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FinnTack provides the Standardbred racing community with a full line of essential products & equipment including harnesses, leg protection, helmets and other horse wear and gear. Since 1982, FinnTack has crafted products to the highest standards and approval of some of the world's top trainers & drivers.
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Caveson Leather Double Ring
Leather double ring caveson. Made by Finn Tack. One size .
Shoeing Apron Leather Knee Length
Knee length Farrier's apron by Finn Tack. Adjustable at the waist line. Velcro attachment to legs.
Harness Bag Nylon With Pockets 2 Way Zipper
Practical and travel friendly harness bag with 2-way zipper. Designed with 2 outside pockets in the front for storing small items such as tongue ties, extra bits, gloves etc. All harness bags feature matching body and gusset colors with a white piping between.
Seattle Rain Suit Includes Jacket & Pants

Rain Suit by Finn Tack

Product Details:

  • This high quality rain suit from Finn Tack is a must have for drivers.
  • The jacket is equipped with high collar and raglan sleeves for optimal movement of arms.
  • Cord adjustment on hem, breast pocket and two lower pockets.
  • Waistline model on trousers with cord tightening on waist, side zippers.
Anti-Fog Driving Goggles

These Driving Goggles by Finn Tack feature anti-fog polycarbonate lenses with UV protection. Great for all kinds of active sports. 

Product Details:

  • Polycarbonate lens with 400UV treatment.
  • Thin black elastic band with clasp on side that does not interfere with your driving helmet
  • Lens tint options
  • Foam lined inside frame
Finn Tack Carbon Fiber Helmet

Superlight carbon fiber trotting helmet by Finn Tack. APPROVED FOR HARNESS RACING.


  • Coolmax Removable lining 
  • ITW Nexus Quick Release Buckle
  • Synthetic leather harness and visor for use in all types of weather
  • Polyester Chin Strap with padding for maximum comfort
  • Snell approved 
Finn Tack Fleece Cooler
$19.95 - $49.95
Finn Tack Fleece Cooler with Mesh Lining.

Excellent blanket for quick drying.

Product Details:

  • Mesh lining prevents hair from sticking to the rug.
  • Equipped with quick snaps on the breast straps, surcingles and leg straps
Dress Sheet Summer Pritex Black
Dress Sheet by Finn Tack

Product Details:

  • Well fitting
  • Black only
  • Lightweight summer rug made of breathable Pritex fabric
  • Excellent rug for transport or stable use.
  • The rug has stylish pipings, a handy snap-hook breast strap, a belly strap and leg straps.
Finn Tack Half Knee Boots

The Finn Takc Half Knee boot is made of a durable mixed plastic material with lycra / neoprene lining.

Product Details:

  • Optimal fit.
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • For light hitters or occasional hitters only
Lightweight Splint Boots

Lightweight Splint Boots by Finn Tack.

Light splint boot made of neoprene with rubber compound enforcement on the shin area with ez pull fastners.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Color: Black

Lightweight Trotting Boot

Lightweight Trotting Boots by Finn Tack

Lightweight Shin Boots without the speedy cut are made of durable mixed plastic material and has thermo moldable lightweight form for the perfect fit.

Product Details:

  • Attaches with velcro straps
  • No speedy cut
  • Lightweight

Sizes: Full Hock and Half Hock

Trotting Boot

Trotting Boots by Finn Tack

Product Details:

  • Attaches with three Velcro straps.
  • Made of a durable mixed plastic material, and has a neoprene lining.
  • Available in three different sizes, which varies according to the length of the boot.

Sizes: Full Hock, Half Hock, Hind Shin

  • SHT - Short Hind Shin only 10" height
  • HLF - Half Hock Coverage 12" height
  • FUL- Full Hock Coverage 14" height
Trotting Boot with Speedy Cut

Trotting Boot with Speedy Cut by Finn Tack.

These boots have an inner protruding band to protect the pastern. Have a buckle and three Velcro straps attachment. Made of a durable mixed plastic material, and has a neoprene lining. Available in three different sizes, which allows the length of the boot to vary.

Sizes: Full Hock, Half Hock and Hind Shin Short

SHT - Short Hind Shin only 10" height
HLF - Half Hock Coverage 12" height
FUL- Full Hock Coverage 14" height

Hind Gum Rubber Bell Boots

Hind Gum Rubber Bell Boots by Finn Tack.

Rubber hind leg bell boots by Finn Tack with Velcro attachment.

Sizes: Medium and Large

Filly Suspension

Filly Supension by Finn Tack

Product Details:

  • For horses who suck in air, especially fillies
  • Attaches to the girth with a snap hook, and to the crupper by buckle attachment
    Finn Tack Finn Tack offers race horse products including harnesses and horsewear, as well as driver equipment.
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