For over half a century Protecto Horse Equipment, Inc., has lead the way in developing new and exciting products for you and your horse. High standards and focus on quality make Protecto a go-to choice for race horse owners.
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Protecto Open Bridle with Headnumber Holder
Open bridle made by protecto. Comes with head number holder on crown.
Protecto E-Z Tail Wrap Tie Down

Tail Wrap by Protecto

Product Details:

  • This new unique tail wrap will save you time and money
  • No more wrapping braiding and tying tails into knots
  • Attaches to crupper with Velcro then attaches to bike with string.
Crupper Synthetic Protecto

Synthetic Crupper by Protecto

  • Replacement synthetic crupper for Protecto Standardbred harness
  • Features nylon lined with Protecto's Soft Touch Beta for reinforcement
  • Fits Standardbred harness's and surcingles
  • Attaches to the back part of the harness saddle and extends to tail then placed underneath the tail
  • Black onl.

    Bracket Only For Grattan
    This is a bracket that holds on the screen for a driving helmet.
    Hand Holds Triple Loop Beta

    Triple Loop Handhold by Protecto

    This triple loop hand hold can be added to any driving line to give you easier and quicker adjustment.

    1 inch

    Black only

    Protecto Ultra Lite Race Deluxe Harness
    $41.95 - $419.95

    Ultra Lite Race Harness by Protecto.

    Made of the same material their knee boots are made from. Offered with a miracle flex tree, which is inside the saddle, permits the saddle to flex and return to it's original shape. This miracle flex tree makes protecto's saddle fit your horse better than any saddle you have ever used,and resists rubbing your horse.

    Product Details:

    • Swivel Couplers
    • Saddle
    • Girth
    • Crupper
    • Waffle Weave Super Pad Long
    • Soft touch buxton
    • Open bridle
    • Soft touch lines & hand holds
    • Soft touch caveson

    Protecto Standard Harness
    $41.95 - $399.95

    Standard Harness by Protecto

    The saddle is made from the same plastic material as Protecto's horse boots, the saddle will have the same amazing long lasting wear as the boots.

  • Saddle
  • Crupper
  • Nylon buxton
  • Shaped girth
  • Soft touch lines & hand holds
  • Soft touch caveson
  • Fleece 20" pad
  • Open bridle
    Head Number Double Digit In Colors

    Double Digit Head Numbers by Protecto

    Product Details:

  • Includes 2 Numbers on each side
  • Number attaches to the bridle crown of the horse
  • Black with your choice of White or Yellow 5" numbers
  • Light weight, highly durable against severe cold weather
  • Features improved angle so the horse's ears do not interfere with the visibility of the number
  • Sold individually
  • Single Digit Numbers #3702

    Protecto Shin And Tendon Boot

    Shin and Tendon Boot by Protecto.

    Our Lower Flex Extension adds extra protection for your horse and is designed to flex in all directions adding no hindrance to the movement of your horse and still give it that extra protection. The 1/2 Knee Extension offers protection for the horse that hits high between the tendon boot and knee boot. The extension fits excellently under our Protecto knee boot which gives you complete protection.

    Sizes: XSmall-Small and Medium-XLarge

    Shaped Synthetic Girth Protecto

    Shaped Harness Girth by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • Replacement Girth for Protecto Harness.
    • With safety strap.
    • Available in medium and large.
    • Shaped
    • Synthetic
    • Girth with elastic ends.
    Protecto Half Knee Boots 101
    Was: $77.50
    SALE $69.75

    Strong impact protection in a light, compact design. It's the most popular boot on the market!

    Product Details:

    • Use for training or racing
    • Quality construction that holds up to heavy use
    • Soft liner that molds to your horse's leg
    • buckle adjustment for a precise fit
    Buxton Soft Touch Black

    Breast Collar by Walsh

    Product Details:

    Breast collar style buxton for standardbred racing is 1-1/8" wide featuring

  • Synthetic soft durable padding for added comfort 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Strong adjustable straps for using on different size horses
  • Buckle adjustment on straps

    Black only.

  • 5.05
    Protecto Bridle Crown with Head Number Holder

    Bridle Crown Head Number Holder by Protecto

    Product Details:

    • Offers your horse comfort and eliminates any rubbing on top of your horse's head.
    • Attaches to Protecto bridle with two holes in crown piece
    Protecto Deep Cup Full Knee Boots
    Was: $85.50
    SALE $76.95

    Protecto's Deep Cup Full Knee Boots boot offers strong impact protection in a light, compact design.

    Product Details:

    • Use for training or racing
    • Quality construction that holds up to heavy use
    • Soft liner that molds to your horse's leg
    • Buckle adjustment for a precise fit
    Protecto Ultra Lite Race Harness Reg. Couplers
    $41.95 - $379.95

    Ultra Lite Race Harness by Protecto.

    Product Details:

  • Zinger standard couplers
  • Standard Quick Hitches
  • Neoprene Girth
  • Waffle Weave Super Pad Long
  • Nylon Black Buxton
  • Crupper
  • Soft Touch Lines with Hand Holds
  • Open Bridle
  • Nylon Caveson.
    Protecto Protecto offers a wide range of products; from harnesses and hopples, to leg protection, headpoles and driver equipment.
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