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Big Dee's offers an impressive selection of horse bandages and wraps, for riding and therapy or healing purposes. Poultice, standing wraps, sheet cotton and cohesive bandages are great for wound care, strains, shipping or to help reduce swelling after a ride. Polo wraps, Saratoga & brace bandages are great for riding & training. Shop favorites, including: Vetrap, Sealtex, Ren Flex and more! Shop our Ceramic & Magnetic products for more therapeutic options.

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Vetrap Bandaging Tape
$1.44 - $1.69

Vetrap Bandaging Tape by 3M Brand

Product Details:

  • # 1 choice for use as a bandage for mild rundown, light support and to hold dressings in place.
  • Both Vetrap tape and Equisport bandages need to be applied so that they are initially comfortable to the animal, 30 - 50% stretch.
  • Unpadded and lightly padded support bandages should be removed immediately after completion of athletic activity.
  • 4"x 5 yd stretched
Weaver Special Buy Polo Wraps
Was: $23.95
SALE $10.95

Weaver Fleece Polo Wraps are perfect for providing support during workouts, training or competition.

Product Details:

  • Set of 4
  • op quality brushed pile fleece
  • Hook and loop closures for easy on and off
  • Machine washable design
  • 4.5" w x 9' long
BeneFab Ceramic Polo Wraps Grey

BeneFab Ceramic Polo Wraps by Sore No More are comprised of ceramic entirely, ensuring that your horse is getting the full benefit everywhere. Made up of ceramic nano particles that reduce recovery time, promote blood circulation and increase oxygen flow. Emits FAR-infrared rays that keep muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments soft and relaxed.

Product Details:

  • Perfect complement to Sore No-More liniments, gelotions and poultices. Together this creates a non-invasive, synergistic, dual-action therapy that is proven to relieve pain and inflammation, increase circulation and relax muscles
  • High quality polyester fleece
  • Highly breathable, allowing heat to escape keeping your horse's legs cooler
  • Completely covers the fetlock for added protection
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Machine Washable
  • Set of 4
Nylon Padded Hock Wraps Pair

Lightly padded hock wrap with durable nylon outer shell and adjustable Velcro with added elastic for flexibility. No need to mess with spider bandages & their multiple ties and straps.

Product Details:

  • Darted seams to fit comfortably around the hock
  • Lightly padded for protection
  • Front height: 12"
  • Back height: 15"
  • Outside measurement (unstretched) around the hock: 21" expands to 29" unstretched
  • Straps measure 9", 3" of which is elastic
Equifit Horse Silver Sox

Equifit Horse SilverSox helps guard against fungus with the power of silver and provide unobtrusive protection to your horses' legs while at work. Made of a stretchable and breathable stockinette, SilverSox aid in keeping legs clean; offering protection for horses prone to leg irritations (often caused by dirt and debris build up), scratches, boot rubs or those with minor leg abrasions. SilverSox offer compression, aiding in increased circulation.

Product Details:

  • Silver technology
  • Horse size - 3" x 2 yd
  • Made of stretchable and breathable stockinette
Standing Bandages Nylon Set Of 4
$12.95 - $14.95

Standing bandages with EZ Pull Fasteners by Big Dee's are used to keep a horses leg clean and away from debris if injuried, provide warmth, hold a poultice in place, keeping a quilt in place, help to keep a horse from "stocking up" and for protection while trailering.

Product Details:

  • Nylon with EZ pull fasteners
  • 5.5 inches x 9 feet
  • Sold in a set of 4
Premium Stall Bandages Set of 4 with Velcro

Big Dee's Acrylic knit stall bandages with EZ pull fastener are used to keep a horses leg clean and away from debris if injuried, provide warmth, hold a poultice in place, keeping a quilt in place, help to keep a horse from "stocking up" and for protection while trailering.

Product Details:

  • Acrylic knit
  • Size: 4 in x 9 ft.
  • Sold as set of 4
  • Machine washable
Ren Flex Bandage Tape 4 in
$1.05 - $1.25

Ren Flex Bandage Tape provides consistent compression with non-slip support.

Product Details:

  • Lightweight
  • Adheres to itself
  • Wraps easily to fit any contour
  • 4 inches X 5 yards
Co Flex  Bandage Tape
$1.15 - $1.50

Co Flex Bandage Tape by Andover

Product Details:

  • Strong, abrasion resistant nylon bandage
  • Provides consistent compression with non-slip support.
  • Does not cut off circulation.
  • Comfortable and lightweight; allows skin to breathe.
  • Wraps easily to fit any contour.
  • Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners needed.
  • Cuts away quickly and easily with scissors.
  • Standard 4" width x 5 yd stretched.
Polo Bandages Set Of 4

Polo Bandages by Big Dee's are a top quality polo. Made with soft flexible fleece so they're easy to wrap with while still providing support and protection.

Product Details:

  • Approximate size: 5" x 9' with 2" velcro for attaching
  • Set of 4 in a reusable clear pouch
Polo Bandages T Sport Wrap Non Slip Pair

State-of-the-art T-Sport Wrap by Equifit transfers heat out and keeps your horse's legs cool while at work. Provides maximum compression & support to soft tissue, as well as slip-free support for your at-risk horse's legs.

Product Details:

  • Combination of open-celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam and high quality fabrics
  • Originally developed for certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports MDs
  • Minimal water absorption minimizes dirt and debris buildup known to cause rubs
  • Provides superior support maximum compression
  • Non-slip without bulk
  • Great for schooling and showing
  • Pair
Standing Bandages And No Bow Sets
Was: $28.95
SALE $28.95
Standing bandage and No Bow set. This comes with a set of standing bandages (nylon), with a choice of any color and a set of no bows, which you also can choose any size from 12,14,16 or 18.
Deluxe Stall Bandages and Quilts
Deluxe version of stall bandages and quilts set. Includes set of #1599 and 1 set of #132. High quality cotton bandages with durable velcro that lasts. Easy to put on and has a great feel. Machine washable.
Vacs Standing Bandages and No Bow Set

Vac's Standing Bandages with Extra Wide Hook and Loop Fasteners.

Sewn on all around with strong poly thread, and Vac's exclusive stitching that ensures strong hold and durability

Product Details:

  • 4 bandages per package
  • 5" x 9'

  • Vac's Jersey No Bow is super soft and absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge-like foam, which is kept in place by Vac's exclusive stitching.

    Perfect as a shipping or stall bandage! .

    Product Details:

  • Soft and pliable
  • Contours to the leg for custom-like fit
  • Will not slip
  • Packaged in Pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • Available Sizes: 10,12,14,16,18
    Powerflex Bandage
    $1.44 - $1.59

    PowerFlex by Andover is a strong bandage for use on large and small animals when maximum durability and support is required.

    Product Details: 

    • Tears easily by hand for easy application.
    • Replaces Elasticon and Vetrap for splinting
    • 4" x 5 yards[stretched]
    • 4" x 2.2 yards[unstretched]
    • Abrasion resistant to help prevent rundown
    Standing Bandages And Pillow Wraps
    Set of 4 Standing bandages & 4 pillow wraps.
    Jacks Trace Running Bandage

    Trace brace bandages by Jack's Mfg. are made of stretch nylon and 2" EZ pull fasteners.

    Product Details:

    • Stretch nylon with EZ pull fasteners
    • 4 inchs x 8.5 foot
    • Sold individually
    • Machine washable
    Vacs No Bow Bandage Pair
    $11.95 - $16.95

    Vac's Jersey No Bow is super soft and absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge-like foam, which is kept in place by Vac's exclusive stitching. Perfect as a shipping or stall bandage! .

    Product Details:

    • Soft and pliable
    • Contours to the leg for custom-like fit
    • Will not slip
    • Packaged in Pairs
    • Made in the USA
    • Available Sizes: 10,12,14,16,18
    No Bow Horse Leg Wraps Pair
    $9.95 - $13.95

    No Bow Leg Wraps. Combine with a standing bandage for great leg protection while trailering or applying over liniments. The soft outer shell combined with a foam interior allows the wrap to easily contour to your horses leg providing a supportive fit.

    Product Details:

    • Cotton flannel outer shell
    • Supportive foam center
    • 32 inches long
    • Sold in pairs
    Combo Bandages

    Professional's Choice Combo Bandages. Designed for protection and support, the Combo Bandage is made of a four way stretch polo wrap attached to an elastic bandage.  Great for use as a workout wrap.

    Product Details:

    • Easy to apply and washable for continued use.
    • Packaged as set of four wraps
    • Universal Size
    • Each measures approximately 9 1/2'

    Colors: Black and White

    Professional's Choice products may not be shipped outside of the United States or Canada.

    Poly Wraps

    Extra heavy poly wraps are a superior polyester utility bandage. Ideal for standing dressings, jumping and shipping. Excellent super wet strength and easier to use than cotton. Wraps are snug fitting.

    Product Details:

    • 12" x 36
    • Made of superior polyester
    • Set of 4
    • Made in USA


    Stall Bandages And No Bows Package
    Your choice of color on a set of 4 Country Pride cotton stall bandages and a set of 4 No Bow bandages. No bows have a soft absorbent outer shel with a foam center which allows them to contour to the leg.
    Flannel Bandages Set Of 4

    The Equine Textiles Flannel Wrap is a heavy, brushlike wrap made from natural, 100% cotton. Non stretch, breathable, highly absorbent, and made to roll on clean and easy. 

    Product Details:

    • 6" x 12'
    • EZ pull fastener closure
    • Set of 4
    Guard Tex Self Adhering Tape

    Self Adhering Tape by General Bandages Inc is perfect for wrapping tails, use on legs or bandages.

    Product Details:

    • 4 rolls per package
    • Self-adhering
    • Won't pull hair or leave a residue
    • Non-elastic
    • Roll is 3 inches x 30 yards
    • White
    $7.99 - $10.95

    Gelocast Medicated Compression Bandage is used to treat injuries and provide additional support.


    • 3 inches X 10 yards or 4 inches x 10 yards available.
    • Ideal for strains and sprains.
    • Wrap with 75% overlap.
    • Active Ingredients: Calamine, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide.
    Leg Wraps Broadcloth And Cotton Flannel Pair
    $21.95 - $23.95

    Broadcloth and Cotton Flannel Leg Wraps by Wilker's - these popular leg wraps offer quilted comfort, and foam support in one convenient wrap.

    Product Details:

    • 100% cotton flannel quilted bottom
    • Cotton/Poly broadcloth top
    • 1/2" polyurethane foam center
    Wilkers No Bow Quilted Horse Leg Wraps Pair
    $17.95 - $18.95

    These no bow bandages from Wilker's Custom Horse Products are a high quality product at an affordable price. The quilted texture distributes the pressure making the wraps more efficient. Wilker's cotton flannel, being a natural fabric, is more absorbent and more comfortable for the horse's leg.

    Product Details:

    • 100% cotton flannel quilted top and bottom over a 1/2" polyurethane foam center
    • Machine washable and dryer safe.
    Cool Cast
    $5.95 - $8.75
    Cool-Cast offers supportive, antiphlogistic care and treatment to help reduce inflammation, swelling and tenderness. Cool-Cast is effective as light support after intra-articular injections. It is also effective for the following equine ailments: bowed tendons, stocking up (edema), suspensory ligament damage, wind puffs and fractured sesamoid bone. Cool-Cast also helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, tendonitis and periostitis. Cool-Cast aids in reducing arthritis pain in geriatric horses. Product Details: 3 inches x 10 yards or 4 inches x 10 yards
    Quilts-Quilted Set Of 4
    $12.95 - $13.95

    Quilted Leg Wraps by Big Dee's:

    • Set of 4 (2 - 12" and 2 - 14")
    • Great for everyday bandaging.
    • 28" in length.
    Sheet Cotton 12 Sheets Per Roll

    Cotton sheets by BB Satin Star.

    These sheets are used under bandages on legs.Quality leg wrap for standing dressings, jumping wraps, and shipping wraps. Exclusive Glazene finish for easier handling. Uniform thickness for smooth, even-pressured wrap. Seamless design won't chafe or rub. extra-dense fiber structure protects and cushions leg. Layered-sheet construction holds heat while providing high absorbency.

    12 Standard leg wrap sheets 30" X 36"

    20 rolls in a case.

    Fleece Leg Wraps Double Sided Pair
    $13.95 - $14.95

    Soft extra thick lambs wool type fleece leg wraps by Jack's Mfg.

    Product details:

    • 28 inches long
    • Double sided
    • Lambs wool type fleece
    Elastic Adhesive Tape
    $3.25 - $6.50

    The 3M Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape is a strong, conformable tape for securing bandages and other applications.

    Product Details:

  • Convenient, custom fit around hard-to-tape areas
  • Durable, strong backing
  • Adheres to hair and skin
    Saratoga Bandages 4 in x 9 ft Set Of 4

    Saratoga Bandage:

    This bandage offers firm controlled stretch for superior support. Holds 40% less water than conventional bandages.

    Available color black. Set of four bandages.

    Equisport Bandaging Tape White
    $2.50 - $2.65

    Equine Support Bandage

    Product Details:

    • White
    • 4 inch x 5 yd.
    • Equisport bandage is 4.5 times more elastic then 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape, providing a high level of support.
    • Equisport bandage is particularly useful for horses returning from injury, horses with severe rundown, and as a prophylactic support of young horses or horses phrone to injury.
    Pony Polo Bandages

    Pony Polo Bandages are perfectly sized for small horses and ponies, ideal to provide support without inhibiting range of movement whether riding or shipping.

    Product Details:

    • Set of 4 pony size polos.
    • 1 1/4 inch EZ pull fastener closure.
    • Measures approximately: 3 1/2" wide x 5' long.
    Pillow Wraps Pair
    $14.95 - $18.95

    Pillow Wraps by Big Dee's - Perfect for wrapping legs, these plump Pillow Wraps add additional support and comfort.

    Product Details:

    • Woven cotton outershell
    • Plump poly fibre fill.
    • White
    • 40" long.
    • Price varies by size
    Spider Bandages Pair

    Spider Bandage by Jack's Mfg.

    No other bandage works as comfortably or securely. You just loop it and fasten it. Allows for free movement as well as complete support. Most important, it's comfortable for the horse.

    Classic Equine Polo Wrap Set of 4

    These Polo Wraps in solid colors by Classic Equine provide great protection, save time & effort and are heavier, providing longer lasting protection than most brands, while coordinating with other Classic Equine leg protection.

    Product Details:

    • Sold in packages of four.
    • Laundry bag included.
    • Made of 500 gram fleece.
    • Measures: 4-1/2" wide x 108" long.


    Ceramic Polo Wraps Double Pack

    Ceramic Polo Wraps are made with state-of-the-art fabric, which is infused with ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used to relieve and heal injured ligaments, tendons and joints.

    When you wrap your horse’s legs with these Polo Wraps, the unique fabric creates a gentle warmth, which reduces swelling and inflammation and keeps your horse’s legs tight. Back On Track Polo Wraps contain more elastic than traditional wraps so they contour to the leg better, provide excellent support, and don’t shift or rub. They are also more durable.

    Product Details:

    • Use polos only for exercise
    • Sold as a pair
    • Ceramic fibers reflect body heat and create soothing infrared warmth
    • Reduce pain and inflammation
    • Relax muscles
    • Increase blood circulation
    • Introduce gradually
    • They should not be used overnight or as a standing bandage as there is a risk they are fastened too tight and hinder blood flow.
    • Not for use on pregnant mares.
    • Length: 11'
    Fenwick Liquid Titanium Quick Wraps

    Fenwick Liquid Titanium technology in a easy to use quick wrap. Helps reduce healing time by improving blood cirulation naturally. These wraps can also be left on 24/7 with no adverse effects.

    Product Details:

    • Natural, drug free healing method
    • Flushes toxic substances from the body
    • Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness
    • Relieves muscle spasms
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • Machine Washable - Air Dry
    Glitter Powerflex Bandage

    Glitter PowerFlex by Andover

    Same great product but now with sparkle!

    Product Details:

  • Strong bandage for use on large and small animals when maximum durability and support is required.
  • Tears easily by hand for easy application.
  • Replaces Elasticon and Vetrap for splinting
  • 4" x 5 yards[stretched]
  • 4" x 2.2 yards[unstretched]
  • Abrasion resistant to help prevent rundown
  • Sold by the each
  • 5.05
    Walsh Brace Bandage Pair

    Brace Bandage Pair by Walsh.

    Walsh brace bandages offer firm lightweight support and are designed for use over polywraps, sheet cotton, or brace bandage rubbers sold seperatly. Top quality Nylon/Rayon/Rubber construction with hook and loop closures measures 4 inches wide X 6 foot long. Sold in pairs.

    Colors: Black, Blue, Red and White

    Tack Wrap 4 inch
    $1.59 - $1.69

    The Tack Wrap Veterinary Compression Bandages are made from a synthetic non-woven, lightweight fabric designed to offer maximum and consistent compression. Our bandage offers superior protection for horses and smaller animals. It is ideal for training, on the racetrack also in the vet's office Tack Wrap offers you the following benefits:

    • Non-woven fabric offers maximum and consistent compression.
    • Lightweight material ensures maximum speed on races days and improved flexibility in the show pen.
    • Tougher to rundown through than other similar products. This offers you another layer of protection at no additional cost.
    • Excellent on wet tracks. The high-tech adhesive will not slip.
    • The E-Z End facilitates a quick wrap by making it easier to find the beginning of the bandage and start the first wrap. No more fumbling with the bandage just start your wrap.
    • Hand Tear fabric eliminates the need for potentially dangerous scissors.
    • Outperforms other products on the market.
    Bandage Pins
    $1.95 - $16.95
    Bandage pins to secure your wraps in place. Available in packs of 12 or 100.
    Stall Sore Boot

    A simple solution for horses bruising and developing pressure sores on the foreleg as a result of being down with medical conditions or stalled on hard surfaces. Helps protect existing sores from further aggravation for faster healing.

    Product Details:

    • Neoprene exterior
    • Soft fleece lining
    • Open back for added comfort.
    • Adjustable straps allow the boot to fit a wide range of leg sizes.
    • Wash in cold water, air dry.
    • Pair
    Finn Tack Race Bandages Pair

    Race Bandages by Finn Tack

    Finn Tack race bandages feature high elasticity and are an excellent choice whether you are racing or training.'

    Product Details:

    • 2" wide heavy duty velcro attachment for stability.
    • 4" width x 7' length
    • Black Only
    Brace Bandages Neoprene Pair
    Neoprene bandages fit well for riding as well as driving. Can be used without any wrap. The outer surface of the bandages are lined with Jersey-fabric to make the bandages more durable. Has Velcro attachment. Sold in pairs.
    Finn Tack No Bow Horse Leg Wraps Pair

    No Bow Bandages by Finn Tack

    These crease-proof no bow bandages from Finn Tack are a must have item if you are wrapping legs. They are constructed with quality materials with a soft fleece outer surface for added comfort for your horse.

    Product Details:

    • Navy blue
    • Sold in pairs
    Brace Bandage Rubber With Jersey Enforcement Pair

    Brace Bandage by Finn Tack

    Durable neoprene sheets, where one side has a jersey lining. Can be used with bandages instead of shin boots.

    Product Details:

    • Sold as pairs (2 pieces).
    • 39 cm x 32 cm
    • 15.5" x 13"
    Cut A Wrap

    Cut a Wrap by Jack's mfg.

    The horse friendly alternative to scissors and knives! This unique tool easily cuts through leg bandages as well as baling twine and feed bags with ease.

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