Feather-Weight by Jacks offers the highest quality of Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing. You can find everything you need including; a large selection of boots, harnesses, saddles, blinds, bridles, leads, hopples and more!
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Featherweight Thoroughbred Package

Featherweight Thoroughbred package


  • Colored Exercise saddle
  • Stirrup irons
  • Biothane Leathers
  • Saddle towel
  • 5" bit
  • Girth
  • 2 Tone Bridle
Elbow Boot Waterhook Hanger Only

Hanger by Featherweight

Product Details:

  • Waterhook hanger only
  • For the elbow boot
Feather-Weight 1800 Synthetic Standard Race Harness
$13.95 - $399.95

1800 Synthetic Race Harness by Feather-Weight

Designed specifically for race horses, this Quick Hitch Harness Complete by Featherweight is perfect for the Standardbred trainer looking for the total harness package.

Product Details:

  • Beta Handholds and Lines - The beta material is strong and requires little care and maintenance when compared to traditional leather
  • Nylon .75 Inch Buxton Martingale
  • Synthetic shaped girth which provides extra support and protection.
  • Synthetic saddle with leather lined conversion straps
  • Leather lined crupper
  • Open Bridle
    Feather-Weight 1600 Lite N Tuff Nylon Race Harness
    $17.50 - $395.00

    Complete Race Harness by Featherweight

    Product Details:

    • Saddle with attached pad
    • Couplers
    • Girth
    • Crupper
    • Beta lines and hand holds
    • Open bridle
    • Nylon caveson
    • Nylon buxton
    Featherweight Leather Ankle Half Knee & Tendon Boot

    Featherweight Shin, Ankle, Half Knee and Tendon Boots.

     Designed for a comfortable fit.

    Product Details:

    • Firm leather outer shell
    • Soft leather inner lining
    • Extra padding for tendon
    • Stainless steel hardware.
    • Sold in pairs
    • Slight variations in leather color may appear

    Item is drop shipped direct from manufacturer - please allow for additional time

    Featherweight Elite Oval Hopples

    Featherweight Elite Oval Pacing Hopples Complete with Hangers.

    Product Details:

    • Includes hopple hangers
    • Oval loop hopple with buckle centers black loops
    • Lighter weight oval loops with heavy duty construction

    Measures 52"- 62"

    Featherweight Murphy Blind With Hole Leather

    Murphy Blind with Hole by Featherweight

    Product Details:

    • Attaches to the cheek piece of a bridle
    • Prevents the horse from seeing, behind, to the side and partially in front or him
    • Features a round cutout in center of blind, that can be covered completely if not needed
    • Used only on one side
    • Leather blind
    Featherweight leather half knee boot

    Light N Tuff Leather half knee boot made extremely light for racing only. Worn by both pacers and trotters who strike the inside surface of their knees, with the opposite foot, right to left or left to right.

    Product Details:

    • Made of premium calfskin leather
    • Lined with soft calfskin leather
    • Thin sponge rubber pad over knee cap
    • Extremely light for use in racing
    Double Loop Hand Holds

    Double loop beta hand holds available in a variety of colors that can be added to any driving line giving you quicker and easier adjustment while driving.

    Featherweight Shin Ankle Half Knee Boot Pair

    Shin, Ankle and Half Knee Boot by Featherweight

    Designed for more protection than just shin and ankle boot.

    Product Details:

    • Handmade in the USA
    • Made with USA leather
    • Slight variations in leather color may occur
    • Item is drop shipped directly from manufacturer - please allow for additional time
    Buxton Martingale Beta Featherweight

    Beta Buxton Martingale by Featherweight

    One inch beta buxton is easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors to coordinate with the rest of your racing tack. .

    Product Details:

    • Synthetic 1 inch Beta Material
    • Super easy to clean
    • Horse Size
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • Adjustable buckle straps for use on different size horses
    • Wither buckle strap

    Available colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Neon Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White or Yellow

    Elastic Girth with Wrap Strap Featherweight

    Elastic Girth by Featherweight

    Best used for race harness on race days.

    Product Details:

    • High quality elastic
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • 3" width
    • Includes safety strap

    Black only.

    Replacement Buxton Hook Up Strap #1712

    Featherweight Pacing Quarter Boots for Training

    Pacing Quarter boots by Featherweight.

    Designed to be used for training.

    Product Details:

    • USA grade leather
    • Soft leather lining
    • Close fitting boot
    • Buckle Closure
    • Drop ships directly from the manufacturer- please allow for additional time

    Size: Small, Medium and Large

    Featherweight Hock Shin & Ankle Boots with Lace On Ankle Cup

    Hock Shin & Ankle Boots with Lace On Ankle Cup by Featherweight.

    Designed to provide protection to the back of the hock. 

    Product Details:

    • Lace on ankle provides additional flexibility
    • Swinging speedy cut
    • Protects inside half hock
    • Made of quality leather
    • 6 buckle closure
    • Item is drop shipped direct from manufacturer - please allow for additional time

    Size: Small, Medium and Large

    Featherweight Hinged Quarter Boot Pair

    Quarter Boots by Featherweight

    Great for everyday use.

    Product Details:

    • Compressed Wool felt upper
    • Leather rolled top for comfort
    • Leather lining
    • Leather bottom half
    • Close fitting heel
    • Buckle closure
    • Drop ships directly from the manufacturer

    Size: Small, Medium and Large

    Feather-Weight Feather-Weight offers race horse harnesses and parts, as well as leg protection and more!
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