply.
The 8 lb size will provide one horse with up to a 165 day supply.
The 30 lb size will provide one horse with up to a 618 day supply.

Farnam Apple Elite Electrolytes - TB
$10.95 - $35.95

Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte provides essential minerals in easy to use palatable paste or powder form. Suitable in all classes of horses that are subject to hot temperatures or situations that require sweating to cool the horse's temperature, this great-tasting supplement can be given daily or before an event. When the competition rises, help your horse keep his cool under stressful conditions and encourage healthy water intake.

Product Details:

  • Available in rapid delivery 60 cc paste, 5 lb tub/40 day supply or 20 lb tub/160 day supply
  • Complete formula to replace electrolytes lost during exercise
  • Also encourages hydration
  • Can be used daily or given up to 12 hours ahead of travel/exercise
  • Palatable apple flavor

60 cc paste provides 1 - 3 doses, depending on serving size
5 lb container provides up to a 40-day supply, based on 2 oz/day
20 lb container provides up to a 160-day supply, baesd on 2 oz/day

Finish Line Electrocharge Paste 60 cc - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$7.15 - $7.95

Electrocharge by Finish Line is a fast-acting oral electrolyte formula in a paste syringe. Beneficial for working horses year round as they can quickly suffer from an electrolyte imbalance from sweating.

Product Details:

  • 60m syringe contains 2 doses
  • Rapid absorption to build up and restore electrolytes, salts and trace minerals
  • Replaces electrolytes in the same proportion as the horse loses in sweat
  • Beneficial for strenuous training, competition, worming or stress
Kauffmans Salt-Potassium Mix Electrolytes  - TB
$14.95 - $76.95

Kauffman's Salt-Potassium granular electrolyte supplement is specially formulated to satisfy the demands of performance horses across a variety of discliplines. An excellent source to encourage vital body fluid replenishment and additional water intake, this supplement can be mixed with water or used as a top-dressing with feed. Recommended to be used during periods of intense heat, exercise, or other situations that result in sweating.

Product Details:

  • Balanced blend of sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride
  • Replaces lost electrolytes in horses under stress from summer heat, training and performance
  • Helps replace fluid lost through sweat
  • Helps support normal mineral balance
  • Prevents dehyrdation, lactic acid build-up, or other negative side effects associated with poor hydration
  • Water-soluble formula

5 lb pail will provide a 40 day supply for one average horse
20 lb tub will provide an 160 day supply for one average horse
50 lb pail will provide a 400 day supply for one average horse


Kaeco Electrolyte Oral Gel 34 gm - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$4.95 - $5.50

Kaeco Electrolyte Oral Gel has been designed for use after any race or workout to help replace cellular body fluids that are lost due to physical stress.

B>Product Details:

  • Yummy apple flavor
  • Contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12
  • Each tube provides a single dose
    SU-PER Potassium Chloride - TB
    $7.50 - $31.95

    Potassium Chloride by Gateway Products is an powdered electrolyte supplement to replenish vital body fluids during heavy training. Made of pure Potassium Chloride, an excellent source of electrolytes. Perfect during heavy training seasons or use year-round for added benefits! Replenishes essential nutrients lost during sweat or intense exercise that help with post-event recovery including Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium and Magnesium.

    Product Details:

    • Pure Potassium Chloride
    • Excellent source of electrolytes to help support functioning of thyroid function, muscular systems, and more
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    The 4 lb size will provide up to a 128 day supply for one horse
    The 20 lb size will provide up to a 640 day supply for one horse

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