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Protecto Knee Boots - TB
Was: $25.95 - $104.75
SALE $25.95 - $104.75

Strong impact protection in a light, compact design. It's the most popular boot on the market! Wrap around design in back stops horses from catching behind the boot and turning the boot around. Boots come in either half knee or full knee. The half knee covers the knee and the full knee extends above the knee to the arm of the horse. Available in Regular Cup 101, Deep Cup 301 and Super Deep Cup 301S.

Product Details:

  • Use for training or racing
  • Quality construction that holds up to heavy use
  • Soft liner that molds to the horse's leg
  • Buckle adjustment for a precise fit
  • Deep Cup Boot is for bigger knee horses
  • Super Deep Cup Boot is exactly like our standard P-301 Deep Cup Boot except it incorporates an EXTRA built-in protection made from super strong polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate absorbs the impact of the horse who hits so hard that all the amount of leather or felt boots won't even help
Standing Bandages And No Bow Sets - TB
Was: $28.95
SALE $28.95
Standing bandage and No Bow set. This comes with a set of standing bandages (nylon), with a choice of any color and a set of no bows, which you also can choose any size from 12,14,16 or 18.
Vacs Standing Bandages and No Bow Set - TB
Was: $42.95
SALE $38.95

Vac's Standing Bandages with Extra Wide Hook and Loop Fasteners. Sewn on all around with strong poly thread, and Vac's exclusive stitching that ensures strong hold and durability

Product Details:

  • 4 bandages per package
  • 5" x 9'

Vac's Jersey No Bow is super soft and absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge-like foam, which is kept in place by Vac's exclusive stitching. Perfect as a shipping or stall bandage! .

Product Details:

  • Soft and pliable
  • Contours to the leg for custom-like fit
  • Will not slip
  • Packaged in Pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • Available Sizes: 10,12,14,16,18
Standing Bandages & Quilt Set - TB
Was: $28.95
SALE $23.00
This set comes with any color of standing bandages item number 1551 and a set of quilted cotton quilts.
Protecto Skin Tight Knee Boots - TB
Was: $25.95 - $91.50
SALE $25.95 - $82.35

Protecto Skin Tight Knee Boots are one of the world's best selling Knee Boots. Offers a slim tight close fit to the knee with the buckle fasteners for easy on/off and hardware for attaching suspenders.

Product Details:

  • Fits close to the knee
  • Buckle fasteners
  • Offered in 3 sizes -- Small, Medium and Large
  • Available in Full or Half Knee
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