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Easyboots by EasyCare Inc

Easyboots can be used for everyday riding and endurance competitions. Easyboots are great for any barefoot horse, and now there are several options based on the level of use and type of terrain you'll encounter. The Cloud and Rx boots are the best choice for therapy & recovery.

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EasyCare Flip Flop Each - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Flip Flop by EasyCare Inc is easy to apply and use glue on boot design by EasyCare. A conventional upper that extends to the widest point of the hoof. The widest point of the hoof has the least amount of movement, making it the ideal location to bond to the flip flop. The EasyBoot Flip Flop is more durable than composite shoes that are bonded along the entire sides of the hoofwall.

The EasyCare Flip Flop ensures that the heel and entire back portion of the shoe are not connected to the hoof. This allows for more movement, increased durability and a healthier hoof.

Product Details:

  • Easy To Apply
  • Stays on well
  • Back of the foot is protected but still functions as a bare hoof
  • Debris goes in and out easily
  • Can easily pour in a pad
  •  Can be used with the EasyCare Therapy Click System
Easyboot Fury Sling - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The new Easyboot Fury Sling is the first hoof boot that fully adjusts in both length and height. Maintain a secure, comfortable fit for hoof changes that occur throughout the trim cycle. This minimalist design comes with a padded Heel Sling that pivots backward for quick and easy put on and take off. The length is adjustable up to 25mm and the heel height adjusts up to 16mm. No bulky hardware, shock absorbing, easy to wash and quick to dry.

Product Details:
  • Adjustable in heel height and hoof length
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Includes pastern strap or the Y pastern strap for aggressive conditions.
  • EVA cushioned Heel Sling eliminates rubbing
  • Sold individually
Easyboot Fury Heart - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The Fury Heart helps maintain a secure and comfortable for the hoof during changes throughout the trim cycle. Fully adjustable in both length and height. The Easyboot Fury Heart adjusts up to 25mm in length and up to 16mm in heel height. It has a unique, shock absorbing insole design and a rugged shell. This boot is easy to wash, quick to dry and has no bulky hardware. Easy to put on and easy to take off.

Product Details:

  • Maintains a comfortable fit during the trim cycle
  • Adjustable in both length and height
  • Adjusts up to 25mm in length
  • Adjusts up to 16mm in heel height
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Rugged Shell
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy on/off
  • Sold individually
EasyCare Easyboot Rx Each - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$72.00 - $82.00

The Easyboot Rx by EasyCare is just the prescription for horses requiring a therapy boot that offers stability and support without being heavy or clunky.

Product Details:

  • Veterinarians, hoof care professionals and horse owners alike rely on the Easyboot Rx to help horses heal and recover quickly. It provides support and relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular and other lower limb/hoof problems. The boot can be used to speed recovery and offer protection after surgery or injury, lessen fatigue and add protection during trailering as well as offer a safeguard in the breeding shed.
  • The sole of the Easyboot Rx is a combination of durable and soft material, much like that used in human orthotics, in a light weight package. All seams and edges of the upper are rounded for safety. Three air vents provide air circulation keeping the hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. Each boot comes fitted with an EasyCare Comfort Pad to provide immediate relief and additional sole support. Replacement comfort pads in three densities are available at a very affordable price.
  • Application is quick and easy. The unique upper of the Easyboot Rx folds down and opens large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof, allowing for quick application without strength or force. After the hoof is placed in the Easyboot Rx, two hook and loop tabs are fastened to provide a secure fit. A quick pull on the hook and loop tabs and the Easyboot Rx is easily slipped off the hoof. Each boot has a double hook and loop lock system that prevents the boot from opening unintentionally.
  • The Easyboot Rx is not intended for riding or turnout but can be used for stall rest, hand walking or very small round pen or paddock.
  • Please refer to the label and video for sizing information.
  • Sold individually


Easyboot Trail II - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The reversible and replaceable rear safety strap makes this boot very easy to put on and take off. The Easyboot Trail protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place with the rear double velcro attachment. If you are a pleasure rider or a backcountry rider, this is the boot for you.

Product Details:

  • Recommended for medium-distance riding of up to 25 miles per week (usually an average of 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day)
  • Opens wide to get the hoof in easily
  • Sold individually
  • Front Shield for protection
  • Tread pattern for traction and grip
Easyboot Trail Original - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The Easyboot Trail Original is the easiest hoof boot to apply and to remove. The attachment system assures the booted success throughout the trim cycle. The boot opens wide to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes.

Product Details:

  • Rear double Velcro attachment protects the entire hoof wall
  • Tough polyurethane sole for durability and grip on all kinds of terrain
  • Front shield for protection
  • Velcro closure - no buckles or straps to get in the way
  • Designed for light and medium mileage riders
  • Sold as an individual boot
  • Drainage holes built into the sole
  • EasyCare Gaiters are an option accessory
Easyboot Keeper Strap - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

The EasyCare Keeper Straps can be useful on trail rides or through water, mud, snow, etc., where a boot might be pulled off. The keeper strap is not recommended for fast going, flight horses or unattended animals. The strap loops around the Easyboot back strap and attaches around your horse's pastern area.

Product Details:

  • Nylon keeper strap
  • Keeper straps should not be used in conjunction with the Easyboot Gaiter, as they could chafe.
EasyCare Easyboot Glove Power Strap - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Power Strap for Easyboot Glove

Power Strap helps stabilize the EasyBoot glove in muddy or varied terrain, steep hills, rocky ground or for speed events.

Product Details:

  • Cinches up the "V" in the front of the boot
  • Recommended when boots are used on the hind hooves
  • Sold as individual
Easyboot Cable And Buckle Replacement - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Hard riding in rough terrain can sometimes result in frayed or broken cables and damaged boot buckles. Fortunately, a broken cable does not mean the end of the line for your Easyboot. Included all pieces and parts to replace cable and buckle for Post 2012 boot models.

Product Details:

  • Replacement cable and buckle kit
  • Hardware included
  • Designed for Post 2012 Easyboot and Epic boot models
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Sold individually
    Easyboot Gaiter - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Easyboot Gaiter by EasyCare can be added to all sizes of Easyboots. Helps improve performance on barefoot horses and in muddy terrain. The Easyboot by EasyCare has been the industry’s leading horse boot for over thirty years. Every year the design improves & the gaiter is just one of those design enhancements to help your horse perform at it's best.

    Product Details:

    • Perfect for horses that need hoof boots, but have a tendency to overreach & pull the boots off
    • Fits the Original Easyboot (item #848), Easyboot Epic (item #EPIC), Easyboot Bare or Easyboot Grip*
    • Sold individually
    • Includes screws for attaching to boots

    *Recommended for boots from 2005 or newer. Check the screw pattern on your boots to be sure of fit.

    EasyCare Easyboot Sneakers - TB

    The Easyboot Sneaker is the most pliable hoof boot in the EasyCare lineup, designed to give the hoof maximum flexibility.  The Easyboot Sneaker sole provides a new tread design and is engineered from a blend of rubber and urethane. This material absorbs shock, wears well and allows the most hoof mechanism in the EasyCare line. A great hoof boot for pleasure riders, turn out and therapy uses, the unique design of the Sneaker reduces unnecessary twisting and improves boot retention. Sold individually.

    Product Details:

    • Patent-pending strapping system locks the heel in place
    • Easy application/removal with large, overlapping hook and loop upper
    • Replaceable front strap is quick and easy to fasten
    • Available in regular and narrow sizes
    • Sold individually
    EasyCare Easyboot Cloud - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Easy Boot Cloud Therapeutic system provides comfort to thin soles, abscesses, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts and stalling on hard surfaces offering traction and variable inserts to create comfort for recovering and performance horses alike.

    Product Details:

    • Provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic laminitis, founder, lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems.
    • Can be used to aid movement and reduce recovery time after injury or surgery.
    • The supportive sole of the Easyboot Cloud is designed to allow the horse to stand more comfortably by reducing pressure on the sensitive areas of the hoof and lower leg.
    • The Easyboot Cloud may be used in conjunction with the Therapy Click System.
    • Sold individually; includes 1 boot & 1 comfort pad
    • Additional pads sold separately
    EasyCare EasyBoot LC Glue On - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
    Easyboot Love Child is a hybrid of the Easyboot Glue-On shell and the EasyShoe Performance. The Love Child allows for indpendent heel movement both horizontally and vertically. The Love Child has a flexible rubber insole which allows for natural heel growth and expansion with time.

    Product Details:

    • Glue On hoof protection
    • To be worn throughout the entire trim cycle
    • Length of the LC is longer than other EasyCare boots
    • Cut to fit for exact sizing
    • Four holes in the cuff act as dowl pins and strengthen the adhesive bond
    • Recommend using Vettec Adhere or EasyShoe Bond
    • Sold by the each
    Easyboot Back Country - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    Soft and durable padding hugs the hoof while the refined front shield protects the boot from damage on the trail. The Easyboot Back Country is a medium to high mileage riding boot with a Comfort Cup Gaiter incorporated into the rear of the boot, providing protection and support of the soft tissue area.

    Product Details:

    • Removable rear snug strap
    • Snug strap can be reversed for left or right hooves
    • Ride 25 - 50 miles per week
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Also makes a great replacement boot for a lost shoe
    • Sold individually
    EasyCare TheraPad for Easyboot Stratus Insert Pair - TB
    Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

    The TheraPad is a patent pending design that is intended for therapy situations. The pad is made in a medium range durometer, has a fabric layer to wick moisture from the hoof, and incorporates a pattern of holes on the underside. The holes reduce the weight of the pad and allow the insertion of TheraRods.

    Product Details:

    • Easyboot Stratus pad replacement
    • Adds cushioning and more supports
    • Helps to distribute horses weight
    • Conforms to the shape of the hoof
    • Sold in pairs
    EasyCare Inc Big Dee's carries an extensive amount of EasyCare Inc boots, including Easyboot Glove Back Country and Easyboot Cloud.
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