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Braideez Braiding Wire Bright Colors

Braideez Braiding Wire Party Pack by Twisteez. Birght colored Braideez braiding wire is made of soft and flexible plastic coated copper wire which is easy to put in-and stays in.

Product Details:

  • Easy to put in - stays in
  • Shape braids by hand - no sewing
  • Change styles instantly
  • Easy, fast to remove from braids
  • Will not damage mane or tail
  • Reusable
  • Cuts easily
  • NON TOXIC - CPSA Certified Flexible plastic coated copper wire
  • Each Package includes 25 braiding wires 32" long.
  • Instructions Included
Rubber Braiding Bands Boxed

Big Dee's Braiding Bands.

  • Approximately 500 bands per container
  • Available Colors:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Natural
    • Red
    • White
Horse Shaver  Each
Pull gently for last minute touch ups - Reusable design, good for 8 groomings -Fits easily into pocket
Mane N Tail Spray N Braid 12 oz

Mane N Tail Spray N Braid 12 oz by Straight Arrow is a braider's must have! Great for taming manes and prepping them for braids. Helps keep your brains in place.

Product Details:

  • No slip grip for easy banding and braiding
  • Holds braids tighter longer
  • Eliminates flyaways for neater looking bands & braids
  • Soothes itching & dryness
  • Softens, conditions & promotes strong healthy hair
Magic Scissors

Centaur's Magic Scissors are greatest scissors ever. Cuts just about everything including unruly manes with ease and leather! This is definitely a braiding essential tool. A must have in your tack box, trailer, or braiding kit!

Product Details:

  • Plastic Handle
  • Metal Blades
  • Contoured to fit your fingers
  • Measures approx. 6.75" in total length
Waxed Nyltex Braiding Thread
$4.99 - $15.95

Waxed Nyltex Thread

Perfect for braiding manes and tails.

Product Details:

  • Professional grade
  • Waxed nylon thread
  • Less fraying for nicer looking braids
Speedy Pull Through Braiding Tool

Speedy Pull Through by Equi-Essentials.

Product Details:

  • A convenient time saving braiding tool
  • Needle and Thread design
  • Hook through loop for fingers
  • Assorted Colors
  • Measures approx. 5" in length
Brush Mane And Tail

This great mane and tail paddle brush is a must for every horse owners grooming box!

Product details:

  • Rubberized plastic handle for non-slip grip
  • Soft plastic pins attached into a billowy rubber backing
  • Large brush measures - 9.5" long x 3" wide
  • Small brush measures - 8.75" long x 2" wide
  • Black with assorted trim colors
Braiding Thread 4 oz Spool

Braiding Thread by Equi-Essentials.

Standard braiding thread used in top show barns.

Product Details:

  • 4 oz. Spool
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Chestnut, Natural
Braiding Tape 2 Pack

Braiding Tape by Equi-Essentials.

Perfect addition to your braiding essentials for any level showing.

Product Details:

  • White color only
  •  2 Pack
  • 3/8" x 22'
Childs Grooming Kit With Carrier - 9 Piece

A perfect starter grooming kit for any youngster!

Complete grooming kit featuring all the esssential child-sized grooming tools in a coordinating grooming box:

  • Small sponge
  • Junior plastic sarvis curry
  • Junior soft rubber curry
  • Junior medium bristle body brush
  • Junior rubber sweat scraper
  • Plastic mane comb
  • Pack of rubber bands
  • Hoof pick
  • Hoof oil brush with cap

10" wide x 6.5" deep x 7" tall

Braiders Braiding Bands No Tangle No Snag

New braiding bands that don't tangle, or snag. Packaged 500 to a package in convienent plastic tub.

Product Details:

  • Doesn't tangle or snap when removing
  • Available in black, brown, or white
  • 500 count
Three in One Trophy Tails Tail Extensions

Trophy Tails Three in One Tail Extensions are tail extensions for horses whose own tails are lacking in length or fullness for one reason or another. Once attached to a horse they become a natural looking part of the original tail. Tail extensions are used in a variety of equestrian disciplines to maximize appearance.

Product Details:

  • Made from 100% natural un-dyed horsehair taken from LIVE horses.
  • When you choose a color, match the hair coming off the end of the tailbone.
  • The top hair will lay over the tail extension and blend into the extension.
  • Standard one pound weight, 36 inches long
  • One pound tails are a great choice for a really full look. Most western pleasure horses use a one pound tail.
  • Many dressage horses use one pound tails to achieve that full banged look.
  • You can connect it three different ways: tie in, loop or slip on!
  • If you change trainers or grooms, this tail is sure to satisfy everyone.
  • Tail extensions can be dyed for additional coloring effects.

Care and Storage: Trophy Tail extensions are 100% horsehair. You can treat them like your real horse’s tail. They can be washed, conditioned and sprayed with all the same products you use on your horse. Tails can even be blown dry for an ultra full look! Keep your tail in a tail extension bag when not in use. This will prevent the hairs from being tangled in between uses

Mane & Braiding Comb Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl ergonomic rubber grip Mane & Braiding comb fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use! Easily detangles and separates mane for grooming and braiding.

Product details:

  • Double sided tooth geometry
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 11" long
  • Weights 3.4 ounces
Waxed Braiding Thread

Braiding Thread

Product Details:

  • This wax covered braiding thread is great for braiding manes and tails
  • This thread is easy to handle and will stay in place
  • Roll measures approx. 4" x 2.25"
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