Draft Horse Tack & Equipment

Specially sized training equipment & tack for your extra large sport horse, warmblood or draft horse!  

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Hock Shield Pair

Hock Shield is a custom fit hock protector designed to STAY IN PLACE to prevent and heal hock sores, available in two adjustable sizes for a perfect fit!

Product Details:
  • Low profile design offers full coverage in the area where horses develop sores.
  • Soft, flexible pocket in the center back of the Hock Shield provides comfort in the delicate area where the tendons pass just under the skin.
  • Sold as pair
Measure the smallest point just above the hock joint. Make sure the leg is straight and the hoof is flat on the ground.
Fly Mask Quiet Ride With Ears

The Quiet Ride Fly Mask with ears is made of soft, breathable nylon mesh and fastens quickly and securely over most any bridle without affecting your horse’s vision. Stop worrying about flies on the trail and enjoy the ride! The Standard mask is the classic fit. Protects eyes, cheeks and forehead from flies and sun without impeding vision.


  • Sheer mesh to give your horse a clear line of vision and not impair his sight on the trail
  • Easily and quickly attaches over the bridle
  • Lightweight, comfortable and nonrestrictive
  • Reduce inset-driven head tossing
  • Ear protection

Nylon Halter - Draft Horse Size

Draft Nylon Halter by Weaver. Basic adjustable chin and throat snap halter by Weaver. Economical nylon design with a flat throat and brass plated hardware (including sewn-in throat snap)

Average size measurements -

  • Crown measures 31" at full length
  • Cheek measures 8"
  • Noseband measures 14"
  • Chin strap at full length measures 17"
  • Large size measurements -

    • Crown measures 31" at full length
    • Cheek measures 10"
    • Noseband measures 14"
    • Chin strap at full length measures 21"
    Black Draft Bell Boots

    Davis Bell Boots are known for their wide variety of colors and sizes, offering trendy styles, while giving horses of every size and breed outstanding overreach protection. Accessorize your horses hooves with Davis' vibrant colored Bell Boots. Create a splash all of your own - mix and match these bell boots with a pair of Davis Splint Boots.

    Product Details:

    • Made of a rip and tear resisting heavy-duty PVCcompound
    • Double-locking hook and loop closures guarantee to hold the boot secure.
    • Sold in pairs

    Size                           Height                     Bottom Diameter                
    Draft # 1                      4 3/8"                                7 1/2"                   

    Draft # 2                      4 3/8"                                8 1/2"

    Draft Horse Riding Bridle Complete

    Weaver Draft Horse Riding Bridle Complete.  Sized to give draft horses the perfect fit, this 1" doubled and stitched sunset harness leather browband bridle with single-ply throat latch comes with 7' reins and a snaffle bit.

    Product Details:

    • Includes: Single-ply throat latch, 7' reins and snaffle bit.
    • Nickel plated double cheek buckles and chicago screw bit ends.
    • Fit: Average draft size.
    Weaver Draft Horse Browband Headstall

    Weaver western headstall for drafts. The great quality you expect from Weaver in a size that will fit large breeds.

    Product Details:

    • Doubled & stitched 3/4" harness leather
    • Single-ply throat latch
    • Double cheek buckles offer a great fit and easy adjustment
    • Chicago screw bit ends
    • Nickel plated hardware
    • Draft Horse size
    Draft Horse Bit Jointed 6 Inch
    Specifically made for the draft horse or draft cross. 6 inch loose ring with a smooth jointed snaffle mouthpiece.
    Weaver Deluxe Felt Lined Draft Super Cinch
    Weaver Felt Lined Draft Deluxe Super Cinch is designed specifically for draft horses backed wth 1/2" black felt lining and offering easy tie down and rear cinch attachments. This easy care cinch is ideal for draft and draft cross horses that have a larger girth. Straight cinches are the same width end to end and can be used in a variety of western disciplines

    Product Details:

    • 1/2" black, 100% felt lining
    • Easy tie down and back cinch attachment
    • Durable nickel plated hardware
    • Black only
    • Machine washable design
    Browband Headstall Oversize

    Tory Oversize Western Headstall is designed specifically for larger horses draft or draft cross breeds. Available in a range of colors to coordinate with most tack.

    Product Details:

    • Size: Oversize
    • Colors: Black, Chestnut or Dark Oil
    • Measurements (at largest):
    • Bit end to bit end (across the crown) 51-1/2 inches.
    • Browband is 19-1/2 inches
    • Throat latch is 44 inches.
    Tory Extra-Large Laced Reins with Hook End

    Tory Leather Extra-Large Horse Laced Reins with Hook and Stud Bit Ends are ideal for Warmblood and large breed horses. Featuring high quality English bridle leather these reins easily coordinate with any tack, ideal for the hunter jumper ring or everyday riding.

    Product Details:

    • Color: Oakbark
    • 5/8" width x 72" Long
    • Hook and stud bit end
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • Extra long reins for a long drape or large horse
    • Made in the USA
    Tory Large Horse Laced Reins with Buckle End

    Tory Leather Large Horse Laced Reins with Buckle Bit Ends are ideal for Warmblood and large breed horses. Featuring high quality English bridle leather these reins easily coordinate with any tack, ideal for the hunter jumper ring or everyday riding.

    Product Details:

    • Color: Black, Havana
    • 5/8" width x 60" Long
    • Buckle bit ends
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • Extra long reins for a long drape or large horse
    • Made in the USA
    Tory Plaited Rein with Hook and Stud End 72 in

    Tory Plaited Reins are an extra long length designed to accomodate larger horses, the lovely havana color coordinates nicely with most English tack. Stainless steel center stud hook end.

    Product Details:

    • Color: Havana
    • 5/8" width x 72" long
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Hook and stud bit end
    • Made in the USA
    Paw Be Gone
    $11.95 - $15.95
    Paw Be Gone by Tough-1. Paw Be Gone ankle bands teach your horse to stand quietly without pawing.

    Product Details:

    • Bands easily slide over leg and stay secure with elastic loop.
    • Band hits coronet band when horse paws making it uncomfortable to continue pawing.
    • Heavy steel.
    • Sold as Pair.
    Shires Fleece Trim Bell Boots

    Fleece Trim Bell Boots by Shires.

    Gum rubber bell (over reach) boot with double touch-and-close fastening and Black fleece detail.

    Sizes: Small (Pony), Cob, large (Full Horse), XLarge

    Colors: White, Black, Pink or Purple

    M Toulouse Platinum Dressage Bridle

    The M. Toulouse Platinum Dressage Bridle is classicly designed and stylish. This soft and supple bridle is perfect for the show ring. Beautiful padded monocrown with a flash attachment. Includes leather covered ultra soft reins. Bit sold seperately.

    Product Details:

    • Padded nose, browband and crown 
    • Sedgwick's English Leather
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Sizes: Cob, Horse and Oversize
    • Color: black

    M. Toulouse Platinum bridles are made of premium Sedgwick's English leather in a classic French design. Sedgwick's has always prided itself on the consistently high quality of its finished leather. This has been achieved by the sourcing of high quality hides and also in maintaining the skills of expert curriers who finish the leather by hand. Sedgwick's has over 100 years experience in making English Bridle Leather and continues to be dedicated to providing leather that has good tensile strength, durability and leather that will last.

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