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Perfect Balance Electrolite 30 lb

Perfect Balance by Peak Performance is a sugar and filler free electrolyte balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat. Each serving provides concentrated chloride levels, and chelated minerals for improved absorption. It is perfect for re-hydration before and after strenuous exercise.

Made with high quality, food grade ingredients and featured as 2007 Horse Journal Product of the Year. Sugar, filler, Dextrose & Sodium Bicarbonate free. Perfect Balance Electrolyte is an excellent choice for performance, trail or IR horses.

The 30 lb size will provide one horse with up to a 618 day supply.

Standing Bandages Nylon Set Of 4
$12.95 - $14.95

Standing bandages with EZ Pull Fasteners by Big Dee's are 5.5 inches x 9 feet nylon bandage and come as a set of 4.

Ideal for shipping or in the stall.

Super Curazone Dressing 1 lb
$6.45 - $6.95
Super Curazone by Gateway Products is a safe and effective alternative to nitrofurazone which is a known carcinogen and can cause skin irritation. Curazone is a polyethylene glycol ointment but uses natural oils to offer anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and wound healing properties. Safe, non-irritating, and just as effective without the carcinogenic risks. Comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Bleed No More
$10.75 - $42.95

Bleed No More by Tenda Horse Products is available in a triple strength paste, or in a liquid for daily use. Bleed No More provides an all natural support for horses in training or hard work.

Product Details:

  • Paste is a triple strength formula for the pre-race treatment of internal bleeding.
  • The all natural safe, effective, test free and proven method for controlling exercise induced hemorrhaging.
  • Bleed No More is compatible with Lasix/Salix.
  • 60cc Single-dose oral syringe or 32 oz daily liquid
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