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SavvyMash with Speedi Beet Cinnamon Flavor 10 oz

SavvyMash with Speedi Beet is a healthy alternative to feeding bran mash, added Speedi Beet helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Low NSC of 5% makes this a smart choice for most horses.

Product Details:

  • Cinnamon flavor
  • Great choice for the easy keeper
  • Flaxseed and sunflower seed supply protein and high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Pinch of sea salt complements the salt naturally found in Speedi Beet
  • 13 oz single serving size
    SuperMash with Fibre Beet Apple Flavor 13 oz

    Supermash with Fibre Beet by British Horse Feeds is a single serving mash that has a NSC of 11.5NSC and is high in fiber. Made from Speedi Beet and Fibre Beet makes this a healthy alternative to bran mashes.

    SuperMash's sugars are limited to ensure minimal amounts reach the hindgut to avoid negative fermentation products. Fiber levels are high and encompass the optimum profile of pectins and soluble fibers.

    Created with Speedi Beet and Fibre Beet provides a balanced combination of sugars, fibers and oil. The higher levels of fibers, allows for fermentation to occur along the whole of the digestive tract, working as a pro-biotic.

    Product Details:

  • 11.5% NSC
  • Apple Flavor
  • Flaxseed for good quality Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Rolled oats are an excellent fiber source
  • 13oz bag for single serving
    Beet Treat Apple Flavor 1 lb

    Beet Treats by British Horse Feeds - Low Sugar, No Starch horse treats that your horse will love. 95% sugar free makes these delicious treats the smart choice for every horse. Made from the internationally known beet pulp flake, Speedi Beet.

    Product Details:

  • High in fiber - helps maintain a healthy gut
  • No cereals, grains, artificial colors, preservatives or fillers
  • Great for training aid, reward or healthy treat
  • 95% sugar-free micronized sugar beet
  • Apple flavor
  • Great for easy keepers, senior horses and horses with dietary restrictions
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