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Pro-Force Fly Bait 16 oz

Pro-Force Fly Bait by Manna Pro is a fast acting ready to use fly bait with a specially formulated mixture of attractants. For control of house flies in and around areas such as livestock facilities and stables.

Product Details:

  • Works against house flies resistant to organophosphates and carbomates
  • Contains bitrex bittering agent to help prevent ingestion by animals, children an pets.
  • Fast acting
  • Ready to use

Active Ingredients:

  • Imidacloprid .50% Z-9
  • Tricosene .10%
Gun For Multi-Dose Syringes
Was: $14.00
SALE $5.00
This gun by Oral X is used to administer multi-dose tubes
Wedge Oak Bonded Front Sports
Was: $27.95
SALE $18.99
Aluminum front shoe by Victory w/ approx 2degree lift and oak bonding added for shock absorbency. Normally used on thoroughbreds.
Purishield Skin Spray
Was: $29.99
SALE $19.95

Purishield™ Skin Spray by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital.

Purishield™ Skin is a topical barrier formulated specifically to protect the skin and aid in the animal's natural wound healing processby mimicking nature's antimicrobial-peptides . Classified as a medical device, that contains revolutionary Purishield technology, Purishield is non-toxic and has been shown effective against: bio-films, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses, and some parasites.

Product Details:

  • For use on Skin Infections, Skin Fungus, Hot Spots, Rain Rot, Burns, Scratches and other common animal skin issues.
  • Safe for all animal use Safe for use around eyes, mouth and ears
  • Store at room temperature
  • Not for internal use
  • Keep out of reach of children
Hoof Gauge Eagles Eye
Was: $129.00
SALE $99.00
The EAGLE'S EYE farriers hoof gauge saves all those unnecessary trips back and forth to the anvil, reduces the time spent under the horse.
Mane and Tail Comb Aluminum Floral Design
Was: $4.25
SALE $1.99

This beautifully designed mane and tail comb is not only functional, but fashionable.

Product details:

  • Plastic
  • 8" long
Balling Gun  Quick Stick
Was: $19.95
SALE $5.00
Quick Stick. Automatic Balling Gun by Big Dee's. For veterinary use only.
EZ ICE Neck Cooler
Was: $42.50
SALE $29.99

EZ ICE Neck Cooler has 50 ice cells. This product is great for non-sweaters or to assist with cooling down your horse. It is nice to have after a race, between heats, at horse shows or an event.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable size fits large ponies to Thoroughbred size horses
  • The 2 velstretch straps should be fastened up top by the mane for best results.
  • Even if your horse moves around the strap will stay on.
  • The ice cells inside these nylon wraps are filled with a non-toxic saline solution.
Shoes Steel Heavy Weight
Was: $5.25
SALE $2.00
These shoes by Equine Forging are flat steel plates
Borium One Stick One Fourth Inch
Was: $15.95
SALE $10.99
Borium by Stoody is welded onto a steel shoe to make for better traction.
Raspngo Replacement Blade
Was: $28.95
SALE $20.00

RASPNGO Replacment Blade:

This easy to use replacement blade is manufactured by Heller Rasp Company. One side is a medium finish and the other side is coarse finish. The front of the RASPNGO flips open for easy removal and replacement of the rasp.

Wahl Ultimate Competition Series Livestock Clipper Blade
Was: $41.95
SALE $19.95

Wahl® Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade.

Topline blocking blade, cuts through glue with no drag. Patented clean out design prevents hair and residue buildup.  Cut clipping time in half with smoother feeding and 2.5x's faster cutting ability.

Product Details:

  • Fits Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, and Storm Clippers
  • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
  • New ultimate blade line has silky, shiny finish
  • New distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Recommended for cattle and other livestock
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