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Whether you are looking to add muscle to your racehorse or just add some more pounds to your pleasure horse, giving a muscle building supplement can truly make a difference. Many products offer more calories for those hard keepers without making them "hot". Many of the products contain Gamma Oryzanol and/or Creatine. Shop the top brand names here!

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Body Builder
$25.95 - $69.95

Body Builder by Equiade has been used by some of the BEST in the industry successfully for over 22 years. Rice Bran Oil and Rice Bran Oil Extract contain the natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol. Body Builder is a unique, specially formulated, emulsified liquid concentrate equine and canine health product, which means that the absorption of the supplement is greatly enhanced and effective.

Body Builder is not a hormone or a vitamin, it is a supplement. It has no side effects and can be sold without a prescription. It is being used by body builders, horses and other athletes. Natural and safe. This supplement is designed for body building and peak performance without stress and/or other side effects.

Deionized Water, Corn oil, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Natural & Artificial Flavors.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Rice Brand Oil...331mg/5ml

Ultra Growth
$37.50 - $129.95

Ultra-Growth by Cox Vet labs, a muscle-building nutritional liquid feed supplement for animals that builds powerful, swift muscle at an optimal rate while diminishing stress.

Ultra-Growth is one of the most popular products ever offered by Cox Veterinary Laboratory. Gamma Oryzanol, with its impressive ability to foster the development of muscle, rather than fat, while protecting against the debilitating effects of stress, is the key ingredient in this revolutionary product. And Creatine, known to promote lean muscle mass, reduce muscle wasting and increase heart function.

Ultra-Growth provides a healthy and highly advantageous alternative to anabolics.

Guaranteed Analysis: Gamma oryzanol...4,000mg/oz Creatine Orotate...200mg/oz

32 oz bottle is a 64 day supply

*Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States. 

Creatine Power EE 5 lb

Creatine Power EE contains pure Creatine Ethyl Ester without sugars or fillers. Creatine Ethyl Ester is similar to Creatine monohydrate but has an ester attached. Esters are organic compounds that are formed by esterification - the reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohols. Creatine Ethyl Ester is an extremely soluble form of Creatine that results in superior absorption, bioavailability, and molecular stability. With direct absorption, Creatine EE may not have the side effects of Creatine Monohydrate such as possible cramping and dehydration.

Gauranteed analysis: Creatine Ethyl Ester...20,000mg/20g

Creatine Power 5000
$40.95 - $86.95

Creatine Power 5,000 by Peak Performance contains pure Creatine Monohydrate without sugars or fillers. Designed specifically for the rigors of heavy training, Creatine may help delay fatigue in the muscles which allows for a longer, more intense workout.

  • Superior absorption
  • Muscle power
  • Recovery support
  • Energy support

Gauranteed Analysis: Creatine Monohydrate...5,000mg/5g

Go Big  1.23 lb
$66.95 - $69.95

It takes more than Gamma Oryzanol to build and maintain muscularity, strength and recovery. G.O. Big from Peak Performance Nutrients is the only equine supplement specifically designed to promote long term, lean muscle mass on exercised horses.

G.O. Big is not a high calorie, high fat supplement to simply “Bulk Up” horses or is it a Gamma Oryzanol only product that may provide a temporary muscle “pump” without any truly long term muscle gains. True muscle gains from the ingredients in G.O. Big will show itself on the track and in the show ring with improved stamina, endurance and recovery. G.O. Big provides the highest level of pure, high quality Gamma Oryzanol for quick gains along with the Proprietary G.O. Big Muscle Building Matrix for long term muscular growth, strength and recovery.

28 Doses

M.A.S.S Builder
$39.95 - $139.95

Creatine Power 5,000 by Peak Performance contains pure Creatine Monohydrate without sugars or fillers. Designed specifically for the rigors of heavy training, Creatine may help delay fatigue in the muscles which allows for a longer, more intense workout.

  • Superior absorption
  • Muscle power
  • Recovery support
  • Energy support

Guaranteed Analysis: Lysine...2,000mg/oz Rice Brand...1,500mg/oz Threonine...1,000mg/oz Fenugreek...20mg/oz

32 day supply for 32 oz container and 128 day supply for gallon

$34.95 - $89.95

MuscleMx by Formula 707 is a natural dietary supplement to support muscle growth. For all horses challenged in the task of adding or simply maintaining muscle mass, MuscleMX is the real solution for real results.

Product Details:

  • Lysine, the most essential of the 11 essential amino acids, lays the foundation for the formation of muscle-building proteins.
  • Gamma oryzanol, a natural plant extract, assists in weight gain and muscle formation in all classes of the horse.
  • Creatine, a naturally occurring organic acid, helps supply energy to muscle cells by stepping up production of ATP, the body’s energy-transport molecule.
  • Ornithine Ketoglutarate (OKG), an organic salt based on the amino acids ornithine and glutamine, bypasses the inhibitory metabolic processes preventing new muscle development.
Muscle-UP Max Performance 2 lb

Muscle-UP Max Performance by Ani-Med supports a horse's normal muscle development and composition while helping to maintain optimal health and physical condition.

Product Details:

  • L-lysine 9150mg per ounce
  • Added benefit use with Muscle Up Recovery
  • 2 lb. jar
  • Feeding Directions:

  • 1 to 2 scoops once or twice daily
  • (1 scoop equals 1 ounce)
    Muscle-UP Max Recovery 2 lb

    Muscle-UP Max Recovery by AniMed supports a horse's ability to bounce back, mentally and physically, after vigorous exercising, eventing, or showing.

    Product Details:

  • For added benefit use with Muscle Up Max Performance
  • Supports normal recovery after activity
  • 2 lb jar
  • Feeding Directions:

  • Feed 1 to 2 scoops (1 ounce) once or twice daily
  • For Maximum effect start feeding 7 to 10 days prior to competition or event
    Rabbits Creatine Muscle Fuel
    $58.95 - $60.95

    Rabbit's Creatine Muscle Fuel by Rabbit's

    99.5% Pure Creatine used for energy and muscle build up.

    Muscle Mass 32 oz

    More defined muscles don’t just look good, they’re essential to help your horse achieve its maximum potential performance. Muscle Mass supports the normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function of your horse and provides nutrients to support normal physical and mental performance. Muscle Mass combines both creatine and gamma oryzanol, two of nature’s most effective ingredients, along with a complete array of beneficial bacteria and other digestive system enhancers. It also contains Lysi-Crea Complex, which is comprised of lysine and creatine.

    Guaranteed Analysis: (per 15ml)
    Gamma Oryzanol...1,000mg

    Muscle Tone
    $29.95 - $45.95
    MuscleTone by Finish Line contains MYO-PRO, a broad spectrum of ingredients to promote healthy muscle development and function in performance horses. Promote Health Equine Muscle Development and Function with MuscleTone
    Purina Supersport 25 lb

    Purina SuperSport amino acid supplement is scientifically formulated and demonstrated in published research to support:
    RECOVERY: More rapid recovery of muscle cell integrity after exercise to help horses bounce back faster.
    PERFORMANCE: Increased exercise capacity for higher performance over a longer period of time.
    MUSCLE MASS: Supports muscle development for a more athletic body type.

    Product Details:

    • Feed Form: Pellets
    • Recommended For: Top Equine Athletes of all ages in all disciplines
    • Formulated by Purina Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists
    • Quality Checked
    • Made with Feed Guard Nutrition System


    Golden Gro Equine Formula 25 lb

    Golden Gro is a soy based protein supplement that is ideal for all competitive horses including; standardbred, thoroughbred, polo, hunter-jumper, dressage. Golden Gro helps muscle growth and definition, enhances coat and hoof growth and is an all around great supplement for competitive horses.

    Product Details:

    • Balanced nutritional fortification
    •  Palatable, extruded particle for easy digestion and calorie absorption
    • Aids muscle development, growth, and overall size
    • 100% natural, no additives, chemicals, or preservatives
    • 12 natural amino acids help promote healthy hair, coat, and hooves
    • Good for all breeds
    • Nutritionist Formulated
    • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein not less than 38%, Crude Fat not less than 18%, Crude Fiber not less than 5%
    Fat Cat
    $24.95 - $82.95

    Fat Cat by Vapco is the ultimate 'equine sport' body builder. Fat-Cat's advanced formulation has been especially engineered to provide all horses with a powerful blend of nutrients designed to enhance optimal muscularity, sound firmness and peak fitness. A precise combination of high-quality proteins merged with essential amino acids and energy packed carbohydrates to boost muscle and strength development and increase muscle energy.

    Essential fatty acids— omega-3 and omega-6 for additional endurance, higher performance levels and improved appearance of skin and coat. Fat-Cat's nutrient dense formula is empowered with biotin, L-lysine and DL-methionine for improved hoof strength, structure and health. It's loaded with key body building nutrients and select vitamins and minerals to achieve great gains in stamina, size, strength and leanness.

    This muscle and energy system loader also contains digestive aiding enzymes as well as beneficial microflora for complete nutrient breakdown and assimilation by the body.

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