Splint & Tendon Boots

Protecting your horse's legs is one of the most important tasks of keeping them healthy and sound. By using splint and tendon boots, you give your horse extra protection against the hard impacts and tendon stresses that goes along with riding. Big Dee's offers a great selection for all disciplines and preferences.

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Walsh Neoprene Splint Boots

Neoprene Splint Boots by Walsh.

Soft firm neoprene Walsh splint boot with a molded shell. Has a self-gripping fastener and thermoplastic outer shell protects against impact. Used to protect the area around the splint.

Color: Black

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

DSB Dressage Sport Boot

The DSB Dressage Sport Boot is designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse.

Product Details:

  • Rugged vinyl exterior with a Coverlight™ strike area.
  • Coverlight™ is tear, puncture and abrasion resistant and has excellent overall durability. It is also waterproof and highly resistant to fungicidal growth making this an exceptional choice to withstand the rigors of the equestrian environment.
  • Easy strap application system
  • Strong wide velcro straps
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in White or Blackt and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Size Chart:

15H to 16H: Small/ Front - Medium/ Hind
16H - 17H: Medium/ Front - Large/ Hind
17H and up: Large/ Front - XLarge / Hind

Weaver Prodigy Athletic Boots Large
$21.50 - $49.25

Weaver Prodigy High-performance Athletic Boots are designed by Weaver's research and development team with the performance horse in mind to ensure a perfect fit to the equine leg.

Product Details:

  • Professionally tested to construct the perfect design
  • Dynamic Sling System to provide superior support & protection to tendons and ligaments
  • Built from the finest materials for maximum shock-absorption
  • Helps prevent injuries & extend competitive careers
  • Form-fitting & shock-absorbing EVA foam design
  • Neoprene liner
  • Stretchy binding & darted edges keep legs free from dirt
  • Ergonomic design allows boot to move freely
  • Fetlock circumference: 12"; Boot height: 11"

Schockemohle Jump Guards II Jumping Boots

Schockemohle Jump Guards II Jumping Boots offer supreme protection without impeding the freedom of movement, these boots come as a set of four in a re-usable zip storage bag.

Product Details:

  • Color: Orange/Grey
  • Size: Large/Warmblood
  • Set of 4
Splint Boots Neoprene With Ez Pull Fasteners

Splint Boots

Neoprene splint has 3 self-gripping fasteners with keepers with padded felt front protection.

Product Details:

  • Black only
  • Sizes small, medium, and large.
  • 4.05
    VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boots Front and Hind
    Was: $85.95 - $162.75
    SALE $75.95 - $162.75

    VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boots by Professional's Choice.

    The Elite Sports Medicine Boot with VenTECH technology is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and UltraShock lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best.

    Product Details:

    • Provides 360 degrees of protection, safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue.
    • Proven to absorb over 26% of energy from hoof impact.
    • Uniquely designed suspensory strap stretches with each stride, allowing full ankle movement and helping to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock. The distinctive angle of this strap guarantees proper application, ensuring the boot provides maximum protection.
    • Sold in Pairs

    Note: White boots are not a bright white

    Sport Brushing Boots

    Sport Brushing Boots by Woof Wear. For the support and protection needed when riding cross country, these boots are the best!

    Product Details:

    • Soft, breathable
    • PX closed cell neoprene vents to encourage airflow
    • Highly strengthened foam panel to protect from impact
    • Ergonomic design to mold around the leg and fetlock joint.
    • Perfect for all terrains and conditions
    • Suitable for front or hind legs.
    • Sold as a pair.
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XLarge
    • Colors: Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Purple and White
    Walsh Splint and Tendon Boot

    Splint and Tendon Boots by Walsh.

    Made of lightweight synthetic material with ez pull fastener closure.

    Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

    Color: Black

    Professionals Choice Competitor Splint Boots

    Competitor Splint Boots by Professional's Choice.

    These splint boots are lightweight, durable and perfect for light exercising or turnout. 

    Product Details:

    • Made with the same care and quality as other Professional's Choice products
    • Non-slip boots provide protection to the splint bone.
    • Universal Size - 9.5
    • Sold in pairs

    Colors: Black, Blue, Hunter, Red and White

    Front and Hind Neoprene Splint Boots
    $34.95 - $42.95

    Toklat Neoprene Front and Hind Splint Boots are available in a wide variety of colors and great for trail, schooling or competition. These easy to appy boots offer superior fit and protection.

    Product Details:

    • Heavy 5/16" premium neoprene
    • Suede wear patches
    • Loop-N-Lock fastening system
    • Proven design for excellent fit.
    • Sold as a pair.
    • Made in the USA
    • Available Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

    Davis Pro Fit Splint Boots
    $26.95 - $29.95

    Pro Fit Split Boots by Davis.

    These boots have a strong reputation for providing exceptional protection. They are the perfect choice for preventing injuries while training and performing as well as rehabilitation if an injury has occurred. Use the Davis Splint Boots for western pleasure, eventing, dressage, trail riding, reining, cutting and hunter/jumper disciplines.

    Product Details:

    • Clean, easy-glide outside shell.
    • No exterior tubes to restrict or interfere with movement or performance should your horse cross fire.
    • Inside shock absorbing lateral support tube delivers maximum protection to the splint and cannon bones, the sesamoid, the tendons and the soft tissue areas.
    • The boots stay lightweight and flexible as they do not absorb water due to the closed cell foam interior design.
    • These boots do have a "right" and "left".
    • Can be used on either the front or hind legs.

    Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XLarge

    Colors: Black, Blue, Hunter Green and Red

    Open Front Jumping Boot

    Open Front Jumping Boot by Roma with EZ pull fastener closures.

    Product Details:

    • Durable outer shell to protect against interference
    • Soft neoprene interior to mold to your horse's leg
    • Doubled hook & loop strap to keep boots secure during tight turns & impact
    • Favored style of speed/jumper competitors
    • Similar to a polo boot
    Deluxe Hock Boot

    The Deluxe Hock Boot by Roma is an excellent product that provides superior protection of the hock with durable cups. Two snap buckle closures provide a custom fit ensuring your horse's comfort while riding and training.

    Size: Horse

    Color: Black

    Advanced Pro Tec Jumping Boots

    Advanced Pro Tec Jumping Boots by Horze. These boots offer effective leg protection that increases performance levels. Designed for increased freedom, the soft padded lining with a low cut on the top provides easy movement and comfort.

    Product Details:

    • High quality PVC outer shell protects against hard strokes and shocks for great protection than most boots.
    • Neoprene lining to increase protection, add comfort and support to both the cannon and fetlock areas of the legs
    • Reinforced Velcro strap secures these one of a kind, highly respected boots for a comfortable fit.
    • Package includes: 2 Tendon Boots and 2 Fetlock Boots
    • Measurements: Horse front 9.8” , Horse back 4.9”
    Lightweight Splint Boots

    Lightweight Splint Boots by Finn Tack.

    Light splint boot made of neoprene with rubber compound enforcement on the shin area with ez pull fastners.

    Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

    Color: Black

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