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Elbow Boot Center Only - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $15.95
SALE $14.35
replacement center strap Racing Tack elbow boots
EquiCrown Fit Compression Bandage Pair - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $199.00
SALE $149.25

EquiCrown Fit Compression Bandages with Zipper.

Compression Bandages are an innovative solution for healthy horse legs. EquiCrown® are equine medical compression bandages specifically designed for horses. They are characterized by their anatomically perfect fit and precisely defined compression pressure, which contributes to faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and therefore removal of unwanted toxins. These breathable bandages are available a variety of sizes for the front an hind leg.

Product Details:

  • The precisely distributed, externally acting pressure activates the venous and lymphatic systems and promotes lymph drainage.
  • The pressure exerted by the EquiCrown® compression bandage decreases from the bottom to the top (from the fetlock joint upwards).
  • Thanks to the special knitting technology employed, the exact anatomical shape of the horse's leg can be taken into consideration to produce a well defined compression pressure gradient while at the same time avoiding constriction of the leg.
  • Sold as a pair

*** Long size does not come with Velcro as pictured ***


Thinline Bell Boots with Rolled Top - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $44.99
SALE $33.75

Thinline Velcro Bell Boot. Made with the famous ballistic-style ThinLine material you know and love, these easy on and off Velcro bell boots can withstand the wear and tear of the toughest terrain and horses! Perfect for work, turnout, or trail, these boots offer superior impact protection. Built slightly shorter than most turnout boots, you can say goodbye to lost boots in the field during turnout! The signature ThinLine material is anti-fungal and will not absorb water or hold heat.

Care Instructions: Horse bell boots can be hosed or sponged off or, machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and One-year Product Warranty. Please contact Manufacturer for Warranty Questions.

Product Details:

  • Velcro style Bell Boot
  • Shorter frame to not interfere with turnout or work
  • Anti-fungal and will not hold heat or absorb water
  • See sizing chart for fit details
EquiFit MultiTeq Sheeps Wool Short Hind Boot - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
Was: $160.00
SALE $120.00

EquiFit MultiTeq Sheeps Wool Short Hind Boot

These boots offer full-coverage protection for daily exercise. The shell will look forever new thanks to its scratch, tear and puncture resistant Ever-Leather cover. It's breathable, hypoallergenic and naturally water resistant material allows airflow and prevents heat buildup. Pressure is dispersed evenly with two StretchTeq straps and double reinforced safety closures keep the boots securely in place.

Product Details
  • Hypoallergenic SheepsWool Lined
  • Sold in a pair
  • Breathable material
  • Made in the USA
Easyboot Stratus  - TB
Was: $45.00 - $110.00
SALE $45.00 - $99.00

The Easyboot Stratus is a premium therapeutic hoof boot system designed to give comfort and support to horses with sore feet, abscesses, founder, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts or stalling on hard surfaces. It also provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems by aiding movement and reducing recovery time after injury or surgery. The boot comes with a patent pending adjustable TheraPad system that allows each pad to be custom tailored to the horse and can be used with TheraRods to make the pad stiffer. Three sizes of TheraRods are included to customize the perfect firmness.

Product Details:

  • Secure fit to use as turnout
  • Back folds down for easy application
  • Supportive tread evenly distributes weight
  • TheraPad conforms to the hoof
  • Provides comfort and support to the sole
  • Use with or without TheraRods
  • Includes 3 TheraRods - Pink-firm, Green-medium and Blue-soft
  • Sold individually
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