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Straight Shooter Split Reins

Weaver Straight Shooter Split Reins is ideal for contesting, rodeo, mounted shooting, or just dressing up your every day tack the Straight Shooter Collection is sure to get you noticed!

Product Details:

  • Black premium English bridle leather
  • Antiqued nickel star conchos
  • Clear and silver genuine Swarovski crystals
  • Denim-inspired wide white stitching
  • Chicago screw bit end
  • 5/8 in. x 8ft.
Smx Air Ride All Around Saddle Pad

Professional's Choice® SMx Air Ride All-Around Saddle Pad is lightweight, breathable and highly shock-absorbent. This pad is designed for riders who want a little more padding between their horse and saddle. The horse feels less heat and cools off faster, increasing overall performance.

Product Details:

  • Heavy-duty ¾" core allows even air circulation in every direction, resulting in accelerated heat dispersion and moisture evaporation.
  • SMx Air Ride All-Around Saddle Pads pads come with a fleece lining
  • Measures: 30" x 32" 
Impact Gel XT Lite Contour Saddle Pad Fleece Bottom

The XT Lite Gel Contour Fleece Saddle Pad by Impact Gel has a system of perforations throughout the gel insert which creates a lighter, breathable and cooler pad. This close-contact design is crafted for maximum fit. Impact Gel saddle pads are one of the most popular choices amongst barrel racers, performance horses, and trail riders.  Impact gel features cutting-edge technology to eliminate pressure points and offers maximum shock absorbtion. 

Product Details:
This high quality pad is constructed with a unique 70/30 wool blend which allows air to pass between the saddle pad and the horse for increased circulation.   This particular pad offers added comfort with fleece lining.
The two-piece technology consists of a contour cut over the spine, cutout at the withers and under the rigging for a perfect fit. 
The internal base layer system creates a non-slip, close contact technology designed to lock down your saddle and protect your horse under the most extreme conditions, allowing extended riding.
3/4" thick - 32 length
Hand crafted & sewn in the USA!

Reversible Patterned New Zealand Wool Saddle Blanket

Weaver Reversible Patterned New Zealand Wool Saddle Blanket features a reversible design pattern for a versitile convenient quick change.

Product Details:

  • Measures 38" x 34"
  • 100% New Zealand wool
  • Purple/Black reverses to Fuchsia/Black
  • Turquoise/Black reverses to Lime/Black
Cut Back Square Western Saddle Pad

Reinsman Cut Back Square Western Saddle Pad. Ideal for horses with high withers or just to free up wither area, this pad allows freedom of movement without the pressure and bulk the pad interfering.

Product Details:

  • Measures: 32" x 32" x 1"
  • Herculon Top
  • Cut Back allows the wither to rise freely to the gullet of the saddle
  • Fleece bottom
  • Made in the USA
BeneFab Western Saddle Pad Black

BeneFab Ceramic Saddle Pad by Sore No More

Specially designed to reduce recovery time, promote blood circulation and increase oxygen flow. Using FAR-infrared rays to relax the back while promoting the reduction of pain and stiffness. Perfect for showing or schooling.

Product Details:

  • Perfect complement to Sore No-More liniments, gelotions and poultices. Together this creates a non-invasive, synergistic, dual-action therapy that is proven to relieve pain and inflammation, increase circulation and relax muscles
  • Anti Slip nodules ensure stability
  • Aerated nodules enable even sweating
  • High breathability
  • Natural spine sits off the horses back and withers for optimal comfort and enhanced mobility
  • Sweat wicking qualities
  • Can be used as liner or on it's own
  • Measures a 33” spine and 16.5” flap length, contoured for a 17.5” flap length at the top of the back and withers
  • Color: Black
  • Machine Washable, Water Resistent and Anti Wrinkle
Weaver Contoured Sport Foam Western Saddle Pad Woven Top

Weaver Contoured Sport Foam Western Saddle Pad with Woven Top and Felt Bottom.

Designed to conform to and fit the contour of your horse’s back, this saddle pad reduces saddle roll and provides a better, more natural fit.

Product Details:

  • Split down the center and reinforced with top grain leather.
  • 1/2" impact-absorbing memory foam shapes to your horse’s back, returns to its original shape after each use and is ventilated for breathability.
  • 100% New Zealand wool toppers come in a great selection of Weaver exclusive designs to suit a variety of styles.
  • Brown orthopedic felt bottom conforms to your horse, wicks away moisture and helps absorb shock.
  • Distressed brown top grain wear leathers offer protection and feature
  • Weaver's Ride the Brand “W” insignia.
  • Measure 33" x 38".
Furturity Round TackyToo Solid Western Saddle Pad

Reinsman Futurity Round Tacky Too Western Saddle Pad is a great choice for an everyday use pad with a futurity front for wither relief.

Product Details:

  • Herculon Top
  • Tacky-Too bottom
  • Non-slip
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Ventilated
  • Pressure distributing
  • Shock absorbing
  • Genuine leather wears
  • Round shape works great with round skirted saddles
  • Measures: 28" x 29 1/2" x 1"
  • Made in the USA
Classic Equine BioFit Correction Pad

Classic Equine BioFit Correction Pad is specifically designed to support horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blade. Supports the front of the saddle from collapsing in the area behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, ill saddle fit or conformation. Strategic wedge placement fills in the void area, offering extra support. Works well for older horses with a diminishing topline or horses with very high withers.

Product Details:

  • 7/8" top quality wool blend offers superior shock absorption and protection.
  • Contoured design molds to conform to your horses back for added comfort and improved saddle fit.
  • Cut over withers for greater gullet clearance and spine relief.
  • Sizes: 31" x 32".
Cavallo Western All Purpose Saddle Pad Performance Enhanced

All the great characteristics of our regular All Purpose Western Pad combined with our new PE panels. The performance enhanced saddle pads have firm poly fiber sheets inserted alongside the protective memory foam inserts which create internal stability which serves to further equalize the load in high performance sports. These panels produce an inner equilibrium that even in very active rider movement or saddle stress situations, will allow a more complete utilization of the horse's scapula.

Reversible, lightweight, with ventilated spine. The Cavallo Western all-purpose pad provides a Tri-Density Solution for saddle fit and comfort.

100% Merino wool on one side, closed cell high-density foam on the other, with a layer of slow-release open-cell memory foam in between. This unique layering arrests concussion within the pad before it reaches the horse's back, providing cushion and support for the muscular system where reflex centers lie.

 The high integrity foam is thin to allow the horse to move freely and unrestricted. Contracts at pressure points and fills up gaps, easing saddle fit discrepancies.

Length: 30", Width: 32".

EASY CARE: Hose off, line dry. Do not machine wash.

Best Friend Bareback Pad with Pockets

The Best Friend Bareback Pad by Intrepid International is all you need in a bareback pad. Contoured to fit the horse's back for stability and comfort. It also has pockets for longer rides. Bring along a small first aid kit, water, snacks or whatever else you can fit in there. 

Product Details:

  • Non-slip bottom and girth
  • Breathable synthetic suede fabric
  • High-density foam padding throughout with additional cushioning at the wither
  • Grab handle for convenience
  • To clean: brush clean, then wipe with a damp cloth
  • Adjusts to fit circumference of approximately 60" to 86"
  • Measures: 22" x 15"
Mayatex Catalina Competition Series Wool Saddle Blanket

Mayatex Catalina Competition Series Wool Western Saddle Blanket. Mayatex hand woven blankets are constucted of the finest materials to stand up to use for show and ranch while coordinating with your tack and apparel.

Product Details:

  • 38" drop x 34" width
  • Hand woven New Zealand Wool
  • Weight: approximately 6.5 lbs.
Contour Fleece Bottom Pattern Western Saddle Pad  32 x 32

Reinsman Contoured Western Saddle Pad. Reinsman's Contour Pad is designed to better fit your horse. These pads are made with soft, colorfast herculon tops that won't fade!

Product Details:

  • 1" felt inner fill cushions and breathes.
  • Genuine wear leathers
  • Heavy fleece bottom.
  • Measures: 32" x 32"
  • Made in the USA
Equu Suede Western Barrel Pad

The ultimate barrel pad! in the latest hot colors, features fleece underpad with microsuede top, split wither opening for free range of movement and tacky top in the right spot to keep your saddle right where it belongs.

 Available colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Turquoise, Hot Pink and Teal

Measures: 22" x 14.5"

Cowtown Wool Saddle Blanket

Mayatex Cowtown Series Wool Western Saddle Blanket. Mayatex hand woven blankets are constucted of the finest materials to stand up to use for show and ranch while coordinating with your tack and apparel.

Product Details:

  • 36" drop x 34" width
  • Hand woven New Zealand Wool
  • Weight: approximately 5 lbs.
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