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Weaver Solid Color Nylon Halters
$17.75 - $19.75
Featuring the convenience of an adjustable chine strap and an easy-to-top, non rusting solid brass hardware and looped on throat snap.
  • Smaller sizes are 3/4". Yearling and up - 1" Nylon
  • Adjustable chin
  • Non-rust plated snap
Weaver Nylon Halter - Ombre

Weaver Ombre Nylon Halter

Weaver's fully adjustable nylon halter in new fashionable ombre color print. This one inch nylon halter features Weaver's original adjustable chin, adjustable crown and throat snap. Made for superior performance with premium nylon, triple-ply nylon cheek design and heavyweight hardware.

Product Details:

  • Fashion-forward ombre design
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Great attention made to details
  • Premium fashion hardware and colors
  • Box-stitching at stress points for added strength
  • Rolled throat for comfort
  • Adjustable chin and crown
Weaver Breakaway Padded Nylon Halter
$7.25 - $19.50

Weaver Breakaway Padded Nylon Halter featues soft PVC coated foam rubber padding lined nose and crown for extra comfort and breakaway fuse that can easily be replaced.

Product Details:

  • Replaceable leather break away fuse on the crown piece.
  • Average horse size
Weaver Reflective Padded Nylon Halter

Weaver Reflective Padded Halters feature adjustable chin for optimal fit, reflective safety stripe boosts low-light visibility making your horse easier to see and contrasting neoprene cushioning on the nose and crown for comfort.

Product Details:

  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Orange or Grey
  • Available Sizes: Small Horse, Average Horse and Large Horse
  • Adjustable chin
  • Adjustable crown
  • Throat snap
  • Brushed aluminum plated hardware
  • Contrasting neoprene cushioning
  •  Reflective checkerboard safety stripe
Weaver Pattern Nylon Halter

Weaver Pattern Nylon Halters feature adjustable chin for optimal fit and fun fashionable colors perfect for that splash of character you need in your horse's wardrobe.

Product Details:

  • Adjustable chin
  • Adjustable crown
  • Rolled throat for comfort
  • Throat snap
  • Premium fashion hardware
  • Box stitched stress points for added strength
Nylon Halter - Draft Horse Size

Draft Nylon Halter by Weaver. Basic adjustable chin and throat snap halter by Weaver. Economical nylon design with a flat throat and brass plated hardware (including sewn-in throat snap)

Average size measurements -

  • Crown measures 31" at full length
  • Cheek measures 8"
  • Noseband measures 14"
  • Chin strap at full length measures 17"
  • Large size measurements -

    • Crown measures 31" at full length
    • Cheek measures 10"
    • Noseband measures 14"
    • Chin strap at full length measures 21"
    Nylon Miniature Horse Halter

    Nylon Miniature Horse Halter by Weaver.

    Product Details:

    • 5/8" Nylon
    • Brass plated hardware
    • Throat Snap is non-rust sold brass
    • Precise and even stitching
    • Heat sealed buckle holes

    Average/Medium Miniature Size:

    • Cheek: 4"
    • Crown 13.5" (end to end)
    • Noseband 7"

    Large Miniature Size:

    • Cheek: 4.25"
    • Crown 17" (end to end)
    • Noseband 9"
    Custom Monogrammed Nylon Halter
    $36.95 - $56.95

    Monogrammed Nylon Horse Halters by Weaver Leather have overlays with block style lettering, unique flair and personalized style. Great for special awards and gifts. Quality-constructed Weaver nylon halters are available with overlays and monogramming in a variety of popular colors to suit almost any style.

    Product Details:

    • Block style lettering to your specifications. Lettering will be the same color as halter unless otherwise specified.
    • Colors may vary slightly - Diva Pink has underlying orange color.
    • Noseband can accommodate up to 18 characters.
    • Each cheek can accommodate up to 12 characters.
    • Price includes Halter with throat snap overlay and your first embroidery choice (block lettered embroidery for one location of up to 18 characters on the nose OR 12 letters on the cheek).

    Halter Sizes: Small (500 - 800 Lbs.), Medium  (800 - 1100 Lbs.), Large horse (1100 - 1600 Lbs.)

    All custom items are non-returnable, non-refundable. This item is custom made to your specifications by Weaver Leather, please verify your spelling and grammar prior to submitting your order.

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