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"Tying up" is the general term used to describe many muscular diseases associated with horses. Tie-Up horse supplements help decrease the symptoms from muscular diseases referred to as tying up. These dysfunctions in the muscles can occur after exercising or sporadically, depending on each individual horse. If your vet has said that your horse suffers from tying up, Big Dee's has supplements that may help decrease the symptoms associated with this problem. Find helpful supplements to help your horse in powder, paste, and liquid form. Choose brands including Vita Flex, Peak Performance Nutrients, Cox Vet Labs, Finish Line, and more.

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Finish Line JCs  X Tie Up Syringe 30 cc - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$8.95 - $9.95

JC's X-Tie up by Finish Line helps promote healthy muscle function. It can be used as a preventative measure or for horses that are currently tying up.

Product Details:

  • Contains a proprietary blend of vitamins that produces energy efficiently
  • Can be used as a preventative measure for tying up
  • All natural ingredients including Thiamine, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and more
  • Also contains Niacinamide (B3) which is known to contribute to muscle energy and other metabolic reactions
  • One syringe is effective for up to 30 days
  • 30cc syringe contains 3 servings

Directions: Administer 1/3 syringe 1st day, 1/3 syringe 2nd say, skip 3rd day & administer remaining contents 4th day

Equiwinner Patches Box Of 10 - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal patch that serves as a natural electroly-balancing system. Completely safe, effective, and easy to use, this 10-day treatment will cost way less than using medication or expensive vet visits trying to treat or manage symptoms. With ZERO side effects and ZERO positive testing in any competition, race or event, you can feel confident that this "miracle patch" really works!

Equiwinner is often used to treat ailments such as trembles, tying up, overstress due to traveling or management, pulling up, headshaking for no known reason, bleeding, and more!

Product Details:

  • Improved and corrected conditions include:
    • Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) including "bleeders"
    • Headshaking for no known cause when the horse is exercised
    • Fading effort or pulling up when an otherwise fit horse is asked for performance
    • Distress or refusal for no known reason when asked for increased effort e.g. going from walk to canter
    • Dry or dull coat from no apparent cause
    • Overheating from lack of sweat (anhidrosis), or patchy sweating
    • Ensures full hydration and better performance
    • Duress stress
    • Equine Rhabdomyolysis
  • Will not test or show side effects
  • Quick results in 10 days or less!
Peak Performance Tie Free 24 - 45 Servings - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Tie Free 24 by Peak Performance is a proprietary formula for tying up that helps even the toughest cases. Perfect for detention and non-detention situations alike. All natural formula to support muscles that cramp when too much lactic acid builds up or electrolyte imbalance is present. Includes Calcium, Magnesium Potassium, Vitamin E, and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Product Details:

  • No need to feed on event day
  • Beneficial for horses on Lasix
  • Highly rated by the Horse Journal
  • Beneficial for any horse that is heavily worked
  • WARNING: Do not feed with any other potassium supplement
  • CAUTION: Tie Free contains ingredients that may test positive if administered the day of an event.  Use only as directed, do not overfeed this product. 

1 lb jar contains 45 servings

AniMed Tie-By 2.5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Optimize your horse's performance with Tie By. Active ingredients in Tie-By support the normal function of skeletal muscle. The ingredient combination of Tie By is shown to support normal muscle enzymes in horses in training.

Product Details:

  • Includes Vitamin E, Amino Acid Dimethylglycine, l-carnitine
  • Great for horses that routinely tie-up
  • Improves oxygen utilization
  • Lowers lactic acid concentrations
  • 2.5 lb container
SU-PER Tie Deny 30cc Paste - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$8.05 - $8.95

Super Tie Deny Paste by Gateway Products is unlike most tying up supplements that address only lactic acid build up. This was formulated to neutralize several toxins associated with tying up, including lactic acid, ammonia, and free radicals.

Product Details:

  • Contains L-Carnitine, DMG, and essential B-vitamins
  • Supports proper muscle function
  • Targeted relief from tying up
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Split tube into 1/2 dosages before and after event
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals

30 cc syringe provides 2 doses

Un-Lock Advanced Muscle Formula - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

UnLock Advanced Muscle Formula by Biomedical Research Labs is a unique combination of muscle supporting amino acids including L-Valine, L-Lucine, L-Isolucine, l-Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, plus Electrolytes and Essential Vitamins!

Un-Lock is a unique formula to help your horse perform at the top. Helps with recovery, maintaining top speed, prevents muscle damage and aids in reducing lactic acid buildup.

Product Details:

  • Improve endurance and race performance
  • Maintain top speed longer
  • Reduce cramping and tying-up
  • Prevent muscle damage and speed recovery
  • Buffers blood to dramatically lower lactic acid levels
  • Reduces heart rate during training

A 1 lb container provides 35 servings for 1 horse.


Vita Royal Untie - 6 Lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Untie Powder by Vita Royal is more than just a Selenium and vitamin E supplement! Untie contains tissue targeted Magnesium for enhanced relaxation of muscles and muscle spasms This proven formula also contains other supportive Amino Acids chelated minerals that are pre-digested forms of minerals which are nearly 100% absorbed and bioavailable - unlike inorganic forms. Specially designed to treat horses that suffer from tying-up and experience regular muscle soreness. Is also used for horses that suffer from metabolic disorders such as Cushing's Syndrome.

Product Details:

  • Water solubilized form of vitamin E and includes micro-encapsulated probiotics for improved absorption
  • Recommended to administer 1 - 3 hours before work
  • Relieves symptoms and helps against Tying-Up and Muscle Soreness
  • Veterinarian approved
  • 100 USP Grade
  • Zero fillers, binders or extenders
  • Corrects mineral imbalance associated with Cushing's to support the thyroid and metabolic processes

6 lb container provides up to a 32 day supply

This item can only be shipped to the contiguous United States.

Perfect Products Lactalex Paste 60 cc - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$22.49 - $24.99

Lactalex Paste by Perfect Products supports everyday muscle function and metabolism in performance horses. Free radical scavenger (Vit E) supports the repair of damaged muscle cells to prevent effects of lactic acid buildup and "Tying Up." Lactalex also includes a unique blend of BCAA's to support a quicker recovery time within muscles. Contains no prohibited substances and is safe for showing and racing.

Product Details:

  • Supports healthy lactic acid levels
  • PP1 may help support muscle comfort
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) support the return of muscles to pre-exercise condition
  • Compares to Lactanase
  • Will not test and contains zero prohibited substances
  • Recommended to feed 30cc the evening before performance and 30cc/ 60cc 4 hours before performance
  • Additonal doses may be given to boost post-performance recovery

60 cc syringe provides 2 doses

Peak Performance Tie Free Tmc  - 1.7 Lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Tie Free TMC Powder from Peak Performance is a vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to support normal muscle function in horses. Additionally, Tie Free TMC provides a special protein matrix which includes important cofactors Beta-Lactoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, and Glycomacropeptide. This special protein matrix, exclusive to Tie Free TMC, supports replenishment of glycogen stores during intense activity. Glycogen provides energy to the muscles and accelerates recovery after intense exercise. Also, the components of the Tie Free TMC protein matrix support the muscles in synthesizing amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth.

Product Details:

  • Reduces the risk of Tying Up after overexertion while supporting heart function
  • Promotes faster recovery time in muscles
  • Supports replenishment of glycogen stores
  • May help horse maintain his top speed longer
  • NASC certified
  • Sugar-free

1.7 lb provides a 28 day supply


Peak Performance Bleeder Event Pak - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Bleeder Event Pak - Powerful, concentrated, all-inclusive pre-event formula for bleeders

• High dose capillary supporting ingredients including Rutin and Hesperidin
• Herbal support including Yunnan Paiyao
• Added Potassium for Lasix horses.

Active Ingredients per 350g: A Proprietary Blend of: Mixed Citrus Bioflavonoids, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, MSM, Rutin, Quercetin, Hesperidin, Hawthorne Berry, Mullein Leaf, Pseudoginseng, Yunnan Paiyao, Vitamin C, Vitamin K....350,000 mg

Cox Vet Labs Lacta Aid Syringe 42 gm - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$6.25 - $6.95

Lacta-Aid by Cox Vet Labs is a specifically formulated supplement that specifically targets conditions associated with Azoturia or "Tying Up." Focuses on enhancing energy metabolism in performance horses Contains various acids and L-Carnosine for effective energy metabolism to muscles. Added honey for a palatable flavor.

Product Details:

  • Utilizes essential fatty acids and vitamins to provide your horse with the stamina to finish the home stretch
  • Removes lactic acid from muscles
  • Reduces onset of Tying Up
  • Recommended to use both as a pre- and post-event aid

42 g syringe provides one dose

Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States.

McTarnahans Haarlem Oil Syringe 10 ml - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$5.39 - $5.99

Haarlem Oil Syringe by McTarnahans assists rapid recovery by the animal after strenuous effort and has a general de-tiring effect on horses in competition. Also used as a natural diuretic for oral equine use only. Especially useful after a hard workout or race to help induce urination and aid in preventing tying up.

Product Details:

  • Made from Juniper Berry Tar
  • Improves urinary system and toxin elimination
  • Helps against intestinal, biliary, urinary and respiratory infections
  • Guards against the proliferation of intestinal parasites
  • Assists in rapid recovery of animal after strenuous work
  • Used as a natural diuretic
  • Helps induce urination and prevent tying up
  • Administer entire syringe orally as needed
AniMed Muscle-UP Max Performance 2 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Muscle-UP Max Performance by Ani-Med supports a horse's normal muscle development and composition while helping to maintain optimal health and physical condition.

Product Details:

  • L-lysine 9150mg per ounce
  • Can be combined with Muscle Up Max Recovery
  • 2 lb. jar
  • Feed 1 to 2 scoops once or twice daily
  • Enclosed scoop equals 1 ounce
Black Magic Step Up Per4mance Pre Race 36 oz - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Step Up Performance Pre-Race by Black Magic has the same basic herbs as the original plus a few other essential herbs to specifically deal with high stress situations like racing.

Step Up Per4mance Pre Race is a proprietary all natural herbal extract blend of the finest herbs in the world. It's great for combating allergies, reducing bleeding and tie-up syndrome as well as fortifying the immune system. It clears up congestion and eases a variety of other breathing problems, therefore enhancing good health and performance. It's a must for checking stress & anxiety at the barn door for the equine athlete.

Most herbal formulations on the market today are mixed in contaminated, unregulated environments. Step Up Per4mance is milled and screened to exact density, composition and texture at our certified blending plant, instead of the mix by hand in a tub process. This new process insures a fine, consistent blend at all times. The blend is completely homogeneous, using a controlled-temperature water extraction process. The herbs and botanicals used in the blend are all fresh, and expiration dates can be traced back to the batch. Each batch is tagged and a corresponding lot number is assigned to it. This blending process creates the most pure and consistent product that is also very easy to digest.

Product Details:

  • Great for combatting allergies
  • Reduces bleeding>
  • Decreases chances of tying-up
  • Aids the immune system
  • Helps respiratory system and clears up congestion as well as a variety of other breathing problems
  • Overall enhances good health and performance
Ramard Total Lactic Care Pouch - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $7.25
SALE $6.52

Ramard Total Lactic Care Pouches are created with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to make sure your horse can recover from intense training and exercise, as well as give a little boost when performing. Features a combination of amino acids and is beneficial for aging and rehabilitation horses for muscle recovery. Designed to support increased oxygen uptake and reduce heart rate. Does not contain prohibited substances.

Product Details:
  • Helps to prevent muscle fatigue and tying up
  • Helps to prevent body and back soreness
  • Formulated with BCAA
  • Helps support muscle function and recovery
  • Helps maintain energy and stamina
  • Single serving packet
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