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Farnam Grow Colt - TB
$24.95 - $42.95

Grow Colt Pellets by Farnam supplies 27 vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth and development of young horses. Includes calcium and phosphorus for proper bone development and energy delivery. Also contains biotin to support hoof elasticity and healthy skin and coat conditions. Prepared specifically for colts in their first year of development.

Product Details:

  • Comprehensive blend of 27 vitamins and minerals specificially for young horses in their first year of growth
  • Provides nutrients to help support immune system
  • Supports normal, consistent growth and development
  • Supports proper bone & connective tissue development

3.75 lbs provides 30 day supply
7.5 lbs provides 60 day supply

Farnam Mare Plus - TB
$29.95 - $39.95

Mare Plus by Farnam is rich in Vitamins A, D3 and E, plus calcium, phosphorus and iodine. Pellet form. Helps build and condition mares to meet the demands of pregnancy. Keeps mares in peak condition during gestation, foaling and lactation. Start feeding to broodmares 90 days before conception and keep feeding it year-round.

Product Details:

  • Special formulated for pregnant & lactating mares
  • Support fetal development
  • Balanced Calcium/phosphorous ratio
  • Contains Protein, Amino Acids, Folic Acid & Vitamin E
  • Pelleted form
  • Size: 5 lb. - 40 day supply for one horse.
  • Size: 7.5 lb. - 60 day supply for one horse.
Farnam Vita Plus - TB
$26.95 - $38.95

Vita Plus by Farnam is a designed to meet the demands of today's equine athletes, show horses, breeding stock and young, growing horses. Formulated as a pelleted nutritional supplement for all horses not receiving a full serving of vitamins and minerals from their hay and grain.

Product Details:

  • Nutrition for all horses
  • Contains all of the important nutrients for overall health
  • Includes ingredients for healthy skin & coat condition
  • Contains multiple nutritional ingredients to support a horse’s condition and performance
  • Contains polyunsaturates for skin and hair condition, plus a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals

The 3 lb tub provides up to a 24 day supply for one adult horse.
The 7.5 lb tub provides up to a 60 day supply for one adult horse.

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