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Corta Flx Ha Solution
$39.95 - $125.95
Why put yourself and your horse through difficult injections when there is a much easier way?

The tried, trusted and clinically proven Corta-Flx formula has now been fortified with Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (LMW-HA) to bring you a potent and powerful alternative to injectable HA. These HA molecules are many times smaller than traditionally sourced HA as used by some competitors.

Thus, the Corta-Flx clinically proven formula Plus HA gets faster results. During recent testing of HA, the Horse Journal declared it to be a highly-viable alternative to injectable HA. Try the newest classic in the Cortaflex stable of quality products – try Corta-Flx HA today!

Product Details:

  • Clinically Tested
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick Results
  • Horse Journal declared to be a highly-viable alternative to injectable HA

The quart size will provide up to a 32 day supply for one horse and a gallon provides up to 128 day supply for one horse.

Flexineb 2
$5.00 - $1,075.00
Flexineb 2 with new circuit board and new software control. 
The Flexineb 2 has an upgraded battery management feature, which makes it easier to identify when the battery must be recharged. 

Flexineb 2 comes equipped with with Automatic Tuning (AMT).  Flexineb 2 has the ability to change the number of vibrations per second. 

Flexineb 2 is an easy-to-use veterinary medical device that produces a very fine mist of aerosolized drug, enabling aerosol method of treatment for the horse offering relief of the following common respiratory tract disorders:
Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) or Heaves
Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD)
Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) 

Product Details:

  • Compatible with the cable, med cup and power supply/charger used with the original Flexineb.
  • Silent, Portable, Comfortable & Compact
  • Easy set up with no hoses, cords or awkward valves
  • Rapid aerosolization
  • Adaptable for use with metered dose inhalers (MDI's)
Stride Free Deluxe Thoroughbred Saddle
$69.95 - $669.00

Stride Free Deluxe

The Stride Free leather saddle Deluxe  is your favorite saddle in its original style but with the NEW Patent Design Tree.

Product Details:

  • Increased freedom of shoulder movement
  • Lengthened stride
  • Flexes with the horses's back shape
  • Can prevent speedy cutting
  • Large load bearing area
  • Stainless steel stirrup bar
  • Available in black
  • Saddle billets are 1inch wide
Wheels Motorcycle 18 inch Pair

18 Inch Motorcycle Wheels by Big Dee's

Product Details:

  • 18" Motorcyle wheels for Jogcarts
  • Includes complete wheel ready to install on cart
  • Country Pride Hub
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fits 9/16" axle rods

    EPO Equine Formula
    $59.95 - $539.55

    EPO Equine was scientifically engineered to naturally stimulate the production of EPO (erythropoietin) without the use of drugs. EPO increases red blood cell levels and blood volume resulting in increased blood carrying capacity. When this happens your horse will be able to run or perform at a faster or more rigorous pace for a longer period of time. The all natural ingredients are beneficial to horses of all ages, performance levels and disciplines.

    Product Details:

    • Naturally stimulates red blood cell production
    • Optimizes oxygen levels and muscle performance
    • Supercharges speed, endurance and recovery
    • Safe, Legal and effective
    • All Natural ingredients
    • The ingredients in the patent-pending formula address the four major limitations on red blood cell production:
      • EPO levels
      • Red blood cell nutrients
      • Iron availability
      • Inflammation
    Jolly Goodies Apple Treats
    $2.99 - $7.99

    Jolly Goodies Apple Treat. Give your horse a treat that's healthy and delicious.

    Product details:

    • Made of 100% dehydrated apple
    • All natural - no artificial colors or flavors
    • Pellets
    • Pocket Sized


    • Dehydrated Apples
    Vetrap Bandaging Tape
    $1.44 - $1.69

    Vetrap Bandaging Tape by 3M Brand

    Product Details:

    • # 1 choice for use as a bandage for mild rundown, light support and to hold dressings in place.
    • Both Vetrap tape and Equisport bandages need to be applied so that they are initially comfortable to the animal, 30 - 50% stretch.
    • Unpadded and lightly padded support bandages should be removed immediately after completion of athletic activity.
    • 4"x 5 yd stretched
    Succeed Digestive Horse Supplements
    $107.95 - $549.95
    Keeping your horse's digestive health in optimal condition is important. Succeed makes it easy. Just one serving, once a day with regular feed is all that it takes. Succeed is a natural system of key nutrients that can help maintain a healthy digestive balance in the face of challenges horses face every day.


    • Oat Oil - Rich in Polar Lipids which are vegetable fat molecules that strengthen the tight junctions between enterocytes, the intestinal cells responsible for nutrient absorption.
    • Oat Flour - Rich in Beta Glucan, a soluble fiber that provides support for a healthy immune system. Helps with nutrient absorption and can help prevent undigested starch from reaching the hindgut.
    • Yeast Products - Rich in MOS - two different extracts of yeast that help to maintain the healthy and balance of the hindgut
    • L-Glutamine an amino acid that provides fuel to muscles and supports the immune cells in the lining of the gut
    • L-Theronine is another amino acid that supports production of mucin, a necessary component of mucus that lubricates the GI tract lining.
    Oral Paste - is available in individual serving sized oral syringes. Oral paste is ideal for getting a horse started on the program, for use at shows or on the track, or for those who want to ensure their horse gets every drop. And it's great for horses off their feed. Just feed one tube each day - available in cartons of 30 syringes - that's a one month supply for one horse.

    Top-Dress Granules - are ideal for large farms, or for those who simply prefer to apply their supplements as a top-dressing. They're quick and easy to use, with the provided measuring scoop - just add one scoop to feed once each day.

    Weaver Nylon Halter - Ombre

    Weaver Ombre Nylon Halter

    Weaver's fully adjustable nylon halter in new fashionable ombre color print. This one inch nylon halter features Weaver's original adjustable chin, adjustable crown and throat snap. Made for superior performance with premium nylon, triple-ply nylon cheek design and heavyweight hardware.

    Product Details:

    • Fashion-forward ombre design
    • Made from the finest materials
    • Great attention made to details
    • Premium fashion hardware and colors
    • Box-stitching at stress points for added strength
    • Rolled throat for comfort
    • Adjustable chin and crown
    Liver Flush
    $39.95 - $139.95

    Liver Flush by Omega Alpha cleanses the liver, promotes liver regeneration and provides antioxidants to the liver tissue for support. It also helps to improve appetite.

    Liver Flush contains natural herbs known for their abililty to cleanse the liver, antioxidant activity to improve the rate of excretion (i.e. breakdown and detoxification) of body metabolites, replenish the “vital energy” to the liver, increase blood flow to the liver and reverse mild cases of liver cirrhosis.

    Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Horse Clipper

    Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Horse Clipper offers quiet operation to please even the most sensitive animal  

    Product Details:

    • Includes extra wide T-84 Blade
    • Removable drive cap for easy cleaning
    • Locking blade hinge keeps blade secure
    • Break resistant housing material, withstands harsh chemicals
    • Sealed motor for cool, quiet long-life
    • New ergonomic shape, smaller diameter, contoured to fit your hand
    • AG Blade Sets available separately, also compatible with Oster® Model A-5
    • One year limited warranty DURABLE STORAGE CASE KIT INCLUDES: AGC2 Super 2-Speed™ Clipper, Extra Wide T-84 Blade, 23 minute How-To Video Featuring Dana Boyd Miller - premier horse groomer in the country, Complete Step-By-Step Horse Grooming Instructions
    Ivermectin 1.87 Dewormer Single Dose

    1.87% Ivermectin dewormer by Horse Health.

    No other dewormer kills more stages of parasites. Kills 35 species and stages of the two most common bot species.

    Use 6 times per year for broad spectrum parasite control. For use on all horses, including broodmares, stallions and foals without age restriction.

    One syringe deworms horses up to 1,250 lbs. (600 kg).

    ** Brand may vary **

    Andis ProClip Pulse ZR Cordless Clipper

    Andis ProClip Pulse ZR Cordless Clipper by Andis

    A powerful, cordless, 5 speed detachable blade clipper by Andis. This clipper delivers a powerful clip with a rotary motor to cut through any hair type. Ease of use with no cords to get in the way and a 2 hour run time. Detachable blade design offers the advantage of multiple blade options to achieve just the right cut length.

    Product Details:

    • Lithium Ion Powered
    • 2 Hour run time
    • 2 Hour charge time
    • Detachable blade
    • Made in the USA
    • Ergonomic grip for ease of use
    • Strokes per minute: 2500/4500
    Rubber Curry Ergonomic Rubber Grip

    Wahl's ergonomic rubber grip curry fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use!

    The contour design allows for face and full body curryign and removes mud and hair for a brilliant shine. Specially designed for easy used and comfort for your horse.

    Perfect for loosening dirt, dust, shavings and other debris from under the coat surface.

    Product Details:

    • Contoured to fit your hand
    • Measures approx. 6.75" x 3"
    • Bristles are approx. 1" in length
    • Great for removing debris
    Body Brush Ergonomic Rubber Grip

    Wahl Equine Body Brushes.

    Feature a comfort rubber grip which fits perfetly into any size hand. Ergonomic sylish design is easier to grip and use and extended bursh length means better grooming coverage!

    Soft Body Brush:

    • Removes fine dirt and hair for a shiny coat
    • Soft Specially spaced bristles for more effective use

    Stiff Body Brush:

    • Removes mud, sweat and dirt effectively and with less effort
    • Measures 9 1/2" x 3 1/4" with 1" bristles

    Combo Show Brush:

    • Combines stiff bristles on one side and soft on the other
    • One side removes tough dirt and with a quick flip the other side adds a brilliant shine
    • This half soft and half stiff feature makes for a perfect travel brush
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