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Wahl clippers, blades and grooming products are high quality, durable, precise tools. They make it easier to get your grooming jobs done quickly!

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Wahl KM10 2 Speed Clipper

The Wahl KM10 is a German engineered professional 2-Speed clipper featuring the revolutionary performance of a BRUSHLESS motor that includes an extended motor life of greater than 10,000 hours offering the maximum in power and torque with the utmost dependability a professional clipper can deliver! Great for all over grooming, including mats and complete shave downs!

Product Details:

  • BRUSHLESS means increased motor life and efficiency with up to 12 x's the motor life compared to the Wahl KM2.
  • Constant Speed Control which automatically delivers more power when needed while clipping through mats and thick coats making quick work of tough situations. Proven maximum power and torque while being extremely quiet.
  • New Ergonomic design confirmed by ergonomic experts in Europe. The KM10 design features an ergonomic and lightweight body shape for increased comfort and control with all the benefits of being correctly-balanced and minimal vibration for reduced wrist fatigue.
  •  #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade set for better clipping performance
  •  Excellent blade system: blades stay secure and are easy detachable
  • Kit Includes: Professional 2-Speed BRUSHLESS Motor clipper with 14 ft. Flexible Cord, Ultimate Competition Series #10 Detachable Blade Set, Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush and Instruction Book
Wahl Stable Pro Plus Clipper Kit

Wahl Stable Pro Plus is specially designed for duability, comfort, ease and long life, enabling you to achieve the results that professionals demand. Powerful single speed rotary motor clipper with high stall torque for all coat types.  High performance blade set for better clipping performance. Quick change patented easy snap on/off drive tip replacement.

Product Details:

  • Amazing power with 3,200 SPM to clip fast and efficiently
  • Cool running, lightweight, and has contoured and riged finger grips for comfort and maximum control
  • Great for all over grooming with professional performance and long lasting durability
  • Cord Length: 10 ft.
  • Maintenance free, no greasing or oiling of parts
  • Made in the USA

Kit contains:

  • Professional Rotary Motor Animal Clipper with Heavy Duty Power Cord. 
  • 10# competition Series Size Detachable Blade Set. 
  • Storage Case. 
  • Drive tip Removal tool. 
  • Two extra replacement Drive tips. 
  • Lid removal tool. 
  • Cleaning brush and blade oil. 
Wahl Power Grip 2 Speed  Clipper

Power Grip 2-Speed Professional Clipper by Wahl. All new internal PowerDrive System that provides optimal power with less vibration and noise.  Power Grip 2-Speed clipper has new innovative power and torque in a slim, sleek body design.  Great for all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses and large animals.  Works on thick coats, matted coats, coarse coats, complete shave downs, full body clipping and show cuts.

Product Details:

  • New Powerdrive Performance System
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Quiet and fast clipping
  • Designed for durability, comfort and ease of use
  • Rounded front housing to prevent hair clogging
  • Lightweight 14.3oz to help prevent fatigue
  • Easy to replace drive tip system
  • Constant speed control
  • Ergonomically shaped to roll in your hand for clipping at angles
  • Corded
  • Rotary Motor
  • SPM 3,000 and 4,000
    Color: Black Matte

Kit Includes: #10 Ultimate Competition Blade, Drive Tip Removal Tool, 2 Extra Replacement Drive Tips, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil and Instruction Book.

Wahl Ultimate Competition Series Clipper Blade

This versatile clipper blade fits Fits Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, and Storm Clippers, it cuts faster and resists rusting. You won't regret this purchase!


  • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
  • Cut length .4mm (1/64)
  • New ultimate blade line had silky, shiny finish
  • New distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
  • Manufactured:USA
Wahl Arco SE Clipper
Was: $119.95
SALE $99.95

The Wahl Arco is a Professional Equine clipper kit that is perfect for the bridle path, fetlocks, face, ears and finish work on all breeds for unsurpassed cutting performance. The Arco clipper is a must have clipper for every horse owner who wants to save time and have a great finished clip!

Product Details:

  • Exceptionally lightweight, amazingly quiet with no vibration
  • 5,500 strokes per minute
  • Adjustable '5 in 1' blade has blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, & #40
  • Glides through coats quickly and efficiently
  • ALWAYS cool running
  • Continuous cordless operation with the dual-charge battery packs 
  • 6.75 inches long, weighs 7.9 ounces
  • 1-year limited professional warranty

Kit Includes:

  • Professional cordless Arco clipper
  • (2) NiMH batteries
  • '5 in 1' adjustable blade
  • Durable storage case
  • Charging base,
  • 4 slide on attachment guide combs (Sizes #3-1/8 cut, #6-1/4)
  • Blade oil and cleaning brush
Hoof Pick Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl's ergonomic rubber grip hoof pick fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use! It easily removed packed dirt and mud from teh hoof with reinforced steel for a stronger hook.

Product Details:

  • Measures approximately 7 1/2" L x 4 1/2" D
  • Pick head is approximately 1 1/2"
  • Ergonomical rubber handle
Rubber Curry Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl's ergonomic rubber grip curry fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use!

The contour design allows for face and full body curryign and removes mud and hair for a brilliant shine. Specially designed for easy used and comfort for your horse.

Perfect for loosening dirt, dust, shavings and other debris from under the coat surface.

Product Details:

  • Contoured to fit your hand
  • Measures approx. 6.75" x 3"
  • Bristles are approx. 1" in length
  • Great for removing debris
Mane & Braiding Comb Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl ergonomic rubber grip Mane & Braiding comb fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use! Easily detangles and separates mane for grooming and braiding.

Product details:

  • Double sided tooth geometry
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 11" long
  • Weights 3.4 ounces
Metal Shedding Blade Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl's ergonomic rubber grib metal shedding blade fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use! Two stainless steel blades offer grater coverage in one swipe, the handle easily separates to give you the ability to de-shed over larger areas while still maintaining maximum control.

Features: Two sizes of serrated blades: use one side to remove top layer for shedding then flip over to the other side to groom closer to the skin.

Sweat Scraper Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl ergonomic comfort rubber sweat scraper grip fits perfectly into any size hand and it's stylish design is easier to grip and use.

The contoured design of the sweat scraper makes it easier to remove water and sweat from your horse and offers complete control with the "moisture grabbber edge" for superior moisture removal.

Product Details:

  • Measures approx. 16" x 1.5"
  • Ergonomic comfort handle
  • "Moisture grabber edge"
Shedding Tool Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl's ergonomic rubber grib shedding tool fits perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use. This innovative shedding tool is specially designed for easy handling and convenience in a sweat scraper style and length with all the functionality of a shedding tool. Contour design makes it easier to remove dirt and hair.

Product details:

  • 15" total length
  • 7.5" shedding blade
Face Brush Soft Bristle Ergonomic Rubber Grip

The Wahl comfort rubber grip ergonomic face brush fits perfectly into any size hand and is easier to grip and use. The convenient size fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and shines to perfection. Perfect for removing loose dirt and fine hair.

Product details:

  • 6" long by 2.5 wide
  • Ergonomic design rubber grip
  • Soft bristle
Wahl Ergonomic Rubber Grip Brushes
$10.75 - $13.95

Wahl ergonomic comfort rubber grip Brushes fit perfectly into any size hand and is easy to grip and use! Durable yet gentle enough for your horse's comfort.

Product details:

  • Durable bristles
  • Comfort rubber grip
Body Brush Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Wahl Equine Body Brushes. Feature a comfor trubger grip which fits perfetly into any size hand. Ergonomic sylish design is easier to grip and use and extended bursh length means better grooming coverage! Options: Soft Body Brush: Removes fine dirt and hair for a shiny coat. Soft Specially spaced bristles for more effective use. Stiff Body Brush: Removes mud, sweat and dirt effectively and with less effort. Combo Show Brush: Combines stiff bristles on one side and soft on the other. One side removes tough dirt and with a quick flip the other side adds a brilliant shine. This half soft and half stiff feature makes for a perfect travel brush!

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