Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Horse supplements for weight gain provide calories that are needed by the horse for optimal performance. They help support the diet by adding vegetable fat, Omega 3s, probiotics and other essential vitamins. They do not only aid weight gain but also provide sustenance to ensure a healthier equine. Weight gain supplements can be powder, liquid, or pellet form for any time of the year. Available from trusted brands including Uckele, Vapco, Cox Vet Labs, Peak Performance Nutrients, Progressive Nutrition, and more.

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Equiade Body Builder 32 oz - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$66.45 - $69.95

Body Builder Liquid by Equiade is a natural, concentrated supplement for horses, dogs, and livestock to promote proper muscling and optimal body condition. Equiade has been used by some of the BEST in the industry successfully for over 22 years. Rice bran oil and rice bran oil extract contain the natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol to help promote a healthy body condition.

Product Details:

  • Rice bran oil base, containing naturally-occuring Gamma Oryzanol
  • Safe for dogs as well!
  • Excellent for increasing muscle, energy and stamins
  • Used for sale prepping horses
  • Increases appetite for picky eaters
  • Reduces nervousness and stress

32 oz container provides up to a 60-day supply

Cox Vet Labs Gain Weight - TB
$29.95 - $74.95

Gain Weight supplies levels of essential nutrients and amino acids, essential amounts of Gamma Oryzanol, Omega-3 fatty acids, 40% crude fat and dried Lactobacillus for quick and easy digestibility that are frequently lacking in grains and hay grown in our mineral depleted soils. Adding a small amount of Gain Weight will help your horse obtain the full benefit of adding fat and calories to his diet.

Product Details: 

  • Improves weight gain
  • Lowers risk of colic
  • Increases endurance
  • Enhances skin, coat and muscle tone
  • Increases growth in young horses
  • 8 lb tub provides up to a 64-day supply
  • 10 lbs Refill bag - 80 day supply for one horse
  • 25 lb bucket provides up to a 200-day supply

Please Note: Cox Veterinary Laboratory products cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States

Equine Omega Complete Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Equine Omega Complete by O3 Animal Health is a complete liquid supplement comprised and recommended by some of the top veterinarians, competitors, and other renowned professionals in the equine industry. With a full 360-degree coverage in this comprehensive supplement, Omega Complete supports many of the vital functions of the equine body system, eliminating the need for multiple supplements. Made of entirely human grade ingrediants and organically expelled soybean oil, a calucluated ratio of Omega 3's and 6's, it is also comprised of Vitamin E, Selenium, and other minerals for immune and antioxidant support.

Product Details:

  • All human grade ingredients
  • Tight ratio of Omega 3's to Omega 6's
  • Complete equine nutritional, system balancing, mood enhancing, skeletal, neurological, and muscular supportive supplement
  • Reduces joint and tissue inflammation
  • Reduces chance of colic & supports a healthy GI system
  • Supports growth of strong and healthy hooves
  • Builds a strong immune system 
  • Aids in conditioning and stamina by increasing oxygen/blood flow
  • Helps promote a healthy reproductive system
  • Assists in proper cell development and function
  • Promotes a healthy respiration system
  • Builds bone density
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Helps block lactic acid buildup in muscles
  • Helps regulate insulin production
  • Made in the USA

Gallon provides up to a 30 day supply for one horse

O3 Animal Health Equine Mega Gain Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Mega Gain by O3 Animal Health is for the owner looking to build some weight on their horse without the dreaded "hot" effect. Can be used for recovering from stressful situations such as breeding, moving, and stressful management situations. Supports athletic performance for horses to perform their best.

Recommended feeding suggestions are to give Mega Gain until your horse has reached their desired weight then transfer to Equine Omega Complete supplement for management.

Product Details:

  • Helps during moody heat cycles
  • Helps body condition, coat condition, weight gain
  • Supports increased stamina
  • Gallon is 1 month supply for 1 horse
  • Contains no hydrogenated or processed fats.
  • Made in the USA
dac Oil - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$39.95 - $129.95

Dac Oil is a 98% liquid fat supplement that is suitable for all horses. Its unique blend of vegetable and fish oils helps to improve skin and coat condition, promoting healthy weight gain without making horses "hot." Plant-based fat to add to or replace carb-supplied calories. This great-tasting oil is highly palatable among horses and packed with essential nutrients like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty-acids, flax seed, and pure Vitamin E.

Product Details:

  • Highly palatable
  • Balanced formula of include canola oil, flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, fish oil, and rice oils
  • 100% natural Vitamin E content
  • For hard keepers, those that need to gain weight, or any level of riding, performance, sales, or breeding horse
  • 98% fat content

Gallon provides up to a 32-day supply for one horse, based on 4 oz/day
5 Gallon provides up to a 160-day supply for one horse, based on 4 oz/day

dac Bloom - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$33.95 - $98.95

dac Bloom is one of the best-selling supplements and a barn favorite for bringing out the best condition and appearance for all classes of horses. This granulated feed through supplement is specially formulated for overall coat and skin health as well as weight gain. the ingredients in Bloom help overall hoof, skin, and coat quality while providing the aditional calories and nutrients needed for horses that may be at low weight or hard keepers as well as prepping for show or sale and maintenance for horses in a regular exercise program.

Product Details:

  • Bio-available trace minerals for purity
  • Methionine and Lysine - Amino Acids that provide muscle mass and development support that cannot be naturally synthesized by the body
  • Zinc - supports the health and integrity of hair, skin, hooves, and immune system
  • Ground Flaxseed - high in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Cool Calories 100 - concentrated vegetable fat supplement
  • Increases metabolism and optimizes nutrient absorption
  • Made in USA

5 lb bucket provides up to an 80-day supply for one horse, based on 1 scoop/day
20 lb bag provides up to a 320-day supply for one horse, based on 1 scoop/day

Vapco Fat Cat - TB
$0.00 - $84.95

Fat Cat by Vapco is the ultimate equine sport body builder. Fat-Cat's advanced granular formulation has been especially engineered to provide all horses with a powerful blend of nutrients designed to enhance optimal muscularity, sound firmness and peak fitness. A precise combination of high-quality proteins merged with essential amino acids and energy packed carbohydrates to boost muscle and strength development and increase muscle energy.

Product Details:

  • Improves performance levels and appearance of skin and coat
  • Contains essential fatty acids— omega-3 and omega-6
  • Nutrient dense formula with biotin, L-lysine and DL-methionine for improved hoof strength & mane/tail
  • Increased stamina, size, strength and leanness from key body building nutrients and select vitamins & minerals
  • Digestive enzymes & beneficial microflora allow for excellent digestion and nutrient absorption

5 lb container provides up to a 75-day supply for one horse, based on 1 scoop/day
10 lb bucket provides up to a 151-day supply for one horse, based on 1 scoop/day
22 lb bucket provides up to a 332-day supply for one horse, based on 1 scoop/day

Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 - TB
$29.99 - $54.95

Cool Calories 100 from Manna Pro is a concentrated granular energy supplement suitable for all types of horses and is the perfect, easy-to-use addition to your feeding program for weight gain, focused energy, and haircoat condition. Cool Calories 100 provides essential fatty acids for skin and hair condition, as well as the calories needed for weight gain and exercise performance. Research has shown the addition of fat and reduction in carbohydrate decreases excitability in horses, making Cool Calories 100 the ideal calorie source for all types of performance horses.

Product Details:

  • 100% pure vegetable-based fat supplement
  • Easy to feed with a delicious taste horses love!
  • Contains 5 times the fat of an equal amount of stabilized rice bran
  • 8 pounds of Cool Calories 100 has the fat content of 40 pounds of rice bran
  • Does not conflict with fortified feeds
  • Has a delicious smell, is presented in a dry, beaded form, and is very palatable
  • Contains no sugar or carbohydrates
  • Helps with skin and coat
  • Will not make horses "hot"

8 lb bag provides up to a 64-day supply, dosing at 2 oz/day
20 lb bag provides up to a 160-day supply, dosing at 2 oz/day

Progressive Top Line Xtreme 15 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Top-Line Xtreme is a revolutionary, soy-free supplement containing an optimum balance of essential amino acids required to enhance the topline of a horse.

Product Details:

  • Contains cutting edge nutritional technology with select ingredients to provide the ultimate in muscle growth, development and performance.
  • Horses fed Top-Line Xtreme have experienced quick and effective response for top-line, muscle definition and overall development.
  • They have also seen improvement in recovery time or how fast horses "bounce back" and perform on subsequent days of competition.
  • Pellet form so it can be fed by itself or top-dressed with your horses' grain mixture.
  • Predictable results - use with any feed on any horse
  • Source of Gamma Oryzanol

15 lb tub provides up to a 30-day supply

Progressive Top Line Advanced Support 2.2 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Horses are experiencing more weight and topline related problems: Topline wasting away? Horses with hollow areas along the withers and across the topline? Horses backbone is visible? Issues with saddle fit? Drop in performance and stamina? Top-Line Advanced Support Granular can help!

Product Details:

  • Fast and effective supplement to add weight on the horse's topline
  • See improvement in 30 days or less.
  • Contains balanced amino acids for healthy topline development, weight gain
  • High protein for improved performance and stamina
  • Also contains Rice Bran Oil as a source of Gamma Oryzanol for enhanced muscle
  • Flaxseed provides a balanced source of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Safe to feed to all horses
  • Works with all feeds
  • Ultra concentrated so you can feed less, just scoops per day

2.2 lb bucket provides up to a 30-day supply

VitaFlex Hard Keeper  6 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Hard Keeper Granular by VitaFlex provides extra calories for weight and slow burning energy, with the benefits of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Great for horses that can't keep weight on and for healthy skin and coat condition.

Product Details:

  • Provides slow burning calories in the form of easily digested fats
  • Increases energy intake without making your horse "hot"
  • Rich source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Replenishes 7 beneficial direct-fed microbial cultures

6 lb bucket provides up to a 48 day supply, based on 2 oz/day

Pro Formula Body For Winners - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$44.95 - $399.95

Body for Winners by Pro Formula adds muscle mass, strength and oxygenation. Great for horses in training, performance or sales. Formulated by Dr. Leonard M. Cohn, this proprietary nutritional formula is made from superior human grade ingredients and is quality controlled to insure optimum potency, absorption and effectiveness.

Product Details:

  • Healthier choice over anabolic steroids
  • Will not test in competition
  • Adds 14-20% in lean muscle mass with the strength to back it up
  • Faster recovery from exercise and events
  • Increases cellular oxygen intake by 27-35%
  • Do not feed to pregnant or lactating mares

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of magnesium, calcium, zinc, phytosterols, flavanoids, natural and artificial cherry flavor.

Feeding Directions: Give one scoop (1/2 oz) for 21 days. Then give one scoop (1/2 oz) every other day.

1 lb = 43 Day Supply (includes loading dose)

3 lb = 171 Day Supply (includes loading dose)

10 lb = 619 day supply (includes loading dose)

AniMed Natural Rice Bran Oil Gallon - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
$30.03 - $31.95

AniMed 100% Natural Rice Bran Oil is recommended for horses of all ages and class as a balanced source of energy, calories, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Rice Bran Oil has been used to get horses fit for performance, show, event and sales.

Product Details:

  • 1 gallon of Rice Bran Oil is equivalent to 40 pounds of rice bran
  • Naturally supplies high levels of Vitamin E, Lecithin and Gamma Oryzanol
  • Easy and well digested source of energy and is safe for HYPP horses
  • Feeding 4 ounces per day, 1 gallon will last up to 32 days
  • As a nutritionally supportive feed supplement, is a source of energy, calories, fatty acids and vitamins

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil Nutritional Data Fat Content: Mono-unsaturated Fat 44%, Poly-unsaturated Fat 38%, Saturated Fat 18%

Source Focus WT Weight  3.5 lb - TB
Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies

Source Focus Wt (weight) is a granular oral supplement that supports a healthy body condition in horses that may suffer from being a "hard-keeper," suffer from weight loss due to parasites, and other situations where additional calories just aren't enough. This unique, marine-based formula includes all original Source micronutrients including yeast culture, B-complex vitamins, chelated trace minerals, enzymes, microbes, and more.

Product Details:

  • Boosts weight due to incomplete digestion of food, inefficient metabolism or problems related to temperament or stress
  • Supports hard keepers already in balanced feed program and effective parasite control program
  • Provides unique formulation of marine-based support nutrients including nutritional yeast culture, enzymes, beneficial microbes, B-complex vitamins and chelated trace minerals
  • Includes all original Source micronutrients, including 60 organic, highly bioavailable minerals and trace elements
  • NASC certified

3.5 lb container will provide up to a 37 day supply for one horse

Buckeye Nutrition Ultimate Finish - TB
$32.95 - $69.95

Ultimate Finish by Buckeye Nutrition is highly palatable, calorie dense fat supplement derived from vegetable oils such as flax seed, soybeans and rice bran. Formulated to help with weight gain, body condition, and increase endurance & stamina without making your horse "hot". An ideal calorie source for horses in a variety of disciplines and training programs. Improves skin, coat and hoof condition with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Choose between 25, 40 or 100% fat levels depending on your individual horse's needs. All are low in starch & sugar. Safe for use in gestating & lactating mares and breeding stallions. Available in granular (Ultimate Finish 100) and pellet (Ultimate Finish 25 and Ultimate Finish 40) forms.


  • Ultimate Finish 25: 25% fat supplement, fortified with vitamins & minerals in pelleted form
  • Ultimate Finish 40: 40% fat supplement, fortified with vitamins & minerals in pelleted form
  • Ultimate Finish 100: 100% fat supplement in granular form

Buckeye Promise:

  • 100% whole, fresh, traceable ingredients delivered daily and tested for safety and quality before ever entering facility.
  • 100% equine focused
  • 100% med-free facility

Ultimate Finish 40 - 20 lb bag provides up to an 80-day supply, dosing at 4 oz/day
Ultimate Finish 25 - 40 lb bag provides up to an 80-day supply, dosing at 0.5 lb/day
Ultimate Finish 100 - 20 lb bag provides up to an 80-day supply, dosing at 4 oz/day

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