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Equi-Herbs offers a range of superior horse supplements to get you to the next level in racing. Offering the highest quality ingredients that are safe and effective to use.

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Equi-Breathe 30 day

Equi-Breathe by Equi-Herbs is a full strength pre-event formulation with the focus on maximum bronchial dilation and increased pulmonary circulation. Creating the highest volume of air intake and blood circulation results in the highest oxygen assimilation possible translating to better track performance.

Product Details:

  • All-natural herbal formula made with the highest quality herbs.
  • Safe for prolonged use prior to races when used as directed. 
  • Best results when combined with daily All in One Daily Supplement
Advanced Pre Race 10 Events

Advanced Pre Race by Equi-Herbs New Advanced Pre-Race is the most effective and complete herbal pre event supplement on hte market. Formulated to work with the daily All In One supplement.

Product Details:

  • Good for 10 races/events
  • Made with highest quality herbs
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Full strength pre event powder maximum bronchial dilation
  • Relaxes muscles and spasms
  • Maximizes Vo2 lung output
  • No sugars, fillings or chemicals
Breathe Easy 1 Event

Breathe Easy by Equi-Herbs

Developed through extensive research, herbal Chinese practices & the best resources in the world, this natural bronchial dilator will help your horse perform to its full potential. Specially formulated for pre-event use.

Product Details:

  • Administer full bottle 5 hours before event
  • Contains turmeric, boswellia serrata, licorice, elcampane, peppermint, garlic, ginger, eucalyptus, MSM, nettle leaf, vitamin C and apple cider vinegar
Equi Herbs All of Equi Herbs products use herbs as the main base for the whole formula. Herbs offer many advantages over minerals, which are mostly used by other equine supplement retailers. Herbs provide higher bioavailability, higher nutrition, and better assimilation than any other alternative.
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